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The spaces of the bedrooms differ. In modern apartments, the bedrooms are available in small areas, unlike the bedrooms in large houses. There are instructions and tips to help choose decorations for small bedrooms so that they are comfortable, organized and neat. In this article we will learn a lot of information about bedroom decorations.

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There are basic elements in the bedrooms that give them a practical and attractive character at the same time, but care must be taken to keep the room comfortable so that its basic components are limited in terms of number and size. the basic bedroom components are the following:


The wall of the room is considered as one of the basic things that add attractiveness and elegance to the bedroom. It also enhances its luxury and defines its own character. It is possible to choose colors that suit the taste. People may prefer dark and strong colors, while others prefer calm and soft colors that match the room’s decor and general atmosphere.

soft lighting

Bedroom lighting should be comfortable, quiet and suggest romance. Dull lights can be selected in the areas of the bed.


The wardrobe is an essential thing, therefore it is preferable to choose the wall closet because it is more practical and gives the bedroom more space, which makes the bedroom more comfortable.

Mat and mat

The presence of rugs or rugs in the bedrooms is not related to fashion, because it is a matter of the room owner’s taste, so many turn to adopting rugs so that the bedroom is warmer, and a small piece of rug can be. placed to feel comfortable and relax in the bedroom.

the bed

The bed is one of the basic components of the bedrooms and it can not be separated, but it is considered large in size, therefore it is recommended to choose the size of the bed that matches the size and character of the room , and his choice depends on the personal taste of the room owner. [1]

After the age of nine, girls begin to know what they want for their bedroom, and as they get older, this character develops for them because they find that they have become more accommodating of what is going on around them and what they need, and they can are told of the budget by which they are allowed to choose what they want and their limits.

  • Choosing a suitable design for the girls’ bedroom so that it is considered the most important factor that shows the time and age These designs are characterized by smooth lines and high-end accessories that add elegance and beauty to the room.
  • The choice of colors is very important when choosing girls’ bedrooms. Usually, girls’ bedrooms tend to have comfortable and calm colors, and it is very rare to find hard colors. In the end, the color of the bedroom can be chosen according to the girl’s trends and what suits her personality.
  • The fusion of modern and classic embellishments There is a group of girls in their teens who tend to bedrooms with hard colors that take them out of cartoon stories and fairy tales, while the other group of girls tend to choose brown with cheerful colors. [2]

Many young people like to change the decor of their room by choosing modern and contemporary designs. These designs in modern youth bedrooms depend on the choice of practical furniture, the colors are simple and contain delicate accessories. At this stage the personality of young people is formed and at this age they are able to take on more responsibility. So at this stage the young man wants to be independent and choose the decor of his room according to his own taste that suits his personality, and one of the most important tips we offer when choosing the decor of youth bedrooms is as follows:

  • Creating a versatile wall decoration with shelves is one of the biggest transformations that goes hand in hand with the transition from teen to young adult. Its options range from stickers and blue cutters to frames. If your child is undergoing this change, it is advisable to leave space for him to design a flexible gallery wall with shelves.
  • With ample storage space, storage is a must in a young person’s bedroom, an equipped shelving unit with colorful storage boxes is ideal for eliminating clutter, while a desk unit offers a convenient combination of closed and open storage, and ‘ a chest of drawers cleverly turns into extra seating, making it perfect for when a guy houses his friends in his room.
  • Utilize floor space Placing a versatile wooden bed with a bedside cabinet is a way to utilize the limited floor space in the room.
  • Keep the walls neutral to cater for different tastes as the teens grow to young adults, so make the space look fun and vibrant with personal touch so the walls do not have to be boringly white.
  • Leave space for study and work, as the youth’s bedroom must be versatile and have everything like a desk that must be provided in the room so that the young man can easily perform his duties. [3]

To change the bedroom decor, it can be renovated without spending a lot of money.

  • Upholstery and improvement of the old bed frame and new, elegant bedding on top of the bed.
  • Place simple curtains in bright colors.
  • Paint the bedroom wall in a simple way, and you can add graphics in beautiful colors to it.
  • Choose a suitable size desk with lighting above it for study.
  • Choose a suitable size closet with drawers and boxes to store and hang clothes and shoes and prevent clutter.
  • Put a small rug on the floor and a small table next to the bed.
  • Hang a mirror on the wall. [4]

Children’s bedrooms can be selected as follows:

  • Choose calm and light wall colors, such as blue for the male, and light pink for the female.
  • Hang pictures of characters the child loves on the walls.
  • Choose a small wooden bed and spread out a sheet that contains drawings, as the child sees in soaps and cartoons.
  • Put a table next to the child’s bed with a table lamp on it.
  • Choosing a closet whose size fits the space of the room and consists of shelves, hangers and drawers to make it easier to arrange the child’s belongings.
  • To put a small desk that fits the size of the child to do his homework.
  • Leave enough space in the room for the child to play. [5]

Once the wedding date is set, the newlyweds start looking for home decorations, including the bedroom, which are available in different designs to suit every taste, so learn through the following rules how to choose bedroom decorations for the newlyweds:

  • The bedroom should look elegant and calm when you enter it, as it will give the newlyweds a sense of comfort, and it depends on many factors, including the consistency of the room’s decor and colors.
  • The colors of the room should be chosen as it is an important factor that has a significant impact on the psychological state; Where some colors can cause distress and frustration, and other colors give joy and comfort.
  • Designs should be chosen to match the design of the room, and above all, to be simple, and the most important thing is to be on the taste of the newlyweds.
  • Choose an upholstered bed background that gives a touch of luxury and sophistication.
  • Wallpaper can be used in the bedroom decoration because it gives it a beautiful, simple and distinctive touch. In addition, there are many designs and shapes that can be chosen to suit the newlyweds’ taste with ease.
  • Some grooms want to design a luxurious bedroom that is similar to a hotel room, and this can be easily done when choosing modern decor, calm and neutral colors and simple modern touches.
  • There should be harmony in colors with all room decorations of furniture, curtains and upholstery.
  • Avoid choosing large bedroom furniture in small bedrooms as it gives a feeling of narrowness, and on top of that you need to choose practical and small pieces of furniture and leave space in the room.
  • The color of the room is chosen according to its area; If the room has a small area, light colors should be chosen because it gives more space to the room, and if the room has a large area, it is possible to use a combination of light colors and dark colors in simple grades make.
  • It is recommended to choose a painting on the wall that includes a soft and simple shape that gives a beautiful touch to the room, but many prefer to place a painting that includes a landscape or romantic.
  • Usually when choosing a modern bedroom decor, you should avoid choosing dark colors because they give negative energy, therefore it is recommended to choose light colors like: pastel colors, white, light gray or blue in its grades.
  • A sofa can be placed at the end of the bed to give a beautiful touch in the room and can be placed on it.
  • It is recommended to choose lined curtains to insulate the sun’s rays, and the floors of the bedrooms can be parquet or carpets.
  • Lights should be placed next to the bed and the lighting should be throughout the room.

The choice of modern bedroom decorations and luxury designs is one of the things that need many steps to be followed. We will name it as follows:

  • When choosing the decor of small bedrooms, you should choose small-size furniture that is simple, and not choose large-size furniture that causes congestion and cramping in the bedroom.
  • It is recommended to choose large mirrors that are placed in the middle of the bedroom so that it becomes a focal point and gives the feeling of more space in the room.
  • If the ceiling of the room is high, it is recommended to choose large lighting units, and if the ceiling is low, it is possible to choose floor or side lighting units.
  • Light colors are a great choice in a small bedroom; This is because it gives more space to the room.
  • Wallpaper can be used in decorating very small bedrooms to give the space more space, but you need to choose a simple design that gives depth.
  • Accessories should be of a suitable size for the room and be simple to give the room a simple touch of beauty.
  • It is recommended to choose functional furniture where you can, for example, choose a bed that has boxes at the bottom to use it for storing shoes, clothes and books, but you can choose a folding bed.
  • There must be consistency in the colors of the paint, the color of the furniture, the carpets and the accessories to give the room a distinctive and elegant look.

Gypsum board designs and decorations generally differ, especially gypsum board decorations for bedrooms, and the following are gypsum board bedroom decorations:

  • Plaster decorations for ceilings, where the ceiling is one of the basic elements that complement the decorations, so it is possible to use plaster decorations for ceilings. There are plaster decoration designs that are provided with different fragrances that give an aesthetic and artistic touch to the room, and there are hanging plaster available with simple and exciting designs.
  • Classic plaster decorations, and it is considered one of the simple types of plaster available in plaster gradients that occur in the corners and corners of the room and contain dim lighting.

The girls’ bedrooms have a special character. The choice of calm colors is an important part, and the decorations are characterized by elegant drawings that make girls feel joy and fun. Here are the steps to choose the decorations for girls’ bedrooms:

  • Paint the room with the paint that matches the girl’s personality. You can choose a light pink, yellow or violet.
  • Choose accessories to hang on the wall, such as hanging stars on the ceiling, portraits and murals, teddy bears and a set of small toys.
  • To put shelves for the library in the girls’ bedrooms.
  • Selfies can be hung on the door of the girl’s room.

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