Liverpool to FA Cup final after beating

The Liverpool team managed to book the ticket to qualify for the FA Cup final after winning earlier, better now than now in the world after an agreement with Ukraine, which was sent by French President Jacques until I know I do not know that I know no pain or no or no one at all or not I want it is I want it is me and you are me or any that Saturday afternoon with a triple over the Arabs, was the Manchester City team at Wembley Stadium.

The three goals for Liverpool were scored by Frenchman Ibrahim Konate in the ninth minute and Senegalese Sadio Mane in the seventeenth minute and moments before the end of the first half, while Manchester City’s Jack Grealish twice in the forty-seventh. minute and the Portuguese Bernardo Silva in stoppage time.

So, Liverpool have won their bet to go on to reach a historic quartet, having embarked on a journey to win the League Cup last February and advance to the semi-finals of the European Champions League on Wednesday, following an exciting confrontation with Benfica from Portugal, where it is possible to find a confrontation with City in the event qualified for the League Final

As for Manchester City, who are at the top of the league with a point from Liverpool, they lost the first Test in their quest to become the second English team to triple the English Premier League (Premier League), the Champions League , wen. and the FA Cup.

The first attempt in the match came in favor of “Citizens” after Joao Cancelo passed to Grealish in the right corridor of the penalty area, but the latter hesitated to shoot, giving the Liverpool defense room to cut the ball. .

The red team took advantage of that hesitation and opened the scoring early, specifically in the ninth minute, after Konate sailed through Scottish Andrew Robertson to a corner and turned it into the net with a powerful header.

German coach Jurgen Klopp’s men returned to add the second goal in the seventeenth minute, this time after a mistake committed by US goalkeeper Zack Stephen by delaying the removal of the ball, Mane pushed him and managed to put the ball in the net. .

And Liverpool’s Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson made almost a similar mistake in the twenty-ninth minute after pressure from Grealish, but the Liverpool defense was on the lookout for him.

Liverpool increased the suffering of Spaniard Pep Guardiola and his players when he added the third goal in the forty-fifth minute, when Mane received an extended pass from Spaniard Thiago Alcantara to the right of the penalty area to give the Senegalese with his right hand on the bird, and Stephen just has.

City started the second half strong and scored the first goal in the forty-seventh minute after Brazilian Gabriel Jesus manipulated his compatriot Fabinho inside the penalty area, before paving the ball for Grealish, who shot straight into the net. .

City managed to add the second goal in the 90th minute, after an excellent start from Algerian substitute Riyad Mahrez on the right, before handing the ball over to Silva, who turned it into the net.

After the match, Mane said of the search for a quartet: “We will see. We will try to do our best. It is definitely a dream and we will fight for it.”

The Senegalese admitted the victory was “special. It is a great victory to win the semi-finals and we are very happy to qualify for the final”.

“We started very well and pushed them high and the goalkeeper made a mistake. I was very happy to score two goals, but the team’s performance was great. Every Liverpool player enjoyed the game because we had the right did it at the right time. “

Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk admitted: “We made it very difficult in the end. We created chances to kill the game. When they scored their first goal at the beginning of the second half, it got them put back in the game, but overall we are happy to reach the final. ”

“We should have killed the match. Now we go to the final, we have not won anything yet, but it is an important step for us as a group. This is the only cup we (in recent years) have not won has not. so we will try. “

Chelsea will play in the second semi-final on Sunday to erase the disappointment of losing the Champions League title to Real Madrid when they face Crystal Palace.

Liverpool and history making

Liverpool’s victory keeps them in the fight to make history, as no team in English football has won the League title as well as the two major championships in the Cup, apart from winning the European Champions title in one season, which the Reds can achieve. Liverpool seemed determined to win the match from the start and showed great intensity and cruelty to City, who seemed unable to keep up with the Reds and were unable to control the power of the German team Jurgen Klopp. There were opportunities for others, including Jesus, but the referee ended the situation with the final whistle after adding four minutes of extra time.

In the final settlement, however, Liverpool deserved to reach the final and would pose a formidable obstacle against Chelsea or Crystal Palace once the winner of the second semi-final was decided.

It’s been a bad day for the City

It was clear from the start of the game that it was a bad day for City, with the pressure on the Reds, Guardiola felt he had made a mistake in the squad due to injuries.

It seemed clear that the team was experiencing problems and that the group was not successful, and the net conceded three goals in 45 minutes.

The team was affected by the absence of De Bruyne, who was unfit to take the field after suffering an injury in the Champions League quarter-final against Atletico Madrid, and the experience of defender Walker, who was completely ruled out. is. one that allowed Liverpool to progress in a difficult time with the second goal.

Guardiola has suffered another disappointment after losing another domestic championship and will focus on winning the English Premier League and the Champions League battle, and will play the semi-final against Real Madrid. The test is for Guardiola and Manchester City as they are still in a position to achieve great things this season.

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