23 April 2022 Al-Shorouk Economic Bulletin: Intense government talks in Washington … and the launch of Eid sweets

“Al-Shorouk” presents to you the five in the evening bulletin, which deals with the most important news of the economy and the financial and business community that took place throughout the day.
Al-Shorouk Economic Bulletin monitors the most important economic news today, Saturday 23 April 2022, which came to the fore:
Al-Mashat discusses joint cooperation with US Export-Import Bank
Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, met with Rita Joe Lewis, President of the US Export Import Bank, during her participation in the activities of the World Bank Group’s Spring Meetings and the International Monetary Fund in the US capital, Washington, with the participation of Mohamed Maaait, Minister of Finance, and the meeting was attended by Moataz Zahran, Ambassador of Egypt to the United States of America.
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The Minister of Finance announces a new document to encourage and attract local and foreign investors
Finance Minister Mohamed Maaait confirmed that Egypt has become more attractive for investment with promising development opportunities, based on a supportive and strong infrastructure, which has become more capable of absorbing the expansion of investment activities as we spend $ 400 billion on the spent its development. over the past seven years, explains that the economic recovery plan of The effects of the current world crisis includes a package of measures that stimulate foreign and local investment, especially the private sector, according to a statement by the Ministry of Finance today.
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Agriculture: Great interest in the seed production file to keep up with the agricultural renaissance that Egypt is witnessing
The Ministry of Agriculture said that the agricultural revival that Egypt is currently experiencing in the era of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi had to be accompanied by a great deal of interest in the field of good seed production. As well as low water use with interest in applied research contributing to the development of new varieties and hybrids of seeds and seeds.
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Supply: 7.3 million tons of sugarcane were supplied from last Thursday
The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade announced that the total sugarcane supplied to the Sugar Company for Integrated Industries during the current supply season amounts to 7.3 million tons, which has so far produced about 780 729 thousand tons of sugar, and about 19 112 tons sugar from the beet product, from last Thursday.
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Minister of Communications: $ 13 million investment in “Our Future is Digital” initiative
Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, revealed that the training budget has been doubled 22 times in three years, to increase from the training of 4 000 pupils with a budget of 50 million pounds to a target of 200 000 pupils with ‘ to train a budget of 1.1. billion during the current financial year; Take note of the launch of the Our Digital Future initiative, which aims to empower young people from diverse academic backgrounds to gain leading-edge job opportunities in the field of information technology; Where $ 13 million has been invested to train 80,000 people in the first version of the initiative, and 20,000 graduates have managed to implement $ 130 million worth of independent projects in one year.
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To avoid service interruptions, the Water Holdings appeals to citizens to update meter data
The Drinking Water and Wastewater Control Company called on users of prepaid water meters to update the meter’s data by charging by going to the nearest prepaid meter charging center or to Fawry points distributed in various governors of the Republic is; To avoid service interruptions on holidays and official holidays, in case the balance has lapsed.
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At prices .. the catering offers Eid al-Fitr sweets in consumer complexes
The Ministry of Provision has announced the launch of consumer complexes for the products of the General Company for Cairo Bakeries, “Kayropic”, for the blessed Eid al-Fitr.

The complex provided a packet of ordinary cakes weighing one kilogram at 75 pounds, a packet of one kilogram of ordinary cookies at 70 pounds, a packet of four kilograms at home at 75 pounds, a packet of mixed bags weighing a pound. kilograms weighs 85 pounds, and a pack of two kilograms of mixtures weighs 165 pounds.
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Banks are structuring credit facilities for existing customers and adjusting the financial model for new loans
Banks operating in the local market are working to structure all existing credit facilities in the light of recent economic changes in the market, in particular the exchange rate and commodity prices.
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3 trillion pounds of investment in the real estate sector over the last seven years, with a profit of 65%
Ali El-Sherbani, chairman of the board of Tabarak Holding Company, said that the best investment at the moment is real estate in Egypt, pointing out that all indicators are in favor of that investment, which is the best and most profitable. and a safe haven for those looking for a better investment opportunity.
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Three fertilizer companies are asking creditors’ banks for a period to study the £ 12bn debt restructuring
Three companies operating in the fertilizer sector have demanded a deadline from the creditors’ banks, which end on May 31, to prepare an assessment of their assets and financial statements in preparation for the structuring of debt they owe to about 12 billion pounds.
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A collaboration protocol between Awqaf, Banque Misr and Fawry Dahab Company to automate zakat funds and donations in mosques and collect them electronically
The Ministry of Awqaf signed a cooperation protocol with Banque Misr and Fawry Dahab Company on the automation of Zakat funds and donations in mosques and their electronic collection, on Saturday 23/4/2022 AD at the General Office of the Ministry of Awqaf.
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