April 22 – Al-Shorouq Economic Bulletin: National Wages Receives 3028 Exceptional Requests to Implement the Minimum Wage

“Al-Shorouk” presents to you the five in the evening bulletin, which deals with the most important news of the economy and the financial and business community that took place throughout the day.

Al-Shorouk Economic Bulletin monitors the most important economic news today, Friday 22 April 2022, which came to the fore:
The National Wage receives 3,028 requests for an exception to implement the minimum wage
The National Wages Council held a meeting chaired by Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development and Chairman of the Council, and in the presence of Mohamed Saafan, Minister of Manpower, Khairat Barakat, Head of the Central Public Agency Mobilization and Statistics, and Saleh Al-Sheikh, Head of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration, to discuss mechanisms for implementing the minimum wage for workers in the sector The private sector, the status of facilities exempted from its application , and the mechanism for notifying advanced facilities of the results of the examination of their applications. Muhammad Saafan confirmed that 3028 exception requests had been received. The directorates have already examined 1 159 facilities out of the total applications, and the facilities will be informed of the results of the examination, either by accepting the exception or rejecting it.
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Finance aims to reduce budget deficit next June to 6.2%
Finance Minister Mohamed Maait said the economic growth achieved has been supported by balanced economic and financial policies in recent years, as the primary surplus in the public budget has been maintained through expenditure-side savings, pointing out that we are aiming , in the light of the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, to reduce the budget deficit to 6.2% and reduce the debt rate to less than 90% by the end of next June, in a way that contributes to sustainability of improving in financial performance indicators and maintaining the country’s secure economic path.
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Al-Mashat discusses strengthening cooperation in agriculture and energy with Cameroon’s Economy Minister
Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation and Governor of Egypt at the World Bank Group, met with Cameroon’s Minister of Economy Al-Amin Othman as part of the activities of the World Bank Group’s annual meetings for the year 2022, which US capital, Washington, to hold joint economic talks between the two countries. The meeting was attended by Raji El-Etreby, Alternative Executive Director of the World Bank Group.
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Gold dropped 15 pounds during today’s trading
Gold prices fell by another 5 pounds in local goldsmith markets today, Friday, bringing the price of a 21-carat gram best-selling in Egypt to around 1,085 pounds, compared to 1,100 pounds at the end of trading yesterday, and the price of a gram of 18 carat gold dropped to about 925 pounds, and the 24 carat gram gained about 1244 pounds, and the price of the gold pound dropped by 40 pounds to record 8680 pounds, due to the fall in metal prices on global stock exchanges, according to Naguib Club, the former general secretary of the Goldsmiths division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce.
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Al-Mashat calls on financial institutions to develop their mechanisms to deal with the challenges facing countries
Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, attended the virtual meeting of the G-24 Intergovernmental Group on Monetary Affairs and International Development, which is being held in cooperation with the Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Group. Fund, with the participation of government representatives of member states, and emphasizes the importance of The International Funding Corporation develops its mechanisms to address economic and social challenges and enables countries, especially middle-income countries, to finance the private sector and development. .
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The Minister of Business Sector monitors the development of the factories of the Delta Fertilizer Company
Hisham Tawfiq, Minister of Public Business, spoke with the Italian company Technip, which is preparing the study for the development of the Delta Fertilizer Company factories in Talkha, in the presence of Accountant Imad El-Din Mustafa, Managing Director of the Holding Company, meeting. for Chemical Industries, and Chairman and Managing Director of Delta Company.
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£ 70 .. Find out the prices of Eid cakes in consumer complexes
Hazem Al-Menoufy, a member of the Food Division of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, announced the prices of cakes for Eid Al-Fitr in consumer complexes, where the price of a kilo of cakes, gentlemen, recorded 70 pounds, and cakes with milk recorded 70 pounds per kilo, and cakes with nuts 110 pounds per kilo, and ordinary mixed cakes 70 pounds per kilo The price of the ordinary petit four was 75 pounds per kilo, the penny four luxury 100 pounds per kilo, the regular petit four 105 pounds per kilo, the petit four sable 100 pounds, and the petit four luxury 100 pounds.
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1588 young men were appointed, of whom 36 were able to various degrees in Ismailia
Mohamed Saafan, Minister of Manpower, reviewed a report he received from the Directorate Manpower in Ismailia Governor, indicating that the directorate had appointed 1 588 young men, 36 of whom were “able to differ” from various qualifications in private and investment sector institutions, returned by the “work heel” certificates of registered in the employment offices of the Directorate, while 2 699 young men are registered
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The mechanization sector participates in the harvesting of wheat with the latest equipment and machinery
The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Al-Qusayr, stressed the need to use modern equipment, whether in agriculture or harvesting, to reduce the percentage of losses and wastage, and also to maintain the degree of purity and quality of crops, by the mechanized agricultural sector to the latest supplying equipment and machinery necessary for farming and harvesting, adding that for the first time the volume of equipment belonging to the agricultural sector reaches Mechanization and mechanized farming used to distribute more than 5 thousand different equipment in 135 mechanization stations at the level of the Republic.
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The British pound has fallen to its lowest level since November 2020
The pound sterling has fallen to its lowest level against other major currencies since last November, when Britain was subject to strict closure measures to deal with the outbreak of the Corona virus, and this comes against the background of the issuance of three separate reports which is the deterioration of the conditions of the British economy and its faltering recovery.
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