Basic principles to follow when designing nurseries

Decorated children’s bedrooms that ignite in this age group the energy of imagination and creativity, develop their skills and transform their private spaces into a beautiful world that accompanies them during wakefulness and sleep. This can only be achieved by listening to the children’s opinions, respecting their requirements and involving them in the plan to decorate their bedrooms, without forcing the taste of the parents and their fingerprints on them. In this context, “” offers a set of ideas and tips so that children’s bedrooms can be filled with fun spaces and spaces for imagination to grow.

Children’s Bedroom Decoration Essentials

A bedroom with bright colors and a contemporary design, with green and orange suitable for both girls and boys. Available in CaosCreo

The recommendations for choosing a child’s bedroom include::
• Whenever children’s bedrooms are simple in design, and have fewer accessories, their occupants have space to move, play and move around easily.
• It is recommended to choose durable, good quality furniture for children’s bedrooms for the reasons of their safety, taking into account their weight, height and expectations of increase in the later period. Usually, hardwood or soft iron is ideal for children’s bedroom furniture. In this context, it is necessary to stay away from furniture and accessories that can harm this age group, such as: sharp corners, flammable materials and oil heaters, while avoiding the use of candles in the decoration of bedrooms.
• It is preferable to choose covers, bedspreads and curtains of natural materials, such as: cotton, wool and silk, to keep young children away from the factors that cause allergies to them, and any other annoying symptoms.
• It is necessary to choose bedrooms, in a way that suits children when they reach school age in the future, while trying to find furniture that is adaptable, that helps to change when needed.

simple room for a child; It consists of a colorful bed, pillows and covers, with a set of colorful boxes. The wall is decorated with drawings inspired by the animated films, and in harmonious colors, with the rest of the furniture and accessories. Available in Vinilo infantil pollito Lolo

• It is necessary to pay attention to the lighting of children’s bedrooms, and to study the places and angles in which they are scattered, while staying as far away as possible from unstable floor lighting, or those that stand in the way of children, to avoid problems during movement and play. It is also necessary to take care of the lighting near the place where children study, and to ensure that it is adequate and appropriate. Note that any confusion in the distribution of illumination can adversely affect the strength of the eyes and expose them to injuries.
• It is attractive to decorate children’s bedrooms with their drawings and works of art and crafts, thus improving their self-confidence. So they put their fingerprints on the places where they live.
• If the budget allocated for children’s bedroom decorations is modest, parents can use paint, and decorate with colored drawings, or posters and pictures that delight children, and unleash their imagination.

A warm bedroom for a school-going child, and his predilection for the dinosaur, which has become a major theme in the décor plan, is evident in the wallpaper, floors, covers and other accessories. Available in “Shun Zeng” stores, Sian Zeng

• When choosing a general “theme” for decoration, the task of designing children’s bedrooms becomes easier. For example, if the room occupant loves dinosaurs, this animal could be the main focus of the decor plan, with accessories revolving around it.
• It is known that colors are the key to the success of any design in children’s bedrooms, so it is preferable to choose bright colors, such as orange, yellow, pink, green and purple, but the presence of three colors in the room should not do not exceed, not to fall into the circle of confusion and chaos. One of the tips associated with choosing shades is soft (or neutral) colors, when you want quiet and simple decorations for children’s bedrooms.
• It is necessary to take care of the ventilation of children’s bedrooms, either by using shade curtains that are easy to lift, or those that can control children to open the windows, renew the air and the sides of the refresh rooms, from time to time.

Children’s bedroom accessories
A classic alarm clock design, with a dinosaur in the middle, while two light red hands on a blue background. Available at the British Natural History Museum.
Table lighting in the shape of a small white sheep. Available in Lights4fun.
Square cotton pillowcase inspired by the novel “Paddington Bear” by British author Michael Bond. Available in vintage pillows.
A basket with a lid in the shape of a bear, made of woven natural fibers, and can be used for clothing or to hold toys. Available at THE FIND SHOP.

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