du and Huawei sign a strategic partnership to improve the skills of local talent in the UAE through a range of professional development programs

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 20, 2022: du, a subsidiary of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, announces the signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding with Huawei, aimed at enhancing the skills of the workforce and local talents improve and refine, and enrich their expertise in a number of ICT fields, through a three-track program. Essential for professional development. As part of this long-term strategic partnership with Huawei, du program participants, including recent graduates, technology professionals and experienced professionals, will be provided with a comprehensive set of core competencies and technical skills they need in the business world. The partnership will also see participants gain leadership skills in competing training programs in the UK and Germany in partnership with reputable business schools and with Huawei support.

The new memorandum of understanding comes as part of du’s ongoing efforts to support the objectives of the UAE National Agenda, especially those related to the ongoing effort to improve the skills of local talent and prepare them for success in the labor market to ensure that they make valuable and tangible contributions to the local economy, whether through job roles they hold or projects leading businesses. The memorandum of understanding was signed on 18 April 2022 at du’s head office in Dubai in the presence of the CEOs of both companies.

Speaking about the objectives of the new program, Fahad Al-Hasawi, CEO of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, said: “After the exceptional successes achieved by the first edition of our joint training program over the past year, we are pleased to announce the to announce renewal. of our partnership with Huawei to offer a new package of programs and courses Competitive training for recent graduates and senior professionals, whereby we strive to provide participants with new and valuable experiences that enrich their knowledge and enable them to keep up keep up with the rapid transformations in our digital world, especially with the rise of emerging technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, big data and the fifth generation, whose positive impact in our societies and economies has begun to crystallize thanks to Based on our position as a leading national company in the field of information and communication technology, du recognizes the importance of investing in the workforce and local talents and enabling them to improve their skills and gain new experiences in the field of smart technologies that the parameters of the future will form, in line with objectives. of the UAE National Agenda.

The internship program offered by du in collaboration with Huawei offers a unique learning path that will support Emirati graduate students over a period of 6-8 months. This program enables participants to interact with business scenarios that simulate client requirements in business environments, both online and on-site, in addition to sharing cases, and to engage in practice-based training programs. The first learning phase will last for five months within the framework of a specialized technical program centered on 5G technology and its applications in business fields, in addition to basic knowledge in the field of information technology.

Huawei CEO Jerry Liu, for his part, said: “The ICT sector is expected to face significant challenges over the next decade, especially in terms of ways to achieve tangible successes during digital transformation journeys, usually through four phases go that include network-level transformation, enterprise-level transformation, streamlining operations and talent development. We have more than 14 years of strategic partnership with du, during which we were not only a provider of network solutions, but also a true partner in business, talent development and digital ecosystem improvement. Through the new MoU, we aim to support du in his efforts to develop local talent and prepare it for the digital future. ”

The second training phase of the program includes the participation of participants for five days in a special program to teach executive leadership skills in both the UK and Germany, in partnership with trusted business administration colleges and with the support of Huawei . Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the capabilities of 5G technology and its role in enhancing digital transformation journeys. In addition, the seven-month webinars by experts from the two companies will provide an overview of the use cases of emerging and advanced technologies across business sectors. Upon completion of the program tracks, participants will receive specialized certificates from Huawei in the field of cloud computing and the fifth generation, in addition to a general certificate for participation in the program.

Du and Huawei have a long history of leading partnerships in the field of ICT and network development. For the second consecutive year, the two companies continue to offer a leading training program in the sector, having last year organized the first joint training program for recent graduates in the field of technology, which focused on improving the skills of students in the fields of fifth generation technology and cloud computing. This year, several phases of this joint program will be launched, starting with the consultations related to the joint annual training plan, to support the efforts of the human resources department at du to improve the process of talent preparation and transformation to work te belyn. expectations with the most suitable and optimal learning paths. For UAE professionals working at du, the new programs will improve their skills and improve their knowledge and expertise regarding the latest ICT technologies such as 5G and cloud.


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