What happened to the young woman who shot the dog and caught up with the trends in Lebanon?

“In recent hours, a video of a young Lebanese woman shooting and killing a dog without any hesitation has spread on Lebanese social media, provoking anger among activists and those interested in animal rights.

The video had a profound impact on the hearts of Lebanese, as a woman in the town of Kamed Al-Louz in the inner western Bekaa apparently shot with a hunting weapon at a dog sleeping in a wide courtyard to wear it.

And the “Sky News Arabia” website has learned from eyewitnesses in the town that the mother did this in response to what happened to her daughter, who was a friend of the dog, after he attacked her and left scars on left her face represented by 24. stitches, which caused a psychological crisis for the little girl, who refused to go out. From home after undergoing surgery at Hamed Farhat Hospital in the village of Jib Jenin a few days ago.

Cause of murder

After it became the subject of social media, mother Salma Abu Khaddour Ghandour said on her Facebook page: “Those who objected to the shooting suddenly did not see my daughter’s face and how distorted it is.

She added, “I raise dogs and cats, and I hope no one will rush me to judge me. I wish we had seen this humanity when my daughter underwent surgery.”


Ghina Nahfawi, an animal rights activist in Lebanon, told Sky News Arabia, “A woman killed a dog in cold blood, necessitating the actions of animal protection organizations in Lebanon and the In the Bekaa, Judge Iyad Al-Bardan promised to take legal action against her.

Nahfawi stated that “the shooter carried out her crime in a populated place, thus endangering public safety and in front of children, with an unlicensed weapon in her hands.”

And she continued, “We learned that the dog is very pet and does not attack anyone, and none of the residents objected to his presence nearby, so the children of the dog’s killer loved him. “

She added, “What happened is that the abuser’s daughter petted the dog about a month ago and startled him with a sudden cry. The dog responded to her as a natural reaction to an attack. in which he injured her without any claim or complaint. “

And she added, “A month later, that is, yesterday morning, the woman decided to take cold-blooded revenge on the dog without any reaction to it. Currently, legal proceedings have begun against the woman, and no one can commit such a crime.”

deformation of the child

Commenting on what happened, a resident of the village told Sky News Arabia: “It is remarkable that people are interested in killing the dog, and at the same time the people are starving.”

A woman from the area said that “young men are killed daily, and none of them do anything.”

A family member of the dog killer said: “The woman is very sad about the scars the dog left on her daughter’s face.”


Clinical psychologist Nicola Rizk considered to “Sky News Arabia”: “The issue is a retaliatory reaction from a personality who is not aggressive and together, and then society’s view may affect her sympathetically because the Lebanese citizen often does not she can not take right, and she has regained her daughter’s right in her own hand. “

And he added, “And among the reasons for killing the dog, it could be a state of anger in it.”

He concluded by saying: “As for the mother, she believes she has regained her daughter’s right to this behavior, even if it was harmful.”

(Source: Ikram Saab – Beirut – Sky News Arabia)

And a while ago he posted pictures:

After the cruel video of a woman and children killing a dog, an activist went to her house: “The issue has become the Public Prosecution Office.

It was, oh photos, posted in the afternoon:

Animal rights activist Ghina Nehfawi posted a painful video on her Twitter account showing a girl shooting a poor innocent dog peacefully with a gunshot wound to the ground under the April sun, and she wants him killed. The sound of gunfire is followed by the laughter of a child calling for others to look at the dog’s body.

Nehfawi wrote in this context: “For a few seconds the world stood still. The laughter of the child burned me .. I lived with murderous criminal monsters .. My darling, my little one ..

They were your last moments in the April sun .. Why did you not attack her? Why did you not stand before the devil? And the laugh nail Bnach Halvvvh.

Salma Ghandour of Kamed Al-Lawz in Western Bekaa, your crime is in the name of God and @LebISF and the consciences involved!

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