200,000,000 dirhams promote Abu Dhabi’s biotechnology

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Faisal Al-Bannai, Secretary-General of the Advanced Technology Research Council, revealed to Al-Bayan that “Aspire”, the arm of the Council’s technology program management, is funding 3 virtual research institutes in Abu Dhabi universities worth 200 million dirhams, over the next 5 years, to advance biotechnology in precision medicine Food security and sustainable energy, and 10 million dirhams are awarded to fund 4 international visiting professorships in the fields of energy, space, mobility and sustainability.

Research is expected to contribute to the promotion of scientific and technological development in Abu Dhabi, as well as the promotion of beneficial partnerships between scientists in Abu Dhabi and leading academic and industrial institutions at national and global level.

53 projects

He added: As part of efforts to promote development and innovation, the Advanced Technology Research Council has allocated 40 million dirhams of research funding to 53 successful research and development projects in eight major sectors in 2021, in the field of space , education, social sciences, energy, environment, food and agriculture, health, information and communication technology, and manufacturing.

Al-Bannai confirmed that major investments had been made in improving the capabilities of artificial intelligence and communication, focusing on key areas in the deployment of 5G networks, with the development of modern innovations in wireless communication and technology, adding that the membership of the Council in the International Telecommunication Union and ETS raises the set of high standards for this developing sector.

Information security

Al-Bannai emphasized that the Advanced Technology Research Council has achieved a great deal since its official launch in October 2020, in particular the integration of the National Cryptographic Library into the country’s digital infrastructure, as this library represents a set of algorithms used by cryptographers to protect sensitive information in various sectors, such as healthcare and transportation. And others, in addition to the introduction of the first program for secure cloud technologies in the UAE, and the establishment of a laboratory specializing in electromagnetic compatibility, the first in the region, with reference to the start of production of the first quantum computer in the Arab region, as well as the establishment of the first facility also in the region to capture motion. .

3 research centers

He pointed out that in January 2022, the Research Council for Advanced Technology announced the launch of 3 new research centers specializing in payment systems, biotechnology and alternative energy, which will enhance research and development capabilities in the UAE, particularly in the field of genetic engineering. , biomaterials and independent devices, indicating that the Center for Alternative Energy Research will contribute to enabling water security and improving and diversifying technical applications. As for the propulsion research center, it will improve the mechanism for the development of aircraft in terms of increasing speed, range, fuel efficiency, reducing emissions and noise, and extending the landing field and control, and points out that the Advanced Technology Research Council also introduced the Venture One Foundation. effectively, in addition to the investment of all the intellectual property registered by the centers affiliated with the Institute of Technology Innovation and beyond.

Cyber ​​security

On how to address the risks of penetration and data protection, the Secretary-General of the Advanced Technology Research Council explained that the Council and its affiliates at the Institute of Technology Innovation and Aspire implement the best cyber security measures to ensure data integrity, in addition to developing many strategies to manage security risks that include device tampering, and malicious software applications and operating systems, and emphasizes that the Secure Systems Research Center focuses on research in software development, applications, communications, platforms, cloud software and secure operating systems , in accordance with strict protocols.

He explained that the Secure Systems Research Center works to improve software security, as a result of attacks that could target system-wide software modification or penetration of communication protocols with the aim of stealing important information. you make sure you follow the model Zero-Trust security and encryption in an integrated way, to enable the application to run on devices and communicate securely with a backup cloud base.

100 researchers

Regarding the opportunities that the UAE offers to local and foreign research talents, he emphasized that the UAE promotes innovation and advanced technology in all sectors at national level, and from this point of view, the “Nex-Tech” program was launched, which gave Emirati talents in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics the opportunity to gain He added that these talents have unique opportunities to work, as researchers and participants with global specialist experts, who contribute to finding solutions for advanced technology, points to the work of more than 100 A male and female researcher is a citizen of the UAE, with an approximately equal relationship between men and women (50:50).

Increase productivity

He added: During the launch of the “300 billion project” in 2021, the UAE government sought to accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies within industrial value chains with the aim of developing solutions, increasing productivity and gaining a competitive advantage. to create national added value in new areas.

65 agreements

Regarding the support of innovative youth projects in state universities, he said: It is the responsibility of the Advanced Technology Research Council to form an advanced system in Abu Dhabi and to regulate the country’s research priorities. From this point of view, 65 global partnership agreements have been signed with 37 universities, research centers and industrial destinations around the world. The centers also welcomed The Research Institute of the Institute of Technological Innovation will recruit 101 Emirati male and female citizens to work as co-researchers and scientists by the end of the year 2021. in addition to the institute which publishes more than 200 research articles and registers 5 patents.It focuses on scientific discoveries to find advanced solutions, and there is no doubt that its great impact will extend beyond the borders of the UAE.

Addressing the young talents, he said: “The world is your arena, and all ideas deserve consideration, and there is nothing that limits your creativity and ideas. I invite young talents to take advantage of appropriate opportunities to learn, develop and contribute to the development of society. ”


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