Buhais Geopark .. a tourist and environmental treasure

Sharjah: Mohammed Al-Mahi
Buhais Geopark in the Emirate of Sharjah is one of the largest pioneering projects in ecotourism. The park is characterized by its important archaeological site. It aims to introduce visitors to the emirate’s geological history, which is rich in the fossilized remains of many ancient marine organisms that settled in shallow seas that covered most of the country in the country, down to the close.A close to a geological perspective, the park has historical evidence of how the local landscape formed at least 93 million years ago.

The park, which opened in January 2019, contains two archaeological sites that contribute to the improvement of knowledge of the history of human settlements in this area, which dates back more than 125,000 years.

Designed by Hopkins, a London-based architecture firm, the buildings in the park pay homage to the emirate’s history. The inspiration behind the unique design of the geopark, which consists of five interconnected centuries, comes from prehistoric fossils, and visitors can expect interactive exhibits based on models exploring the Sharjah mountains and sand dunes, as proof of the region’s tectonic history of over the years, emphasizes the creation of mountain ranges Made of limestone, visitors will also have the opportunity to explore local rocks and fossils.

desert exploration

The geological park introduces visitors and residents to the importance of Jebel Buhais and its surroundings, as the place offers visitors the opportunity to explore the exhibits in the inner halls, and wander around in the outer garden through its paths designed to introduce how the most prominent geological features of the region are formed, such as gravel plains, sand dunes, and even the Arabian Gulf.

The geological park, with its mountains and environmental and natural diversity, captivated the imagination of tourists and visitors, until it became a pillar of mountain tourism in the region. The mountains and fossilized remains of ancient marine organisms and rock formations have a unique geological symphony signed. in the world.

Various experiences

This type of tourism thrives especially when the winter season dawns, as the expansive park comes to life, attracting visitors from all over the world to live diverse experiences amidst the beautiful natural sites, diverse terrain and warm atmosphere.

The park allows the visitor to experience enjoyable and distinctive experiences by viewing the fossilized remains of ancient creatures, the Hajar Mountains, the gravel plains and sand dunes.

Interior design

Buhais Geopark has won the 2020 Architecture Award / AMP /, a global award celebrating creativity and innovation in the fields of architectural design, landscape architecture and interior design.

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Councilor and Ruler of Sharjah, unveiled a project in January 2018 to establish a museum and geopark in the Buhais area at a cost of 32 million dirhams, describing the project as a investment in nature and people. His Highness at the time spoke about the nature reserves and the nature of the areas in which they are located, and how to protect and preserve them, which indicated that the Jabal Al-Buhais Reserve includes important fossils, and promised to preserve them. and not to tamper with. with them.

Various destinations

The Emirate of Sharjah is rich in the presence of many distinctive tourist and entertainment destinations on its land, in addition to museums and enchanting heritage and historical landmarks that offer visitors a pleasant experience.

The emirate is unique in its combination of desert and mountainous terrain in a unique combination that enhances the options for its visitors as Jabal Al Buhais Reserve, with its mountain range and forts, has become a unique destination for nature lovers and leisure tourism.

Sharjah has managed to transform into one of the most important tourist destinations for visitors from within and outside the country, after ecotourism became one of the main trends receiving wide attention in the Emirate of Sharjah, where a series of projects were developed. and implemented whose design and architectural details were inspired by the surrounding environment.

Stone Age

Jabal al-Buhais is considered an important site for the study and understanding of the late Paleolithic period in the southeastern Arabian Peninsula, where there were Bedouin peoples who settled their pilgrimage seasonally in Jabal al-Buhais to rest. take with their flocks of sheep, goats and cattle on their way between the coast and the mountain range stone.

They also used this site to bury their dead in the cemetery they erected there, where they also left behind many remains indicating their way of life and cultural heritage, which were clearly quite different at such an early time.

And the Department of Culture in Sharjah has published a book on Jabal al-Buhais entitled “Archeology in Jabal al-Buhais, the natural environment of Jabal al-Buhais: past and present,” in both Arabic and English. Hans-Peter Ebermann, Marquette Ebermann, and Dr. Sabah Jassim.

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