Bin Salman feeds Trump with dollars. Abu Ivanka Stadiums hosts Saudi Golf League

Watan – The Washington Post reported in a report that US golf courses owned by former President Donald Trump could possibly house the controversial Saudi Golf League, and negotiations are underway.

According to the translation of (Watan), and by quoting three sources, the newspaper said that training courses in (Bedminster, New Jersey, Doral and Florida) could accommodate the events of the Saudi Golf League. After talks between the Trump organization and LIV Golf Investments, a body funded by the Saudis.

The newspaper said that one of the sources, who refused to be identified. He noted that Trump spoke with Greg Norman, a two-time Australian champion and longtime friend of Trump who heads LIV Golf Investments.

And this presentation in Trump’s stadiums can be highly controversial. Because Saudi policy has distorted world golf due to Riyadh’s poor human rights record.

Donald Trump

Trump remains a formidable divisive force in American life. He has been charged twice as president, the second time for inciting the deadly attack on the US capital on January 6, 2021, which served his lie that his defeat at the hands of Joe Biden was the result of election fraud.

Trump remains the favorite to win the 2024 Republican nomination. This has led some observers to warn against potential civil unrest.

Trump’s golf courses have also been caught up in investigations into his business affairs. Whether the valuation of the property has been manipulated for tax purposes.

The American newspaper added that the agreement gives Trump a lucrative business partnership with the oppressive regime he defended when he was president of the United States.

He points out that “the financial terms of the proposed deal are not clear, but the tournament stations will undoubtedly provide revenue for Trump by the Saudis, who are making a fierce effort to recruit golfers and launch a series of tournaments for this game. to send. “

Bin Salman and Trump

It was Trump’s first foreign trip as president of the United States to Saudi Arabia, and he regularly praised the kingdom’s wealth and power.

A US intelligence report has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has approved the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Nevertheless, “Trump” threw an international lifeline to the young prince, and “received very little back,” according to the newspaper.

In this context, Larry Hirsch, president of golf real estate analysts in Philadelphia, said that “Saudi Arabia’s human rights record also leads to some members of the Trump club canceling their membership, which could harm the value of the course in the long run. . “

Human rights organizations have long regarded Saudi Arabia’s acquisition of well-known clubs and the organization of international sports competitions as an attempt to “sport wash” to improve its reputation due to the long history of human rights violations.

golf deal

The newspaper claimed that the golf deal would also provide Trump with some retaliation against the Professional Golfers Association (PGA), which announced that it would take the World Golf Championship out of Doral and move it to Mexico City. This coincides with Trump’s campaign in the summer of 2016.

Trump bought the 650-acre Doral resort. in 2012 for $ 150 million and plans to refurbish it for $ 250 million.

He also borrowed $ 125 million from Deutsche Bank to do so, and swore on Twitter that it would be “the best resort in the country in two years.”

And previously, the “Bloomberg” agency reported that “Jared Kushner” is Trump’s son-in-law. He was spotted on the sidelines of a Saudi golf event earlier this month.

She explained that he had sought support from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund worth $ 500 billion, led by “Bin Salman.” Along with other government-controlled funds in the region.

Representatives of the Trump organization, the Saudi government and officials of LIV Golf Investments did not respond to questions sent to them by The Washington Post in this regard.

This week, American golfer Phil Mickelson, the former no. 1st player in the world, described the Saudis as “intimidating”. But he said the new league would provide an opportunity to reform world golf.

“They are terrifying geniuses to get involved with,” said the golfer.

“We know they killed Khashoggi and they have a terrible human rights record,” he added. They execute people there because they are gay. ”

He continued: “Despite knowing all this, I did not consider boycotting or not participating, as this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reform the PGA … We have Saudi money finally given leverage. “

(Source: The Washington Post – Watan translation)

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