Charity work in the era of artificial intelligence!

In the blessed month of Ramadan, souls are revived because they do well in many Arab societies, which is a positive and welcome human trait, and perhaps it is evident in Gulf societies, so it has been said, perhaps with some exaggeration , that the second commodity that exports these societies to oil is charity. A number of personalities are known for their charities in Africa, Asia and even locally. And because religious passion is at its highest point in the month of goodness, groups and individuals are active in collecting donations, some of which are organized, as happened recently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which promotes this activity through electronic platforms and organized effective monitoring. , and some of it is not, as in some other Gulf countries.Charity work is “loose” that benefits people or groups whose face is not clear. It is noteworthy that some of these groups and individuals have resorted to “advertising” on social media to raise funds, either through instant messaging (“WhatsApp” for example) or open means (“Twitter” for example) in order to beg for donations from the public … Some of these individuals and groups do not know where the money donated by “benevolent” citizens goes to them, as there is no control or proof of the amount collected or the manner in which it is not spent. “Finding Charity” has become a “business” for some, with a photo of people apparently showing piety and claiming what he will do orally after raising the money. Some in their advertisements do not hesitate to justify fundraising by claiming that they are achieving goals that common sense does not agree with and the true religion does not ask. Rather, it falls within the framework of heresy that can deceive the simple, such as e.g. says in the donation request announcement “If you can not memorize the Qur’an, you can donate money so that someone else can save it for you, and the reward will go to you.” Or, “The call to God is obligatory, and if you are unable to dedicate yourself to the call, donate money, another person will call on your behalf, and therefore you will receive the reward.” And some of them increase the level of marketing and donate the promise of doubling the salary! It’s an avalanche of controversial ads that some people are reluctant to question in order to avoid, as they think, an argument with the supposed “holy” connection. These ideas are certainly not sacred, not even close to them, and many of them are outright fraud and profit, as evidenced by some of the scandals that have arisen. form of worship is not … It is mostly a kind of deception and exploitation of religious people. sentiments among many, in addition to a lack of knowledge and official lack of action, and its purpose is to harvest money that no one knows where it is going and in what field it is being spent!
In some calls for donations it is collected to establish a house of worship here or a well there, or to introduce “a number of people” into the religion! And the reward is yours!
In the era of artificial intelligence and the race of nations to modern science, we are witnessing millions of Arab and Muslim children in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq, and a large number of our countries without even a simple opportunity for education or even school … International reports tell us that there are a large number of Arab children, close to 22 million children. A girl is either without education or threatened to drop out of education, if any! In the sense that there is a permanent and emerging breed of ignorance that inevitably feeds extremism and misses opportunities for any desired development, in the event of political instability and aggravation of crises and the failure of the nation state located in a chasm between modernity and stagnation, exacerbates the problem to the point of crisis. As for those who receive education, they often lack quality because “quality of education” is lacking in most of our educational institutions. This fact does not need to be investigated much, just type “quality of education in Arab countries” in Google and the answer will come to you with the numbers that might make you dizzy! People are told that “the quality of education is the basis for building societies and the course of their revival, and a bulwark against extremism”!
When Arab universities and their scientific level are counted, it is rare that a number of them are included in the list of the first in the quality of international education, which is often divided into two parts; Either state universities are subject to heavy bureaucracy or private universities are just profitable. As for the most important position at the level of universities, there is no parallel in our Arab space, and it is the universities that have witnessed the modern renaissance of the West … I mean “non-profit civic universities” whose institution donated by philanthropists. The importance of these universities “far from bureaucracy or profitability” is no longer a field of doubt for those who study their role and the relationship of education in it to development. It has been freed from the complexities of the state, as well as from the pressure of shareholders, and it can bring a high level of graduates to society who become enlightened leadership for sustainable development and to bridge the gaps of need.
And if we compare the first thing “charity work” with the second “quality of education”, a gap arises in our understanding of charity work and its adaptation to social developments, which is that all that money raised, especially from large donors, as it is aimed at “private non-profit universities” with a high level of modern education. , it would have been a great benefit to societies, because on the one hand it would create an opportunity for competition and the best educational frameworks and the most talented students on the other hand, and thus become a lever for the rest of the other educational institutions to enter the era of artificial intelligence that is much talked about but little is done to pave the way for him.
The civilized Islamic call to do good is based on a logical and rational basis “that all that a person will be rewarded for in the hereafter is his work in this world” and there is no more reward in terms of knowledge, with adaptation to the modern concept of science. If the philanthropists in every Arab country unite in a call to support the establishment of a non-profit, civilian university in their homeland, benefiting from the intense passion in the month of Ramadan to do good, it would be the be best and most rewarded for it in this world and the hereafter, and block the way, on the other hand, for those who “buy with it.” Little price!
In closing:
The jurisprudential mind needs to redefine charitable work so that it is organized in institutions that have development goals, especially in the education and health sectors, which are most needed in our Arab space.

* Quoted from “Middle East”

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