“Al-Bayan” is on an expedition inside the most beautiful building in the world

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After the official opening of the Museum of the Future the day before yesterday; It opened its doors for visitors to view its sections and explore the content and interior design; Curiosity and enthusiasm ignite to visit the most beautiful building on earth, the new knowledge and civilization building in Dubai, and enjoy this unique experience, and participate passionately in scientific experiments, monitor future trends, design innovative solutions with new tools for current and future challenges, and experience the future of life, space travel, climate change, environment and health.

“Al-Bayan” takes its readers on an expedition to the house of the geniuses and their permanent headquarters, an imaginary journey to experience different future sectors that make man think how he will live in the future, how he will relate to others will deal with, how he will face the challenges of his time and how to find solutions that benefit the interests of mankind.Various aspects of the future of mankind and the key technologies that await it in the coming decades, through an unprecedented interactive experience that enriches the senses and integrates science and technology in an integrated way.

As it has become known to all, the Museum of the Future differs from other traditional museums by embodying a human imagination that does not stop at creativity and innovation, and by embracing forums and discussions that explore the latest findings of the human mind. , in order to enrich his exhibitions with the latest technologies and the latest scientific explorations through his scientific and knowledge product and intellectuals.

It is also considered a comprehensive laboratory for the technologies, ideas and cities of the future, a global forum for the scientific and knowledge elites and geniuses of the world, and a platform for studying the future and its ideas. design, in addition to reflecting in its design digital technology, a permanent exhibition to review the future of mankind.

7 floors

This museum, which symbolizes the spirit of courage, optimism and innovation that pushes Dubai forward, brings together under its roof the aspiring scientific skills to build a more sustainable future for all mankind, the spirit of inspiration in the hearts of people inflate and enable them. to shape the landmarks of the next era of the future of mankind, and all that it displays of creations, materials, films, and events, contributes to exploiting the problems of the times to build a better world.

The museum includes 7 floors that use the latest technologies of virtual and augmented reality, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and human-machine interaction in its interior to provide immersive experiences to the museum’s visitors who have very urgent questions about the future answers from people, cities, human societies and life on planet Earth, to outer space. Each floor introduces the visitor to a futuristic world in which he lives, explores and interacts with it. In terms of innovative exhibits and experiences, it is designed to open horizons to the public’s perception of the present and the future.

As it turns out, the building was designed to be an architectural and engineering marvel that connects the past with the future. It boasts the Arabic language it speaks to visitors. The exterior and interior facades bear the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al. Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, engraved in calligraphy Designed by artist Matar Bin Lahej.

future experience

The museum’s seven floors use the latest virtual and augmented reality technologies, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and human machine interaction, to provide visitors with experiences that answer many pressing questions related to the future of people, cities and human societies, life on planet Earth, and even space The outside, and one visit to the museum transports the visitor to the future of the UAE in its centenary to live new experiences and enter a world he did not know before, and then return to the present to develop it for the better.

Upon the visitor’s arrival on the ground floor, he is launched into a spacecraft in the shape of a polygonal capsule with virtual display panels that transport him at high speed from the Mohammed bin Rashid spaceport, to the fifth floor, where the “Amal space station “” is located to live out the space experience in 2071, thus shortening this journey through the capsule. The time it took NASA on its spaceship in one of the missions in the eighties, up to 4 minutes instead. of 6 days, to travel 600 kilometers!

In that hall, the museum gives the visitor the opportunity to experience the experience of working in a space station, which is considered the largest of its kind, and to interactively see the crafts within the station: snacks, water flowing from the comet extracted, the “XLS13480” painting, robot pollinators, space suits. For young astronauts, skin changing shape, the ability to observe from space for wildlife conservation, a deep space exploration helmet and the engine accelerator of the Hope Station.

The ship’s commander delivers visitors to the orbit space station Amal, where the station model Amal is displayed to visitors and one of its functions is to provide solar energy from the sun to Earth, and it has been called “Sol”.

And at the Museum of the Future .. the largest orbital station needs employees .. Your chance is now!

An imaginary scenario for the largest space orbit station named Amal, which is also the name of the Emirates Mars mission, allows visitors who are attracted to the world of space to apply for jobs aboard the orbit station, and the phrase “Apply now” because the work shines in the hall.

And a scanner photographed the advanced person, only to be surprised that he was accepted and turned into an astronaut.

Work aboard the orbital station raises hopes of conducting scientific research aimed at saving the planet and providing global warming solutions, as well as ensuring the food, drink and other requirements of missionaries.

This feature is entertaining and interactive and is obviously not real, but it’s one of the museum’s experiences that sparks interest in space.

On the fourth floor, entitled Rehabilitation of Nature, a hall called “Library of Life” provides answers to many questions, and in one of the halls, hologram technology is used to embody 2,400 living organisms through their genetic fingerprints in glass. containers displayed in a stunning design that grabs the attention of visitors.

These organisms range from plants, mammals and insects to the human person embodied in the image of a mother embracing her child; The hall contains the traces of every living or extinct creature on the face of the planet.

In the same hall, a specific device explores these creatures, and the purple color indicates that they can still be rescued, and the red color indicates that they are actually extinct.

A museum official told Al-Bayan the museum’s designers and experts worked for two years to complete this hall, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the museum.


And up to the third floor, which bears the name “Oasis”, the visitor experiences a unique experience away from the use of phones and social interaction platforms, to focus his senses and learn about various experiences related to ” the haven of happiness and well-being “. -be, the source of calm and communication, a relaxing treatment for the senses and the soul, emotional therapy, therapy. ” Harmony, communication therapy, movement therapy.

future heroes

On the second floor, dedicated to children, there is a world of imagination for them. This floor is designed to provide a dedicated space for children that encourages them to develop useful and entertaining futuristic skills in an open world for exploration. and play.

The floor consists of three sections, the Imagination Laboratory, the Design Laboratory and the Building Laboratory, where children enjoy playing and learning through activities that encourage communication and develop a spirit of collaboration and creativity.

The “Future Champions” floor was inspired by the elite ideas and concepts underlying electronic games for children to enjoy in the real world. Every child here is a player whose mission is to explore new areas and activities, tackle challenges and collect rewards.

The games are designed to encourage creative thinking and promote courage and confidence. Children are rewarded for these traits with drawing tokens in honor of their positive contributions to the world of future heroes such as helping, solving problems, gaining unprecedented experiences to create or participate in. Players can strive to collect as many badges as possible. Save it from one visit to the next.

On the “Our Future Today” floor, the visitor will discover the technologies of the near future offered by the most prominent innovators in the world, and will learn about the latest innovations that can change our world.

What will Dubai look like in 50 years?

In the year 2071, life will not be what it is today. The Museum of the Future in Dubai provided imaginary but not impossible scenarios for life in Dubai after 50 years.

Certain buildings we know today will also not dominate the skyscraper landscape; The city will be filled with these skyscrapers connected by hyperloops while planes fly in the air.

An official at the museum told Al-Bayan the choice of the year 2071 is in line with the country’s celebration of its centenary and the passage of fifty years to the next fiftieth.


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