Hatem Salah (Nafadi in Al Kabeer) to “Fi Al Fan”: I initially ran for the role of “Al-Atrah” and almost stopped acting when it was not for Ahmed Amin | news

With his laughter and his naive wink, the artist Hatem Salah has been able to draw attention to himself since the presentation of the first episodes of the series “Al Kabeer Oy 6”.

In the series “Al-Kabeer Oy 6”, Hatem Salah embodies the role of “Nafadi”, the loyal friend of the great woman lover who has experienced adventures with him in the past, but his opinions and judgment he uses have nothing to do not. with reality. This comic character was enough to make the audience of the series fall in love with “Nafadi His judgment is even widespread due to his comic character.

Hatem Salah appears in a different character, the exact opposite of “Nafadi”, who is the character of “Habib”, the lawyer who defends “Saif al-Dandarawi” or Sherif Salama in the series “Faten Amal Harbi”, and of course the character carries an evil side that has revealed other abilities of the artist Hatem Salah, in addition to these characters, Hatem Salah participates in the “Life Show” series with his theater group “1980”.

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FilFan.com had an interview with artist Hatem Salah to talk about his role in the Ramadan works in which he participates and the great success he achieved after showing a few episodes:

At the beginning, Hatem Salah expressed his congratulations on the reactions that the character of “My Necessary” achieved and said: “Of course I am happy for the reactions to the character of” My Necessity “in” The Big Oy 6 “, although I have been filming so far, but I am eager to follow the audience’s interaction with Personal and it makes me very happy. ”

Many of us may think that he did not see Hatem Salah in other works due to the changing form in the personality of “My Necessary” and wearing a wig, but Hatem Salah participated in important works with big stars and about these works Hatem Salah says, “My artistic beginnings with the play” 1980 and you are looking for “My colleagues in our play group for seven years, after which I participated with the artist Ahmed Amin in the” Amin and Partners “show, and then in other roles in various works, such as the series “Nights of Eugenie” and the series “Badal Al-Hadouta 3” with Donia Samir Ghanem, the Carmen series, the “Al-Fatwa” series and “The Fatwa” – series.Every week on a Friday.

Regarding his nomination for the role of “Nafadi”, Hatem Salah said: “I participated with the artist Ahmed Makki in the play” Hazelom “directed by Karim Sami, and it was shown in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, which stood as an obstacle between us and the play in Egypt, and when we returned, the artist Ahmed Makki and the director asked Ahmed Al-Jundi said that the heroes of the play is auditioning for one of the commercials, and I met the director, Ahmed Al-Jundi, and when they started preparing for the new part of Al-Kabeer, I auditioned for a new one. ”

But was Hatem Salah a candidate for the role of “Nafadi” from the beginning? On this issue, Hatem Salah says, “I first auditioned for the role of” Atrah “with Mustafa Gharib and Abdel Rahman Zaza in other roles, and then I was nominated for the role of” Nafadi ” .

Countless rumors and comic statements have made the character of “Nevadi” popular among the series’ followers, so did Hatem Salah add to that? On this he says: “Due to the nature of the comic work, and in spite of the presence of a written text to which we all adhere, the idea of ​​deviating from the text and adding some details is allowed, so I added some comic verses and judgments to the character “My Negation.”


In terms of appearance, Hatem Salah wore a wig for the sake of the character, and this contributed to the transformation of his appearance completely, to the extent that when he pulls it off, the workers on the set do not recognize him.

But how were the scenes behind the work with director Ahmed El-Gendy? Hatem Salah said: “The scenes were amazing. He is a calm and spontaneous person and is characterized by a sense of humor. The atmosphere of filming was characterized by comedy, like the series. Ahmed Al-Jundi gave me a given space of creativity to represent the character, and he did not refuse my request. ”

And about Ahmed Mekki, Hatem Salah said: “Makki is a school from which you technically teach mankind. He treated everyone with the utmost humility and respect, not like a big star. He helped everyone and suggested sentences. to the characters that appeared before him. I love him very much on a personal level. “

As for his character in the series “Faten Amal Harbi”, Hatem Salah said, “I offer the character of Habib, Saif’s lawyer, and it’s the character who deserved the hatred of the series ‘followers, but I am’ an actor in the end personal success.


Speaking about the “Live Show” series, Hatem Salah said: “The series consists of 14 episodes, in which I embody a slightly evil character, but it differs from my character in” Faten Amal Harbi. “

I had a close relationship between the artist Hatem Salah and the artist Ahmed Amin, and he said about him: “Me and my band presented the play” 1980 and you are out “for 7 years and we decided to end of show.In the theater he continued the show, and then decided to include me in the “Amin and Partners” show, and from here was the beginning.

The series “Al Kabeer Away” will be shown on OP channel at 18:20, and it will be repeated on OP channel at 13:50 and 14:00 the next day.

It will also be shown on the “Tales” channel at 18:30, a first repeat at 12:30 after midnight, a second repeat at 6:30 a.m., and a third repeat at 12:30 p.m.


While the series will also be shown on the “Hekayat 2” channel at 10:30 in the evening, and it will be shown again at 5:30 in the morning.

While the events of the series “Faten Amal Harbi” revolve around “Faten” who after her divorce from “Saif”, due to the impossibility of the ten between them, thinks that life will be stable and without problems, but she is surprised to encounter a personal status law, which could deprive her of her two daughters if she marries another man. After struggling with her ex-husband, she decided to stand up against the demand to change this unfair law so that she could retain custody of her two daughters.

It is noteworthy that the series “Faten Amal Harbi” with Nelly Karim, Sherif Salama, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Khaled Sarhan, Muhammad Tharwat, Hala Sedky, Fadia Abdel Ghani, written by Ibrahim Issa, directed by Mando Al-Adl and produced by Al-Adl Group.


The series “Faten Amal Harbi” will be shown on the cbc channel at 19:35, and it will be repeated at 12:40 after midnight, then 10:15 am.

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