How to keep Netflix while saving money on your Sky, BT or Virgin subscription

Netflix subscribers are leaving the platform in record numbers as the cost-of-living crisis hits homes across the UK.

More than 1.5 million people have canceled their Netflix subscriptions in the past three months, according to a new study. Market research firm Kantar says cancellations peaked in the first three months of 2022. Disney + and Amazon Prime also saw an increase in cancellations as customers tried to cut costs.

However, the cost of the streaming service is usually a fraction of the cost of a Sky, BT and Virgin TV package and there may be a way to cut hundreds of your bills while still having access to your favorite shows.

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A plan may not be canceled if you are still on contract, but if you are nearing the end of your contract, there may be a money-saving option that gives you access to a number of streaming services while saving hundreds of pounds. . It may also be possible to keep movies, sports, and subscriptions to watch TV series while saving on expensive packages.

The trick is to cancel your Sky, BT and Virgin package, but then use a combination of streaming services and monthly tickets to access the best channels and opportunities while saving money.

The cheapest Sky subscription is £ 26 a month and you can also include Netflix at that price. It does not give you Sky Cinema, Sky Entertainment and Sky Sports as it is only available on higher value subscriptions. In general, the cheapest Sky package costs £ 312 per year. With the Sport earning £ 552 a year.

The cheapest Netflix subscription is £ 71.88 per year, or £ 5.99 per month. If you cancel Sky, this is a saving of £ 240.12 per year based on the cheapest package and £ 480 based on the Sports package.

BT and Virgin offer other options, but at about the same price. Many of their offers include a broadband option, but even if you have broadband, you can remove TV packages when your contract expires.

You can then buy a Fire TV stick to ensure you get streaming services like iPlayer, 4oD and ITV Player on your TV, for £ 30. That means you pay just over £ 100 a year to access Netflix and all terrestrial TV channels.

If you want more functionality, you can pay for the Freeview Fund. The most popular Freeview boxes include the £ 200 Freeview Box, which has 500 GB of storage and more than 170 channels, as well as recording up to four programs simultaneously. Others include the Humax, which is sold at Curry for £ 170 and also has 500 GB of storage.

If you cancel the Sky feature, this of course means that you will no longer have access to the Sky channels. You may have a subscription because you want access to sports or movies.

If you want full access to sports or movie packages, a Sky subscription is probably the cheapest option. If you just want occasional access to sports, movies or Sky TV series, more flexible options are available. Now TV Pass costs around £ 33.99 per month for sports, while BT Sport also offers monthly sports packages. This means you can choose which months you want access to Sky Sports or BT Sport.

For example, if you follow football, you may not need access during the summer months, but you may want to buy a month for May when you make finals like the Champions League and FA Cup.

Sky Sport’s cheaper £ 552-a-year package means you can buy a Netflix subscription, buy a Fire Stick, buy a sports pass for seven months of the year and still spend less on TV than you spend monthly on Sky pay.

For those who want access to TV series, you can get Firestick and Netflix for around £ 100 a year. Then you can use the various streaming services to add and cancel as needed.

For example, you can add Disney + for a few months of the year and enjoy your favorite shows before canceling. You can do the same for Amazon Prime or even NowTV to access Sky channels. It will cost you around £ 8 a month, depending on the streaming service, and if you make one a month, the maximum you will pay is £ 120 a year – far below the cheapest Sky subscription available.

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