The director of “Not Me” sends a strongly worded message to Moez Masoud

Director Sarah Wafik posted a strong reaction on her personal Facebook page to Moez Masoud, Hala Shiha’s husband, following her statements against the movie “Mesh Ana” starring Tamer Hosni.

The director of the movie “Not Me” Sarah Wafik said: “Professor Moez, I’m Sarah Wafik, director of the film. I did not read your post, in which you explain that you intend a solution for some of the shots we were supposed to take into account. Let’s tell the truth with your permission. And with what right after I filmed and received the full reward? “

And she continued, “We had money that you married her !!!! You married her as an artist and you imagine this movie, and there is a need between you and her. We have our money. , and you also say you will take action. “

And she continued, “What procedure are you taking? You have no right to take any action. You are supposed to thank us for not taking legal action against your wife, who refused to take up her voice. take for the dubbing of the movie and for the filming of the movie, in which millions were paid. You do nothing but thank us because we removed all the scenes that were not. ” I want it, and I can send you to see it so you know, but how do I, producer and artist Tamer Hosny open the film and then reassemble at the expense of artist Tamer Hosny financially to satisfy a solution, even though they are scenes from my natural, comic and romantic point of view because they are the nature of Tamer’s films, and yet all these scenes and I respect her point of view. ”

And she said: “Regarding the cut, it’s you, where have you been from 21 days from the hour the movie came out. What is the cut in the movie and almost all of Egypt saw the movie and the highest income, where were you and where was it ??? What is inside and then is a romantic cut, and taking care of it from your point of view is harmful from the point of view of production, and it is a very big expense. ” And a solution, she agreed to think with her consent, and despite all this we talked to her a lot. She did not respond to us or to our messages. It was necessary, with your experience, to to communicate with her work and close the page.Really, do not let her interrupt her work and involvement in this way, if you are the reason for this boycott, and God knows, where were you then while she was writing the post in the morning, why are these great and beautiful sermons that I advised her, if you were not the one who wrote the post in the first place, I did not intend to respond to a solution because Tamer has with the greatest politeness and respect responded and explained everything and swore to me that I would not talk because of the danger of her psyche, but you honestly encouraged me, and if you forced her to write a post that way is naive to keep your appearance in front of people because you prefer yourself to k cheeses of a solution, and unfortunately you let all men attack your wife if you are the reason, and the knowledge is with God.

It is noteworthy that Moez Masoud sent a message to his wife, artist Hala Shiha, after her recent controversial statements and acquitted her of her romantic scenes with artist Tamer Hosni in the track “Bahebak”, pointing out that these statements subject to legal liability. .

Moez Masoud defends his wife

Moez Masoud wrote through his personal account on the “Instagram” website: “To my dear wife, Hala, I can understand your annoyance due to the lapse of a long time since the filming of this movie as because of Corona, and that your life has changed as you said in the post with respect.

Moez Masoud continued: “I can also understand your irritation with the focus and composition of these scenes despite the verbal promise to avoid it from the workers (there was no question of canceling the track, but the focus was not on specific scenes like I am now), especially with the track coming down at a time that has great holiness for me. ” for us “.

Moez Masoud added: “And if we had known that a promise was not enough to solve this problem, we would have gone through other solutions. What is between you and our Lord about your reward for your previous work, need you not to tell anyone she pays attention to many details, the simplest of which is the long time and the great events that happen in the lives of those who talk about it with the utmost ease, confidence and haste to make statements.

He explained: “I am able to understand what you mean when you talk about (a certain type of) scenes, what a specific type of art means and (not a generalization of all art).

Moez Masoud continued: “I want to remind you, my darling, that our journey is a journey in search of truth, goodness and beauty … a journey of pride in culture and identity … a strong model for the rejection of extremism on both sides … the veiled side of his identity and the imitation of the West without wisdom, knowledge or pride (which I am). ” I called it “cultural suicide” in my speech at the National Dialogue in 2011 and the other side, in prison in deadly forms of thought and art. Each side of them thinks it has the absolute truth and they will continue to suffocate to the Day of Judgment .. To the extent that people appear who have courage and pride in our cultures and our identity .. and they carry themselves Our children and future generations..and then our art will seriously express us.

Moez Masoud continued: The brave are like you, but they are the ones who walk the journey honestly and persistently until they arrive .. no matter how many stations .. no matter what pain, confusion and confusion ..

The brave ones are like you, but they are the ones who review themselves and admit their mistakes and fix them .. but the famous ones whose journey is under scrutiny.

We can meet art, culture and identity .. I started doing this in my artwork and my movie (Clash) was opened at the Cannes festival and my next film is going to the Venice festival soon .. and we can take bigger steps and perfectly make this great road whose value will be known to future generations.And again I told you, my love, that our journey is one.

And Hala Shiha wrote through her account on the Instagram website and attacked Tamer Hosni: “I was very surprised by the release of a track that combines separate scenes from the movie, especially after the last post I downloaded and I had made it clear, no … and I was even more surprised, especially after Tamer Hosni promised me and confirmed that he would respect my desire and some of the requests I made.I treated him with all respect and love of last summer, and he assured me that he would respect my wish. ”

Hala Shiha’s message to Tamer Hosny

Hala Shiha added: “We may have succeeded by the standards of the world, but believe me according to the standards of our Lord. We have not and will not succeed. I know and am sure that my colleagues are good, but unfortunately the stirring up of fame and success does not let us see and measure things right.I speak from my heart the clip.This was a slip due to circumstances I went through, and we all make mistakes and we have to make mistakes , because we are human, but the problem is that we forget and forget. ”

And Hala Shiha continued: “I will not lose anyone. I have decided from these scenes, and they are not right, and I am wrong and correct. The most important thing is that our Lord is pleased with me, because in the other , what will benefit us is not fame or success, no, it’s not success at all, because true success is another need, sincerely, we are Most of us have forgotten it, except for some of us who are art “If it makes us move away from the method of our Lord, and we do not set an example for our children, it will remain empty and not art.”

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