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Fikri Qassem *
I returned with the team from Beirut, at the end of the external participation, and the bitterness of the six defeats rang in my throat, and I wanted to compensate them by scoring the goal to lay the foundation stone for the wedding hall project .

And the first month and the second month continued, and I and the Al-Ahly administration demanded in daily correspondence to FIFA the payment of the fee for the participation of Al-Ahly in the amount of 120 thousand dollars, and all the answers were delusional.

FIFA says the amount was paid out to the Yemeni Football Association. And the Yemeni Football Association tells us that the amount was returned to FIFA, and the payment was not made.

She has two months and we are in this state, and there is nothing new in the matter except the growing bitter feelings of bribery of a football union, instead of helping and supporting sports teams as the least of its duties , more than stealing them in your eyes! It’s frustrating and furious.

It happened while the members of Al-Ahly’s General Assembly were in daily debates in various debates, and everyone asked me and members of the administration in all meetings asked about the fate of the external participation funds, indignant at the defeats the team suffered, and every bit they collect childish signatures in a revelation, and they ask me and the Al-Ahly administration to leave. He can leave the club and submit his resignation. The fourth month has arrived, and we are in the same daily predicament:

Where’s the club’s money?

I was in an extreme state of mental accusation, and I felt my inability to continue my duties in the presidency of the club, and I was quite convinced to submit my resignation to Al-Ahly, and before I made the decision and continued with it irreversibly, the Yemeni Football Association announced the start of the qualifiers for the second tier clubs after a month. One from now on, Al-Ahly team players gathered around me and said:

– Do not leave us, Captain.

And if you were in my place and the championship and Al-Ahly’s return to his natural place in the spotlight among the adults, a big wish and an urgent dream for you, you would leave the team, and stick to the submission from your resignation at escaping the worries of purpose?

As for me, I continued to play on the field, despite all the frustrations, all the circumstances and all the serious injuries that broke my reputation and left deep wounds in my heart. Together with the members of the management team, I drew up the emergency exit plan of Hanbat Damar Al-Hadaf, based on the ambition to sign a sponsorship contract with one of the companies of the Youth and Sports Sponsorship Group, and I stood in the field. before Jules with 15,000 million riyals in, the value of an annual contract that the sponsor of youth and sports paid to the local administration years ago and then cut it, and I want to bring it back, and the subject is ask him for exercises to ensure an annual conscience for my family to help it overcome adversity.

My relationship with the sponsor of youth and sports at that time got into its worst state for reasons I do not know, and I can not get a clear explanation for it. I ask myself now and then in great confusion:

– Ok, what did I do to stop my buses?

– Is it possible, I mean, is it more successful? And I’m a fighter in his field to succeed?

Is it possible to be upset that a poor, faltering club is making its way back to recovery?

A complete chaos of questions swept through my head, and yet I had to hold on to the moral conscience again in the field to the widow.

His bus is the hoped-for care contract and I asked him to be kind, and re-sign the old care contract with the same amount of 15 million riyal.

The issue is simple for commercial companies and factories owned and operated by his wealthiest economic and commercial family in the city, and requires only a generous recommendation or direct signature from him on the contract.

But he changed completely, and he was no longer that rich, noble governor I knew before and I believed in him and defended his goal and the group’s goal with dedication and sincerity, and I thought I was one of the team, or a president of Al-Dima, but all my estimates and perceptions were wrong!

What is it, how and what happened?

He delayed me for two weeks in the field, I spent it in a daily quest to run and watch him from one place to another, and he caught me from one to one in the group.

Just one week before the start of the second division club qualifiers, the sponsor (Lord of Damar) felt my daily pressure on him, and decided to get rid of my seemingly annoying exercises. Close to him and Al-Ahly to one of the group companies in Aden! I knew this would be the last game. I accepted it in a sporting spirit and joined the mean ball in Aden, and my tired heart on the field was affected by unexpected injuries and bruises from the person I believed in the most in life.

I have scored the goal for Al-Ahly to secure the qualifiers for the second division club championship, and I am saddened by the outcome of my good relationship with him, and my good perceptions of moral conscience.

The sponsorship contract, despite its scarcity, was sufficient in the field to facilitate the Al-Ahly team’s tasks in the second-class qualifying trip, and Al-Ahly’s boys achieved successive victories that boosted morale and eventually led to them being the first to rise to the first division, and they returned Al-Ahly to the league of lights, to His natural place among adults.

With this fast and quick performance, my last goal to stay at the presidency of the Al Ahly Red Castle was achieved, but I got into the final fatigue stage, and I had no strength for any upcoming exercises, and I decided to my difficult football career with Al-Ahly, and I made the decision to file my resignation to escape the heavy burden of the club that I broke my back in the field.

The political atmosphere in the country was messy in those days of mid-2013, and everyone was in a state of congestion, and urbanized Taiz, the capital of Yemeni culture, and the mecca of the great national conscience, had a field wide open became. for all the extremist groups whose activities were largely supported in the most dangerous season of headhunting and wastage.The energy of the young men became involved in unsafe activities while the country was heading for a simmering war.

And if you were a journalist loyal to your city, and believe that your sports club is a stronghold of energy, and you see the youth of your local community falling into successive groups in the trap of the mass polarization of war by extremists groups intensely present in the field, and you see no movement of any moral conscience playing its national and humanitarian role in improving the energy of the youth of the poor community, not in supporting their talents. How will you submit your resignation?

Will you run away ..?

For me, I decided that my resignation from the presidency of my family, Taiz, would be an unusual retirement game that I would play in the field, accompanied by a well-known team of senior political stars and stars and capitals in the city of Al- Dhamar, to achieve the goal of handing over the club to safe and reliable hands based on the energy of young people. It has a moral conscience in the field. , but how?

* Yemeni satirical writer.

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