His Excellency Brother Michel Hamarneh .. Goodbye

Abdullah Tawfiq Kanaan

The abundance of feelings and the convergence of the words heavy with sadness and burning tears, pressed me to my pen to write on these papers a few phrases loaded with many meanings, I took refuge in them, perhaps removing them from me heart and my chest much of the pain of loss, I carried her without pity for my grief that mountains can not bear So, how can it in its content memories, history, sincerity, love and goat to my brother, my friend, my companion and the one with whom I shared the work with my lord, His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal? Peace and tranquility over you.In what phrases and words do I carry you, and in what alphabets of the world do I count your virtues, and in what descriptions do I describe you? I seek it and find it difficult to find.

I never expected to visit you and see you sitting on the chair, sick and unable to stand, and you love work and activity, hate inactivity and laziness, and here I am today with everyone who loves you loved and knew you, dear deceased. have nostalgia and sadness, but I know perfectly and with immortal certainty that it is God’s will and wisdom, and believe that fate is in the hands of God, I have constantly reassured you, every day I have called your family about you to ask, I called your son Omar, Dima and Rania, and they are the righteous sons of their parents who take turns serving you and caring for you day and night, How does it hurt me when I hear your weak, weak voice , and you call me to your insistence on them to ask me to make me feel happy by calling me every day and asking about you, it hurts me that your words and your sentences whispered in my ear, and the hoarseness of your sweet, sweet voice is no longer what it used to be, I swear I then feel sadness and pain without ever telling you.

I knew you before you knew me because of my work with His Highness Prince Hassan, may God protect him, the then Crown Prince, and he is the loving human prince who knew us through His Highness and introduced us to all the men of the land, his old and young, and the prince who was and still knows every inch of the precious land of Jordan, its inhabitants, its stones and every nook and cranny in it.We and many dear fellow comrades and colleagues worked with us, and some of us are still at His Highness, to serve the Fatherland and the redeemed throne with love and sincerity.

I do not remember that we are over, may God have mercy on you, one day and we did not agree, trust was a prominent sign of our relationship at work, I remember you once jokingly said to me: “If you “O Abu Alaa, the papers you put in to sign my resignation letter were in my hands, I would have signed them.” You say this and you, O dear investigator of all things, knowing that we never linger in our hearts and have done any evil or deceit, God forbid, my friend I miss, that you know our unloving hearts, and they are the singing gardens that blossom of honesty and give, and you have always asked me despite the fact that I know how serious I am, meticulous in everything, because of the amount of work that requires cooperation and assistance from everyone to it to accomplish, we were brothers and we are still and we will continue to bequeath it to the children, and if we did not meet through bloodshed, but shared our brothers from our company and worries and joy, we have the love of a prince and the love of a throne and a fatherland gathered, and it is my friend An impenetrable fortress and a close link that will overcome the difficulties.

I remember one day when you told me as a joke that when you married the virtuous Umm Omar, may God have mercy on her, you had to register your marriage contract four times, due to the need for procedures, in America and Jordan .

I knew you and everyone testified of you, may God have mercy on you, honest and humble, free from racism and prejudice, sincere, extend a helping hand and kindness to all, with a smile on your face, a beautiful smile that never has you, even in the most difficult circumstances, receive love in the face of everyone around you working inside and out, comforting the heart and chest of everyone who meets you. Your companion is honesty, integrity and clean hand and heart. earned a worthy trust of His Highness. I knew you, humble, balanced, not far from others. I still remember your refusal to drink water in Ramadan while we fast around you, eager to preserve the feelings of colleagues and colleagues. May God be merciful with the virtuous sister, your partner and companion. Umm Omar, who regularly reassured me, trained you, but it is the fate that struck our hearts with her separation and absence that hurt you and kept your soul busy with her. to leave for her, may God have mercy on you, so that your soul may remain between your family and us, we who love you and know your good heart and cheerful face, lighten its sparkle for our memories.

What am I writing and what am I saying in your lament, Abu Omar, and I feel sad for you, and my phone is still receiving condolences from the moment you are gone. You are the brother and friend I will miss for the rest of my life.

May God have mercy on you, my brother, my friend and companion of life, for life is a reception, parting and separation, and separation is difficult, but it is God’s decision and there is no desire to spend it and there is no power or strength but by God Almighty. We share our dear, dear Omar, and dear Dima and Rania, and all the dear grandchildren and granddaughters, our condolences and condolences. Great in his creation, his path and his history in the various works and tasks it has held. The eye sheds tears, the heart mourns, and we mourn over you, and God alone remains. This is the year of life.

We belong to Allah and to Him we will return

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