Can peace be bought with money? Yes, can

When nearly two-thirds of the world’s nations condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the United Nations General Assembly, it was clear that the aggression must stop.

Everyone, including those who stayed, believed that Russia had started a war that could be diplomatically avoided. These methods could have achieved better results. However, the aggression took place, and it turned into one of the fiercest military actions since World War II.

It is useless to compare the actions of the Nazis in the demolition of cities. Today, our neo-Nazis in the Kremlin froze with blood in their veins to impose a defeat on a secure people and demand that they surrender to their brutality.

When you look at the devastation, and the number of victims, you can not say what surrender itself means, or what its purpose is. There is nothing but humiliation. Humiliation is a cruel act that the animals themselves do not practice.

The prevailing idea in Moscow is that Russia is a “great power” and can do whatever it wants. This is real nonsense. There is nothing in Russia that indicates that it is a “great power”. Even having nuclear power means nothing. Pakistan has nuclear power. And so do other countries, without having a license to carry out acts of aggression.

Russia does not have a project of an international nature. It does not have sufficient cultural or intellectual tools to claim to be a “superpower”. China, despite its traditional decline, is in a better position. At least you can say that it has an international project for development.

Leaving Russian brutality unpunished, equal to the damage, will encourage further atrocities

What is the Russian project? Except for previous nonsense, you will not find anything. This is nonsense, only feelings of arrogance remain. And these feelings, when they lacked a cultured civilized framework, were stripped away and turned into a brutal act.

It cannot pass without international collective punishment. Nor should the world itself bear the burdens of the damage, losses, and sacrifices that resulted from it. It is certainly not right for Ukrainians to pay the price with their country’s economy.

Ukraine does not need weapons just to survive. It also needs money to get its economy back on its feet. When Kiev is faced with the fact that the size of its economy has been reduced by about half, it is Russia that must pay compensation for the loss of the other half, before calculating the effects of the destruction and the requirements for reconstruction.

The bill will no doubt be large. Mariupol, for example, must be rebuilt with Russian money, not the sweat of the Ukrainian farmers.

And the bill can be paid. Now, not tomorrow.

Ukrainian officials say their budget deficit is $ 5 billion a month. They are trying to get support from the International Monetary Fund and other financing and lending institutions.

The outcome of this road will be quite unfortunate. It burdens the generations of this land with burdens that they should not bear on their own. It is the aggressor who must bear it, not his victims.

Nor is it fair to place a people fighting for their lives before an additional ordeal. It would be a recipe for forcing him to defeat, on the economic front, above the defeat that the barbarians want to impose on him on the battle front.

The international community has managed to freeze Russia’s cash reserves of about $ 300 billion. State property and assets estimated at another 100 billion were also frozen. There are ten billion individual assets belonging to the Kremlin.

A new resolution of the United Nations General Assembly could require Russia to provide compensation for war damage, and could authorize the use of frozen funds and assets to pay the bill.

It could start with five billion, every month, until the war stops, after which it will be possible to provide better supplies.

By setting a precedent like this, the world will punish other aggressors in the same way, whether from their frozen assets or even from their export earnings.

The balance of military power between the aggressor and the victim may not be equal. Hence the extent of damage

When the Russian “great power” feels that it has taken a gamble, and that it can be driven into bankruptcy, it will be forced to see the path to peace. It withdraws from Ukraine and abandons its ambitions in this country.

Peace can actually be bought this way. It can provide international legitimacy that supports its launch. In fact, this route is no less effective than providing weapons to the Ukrainian army.

Many aggressive acts went unpunished. It can be deterred from repetition. If Iran attacks economic facilities in Saudi Arabia again, the condemnation of two-thirds of the member states of the United Nations General Assembly could guarantee the payment of compensation, either from frozen Iranian funds or from the proceeds of its trade with the world.

Iran will no doubt pressure its militias to do what it does not do. However, an international resolution placing the responsibility on the “main supporter” of these militias will block the way for this maneuver.

When two thirds of the world tells the aggressor that he is the aggressor, he must understand that he can not get away with it, and that there is a price to pay.

The balance of military power between the aggressor and the victim may not be equal. Hence the scale of damage. And if the international community finds an objective framework, to compensate for the damage, the punishment may even include an excess of military force in response to any action that may be considered an act of aggression, and its classification is the international community accepts. I might be insulting if I throw a stone at you. But when you threw ten bombs at me, another face of aggression arose, due to the excessive force.

This way we will make a better world.

The key is that the Ukrainians do not have to pay twice. Once out of their lives, and once out of their country’s economy.

Leaving Russian brutality unpunished, equal to the damage, would encourage further atrocities.

The same “superpower” illusion of impunity must be taken out of the equation. Because when used as a license for brutality, our whole world becomes a victim, because it is its human values ​​that will fall.

Peace can be bought with money, when we force the aggressor to pay.

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