Dubai market rises for the third consecutive session. Abu Dhabi jumps above 10,000 points

26.5 billion dirhams gains in the Abu Dhabi market, supported by major stocks

Dubai market reaches its highest level since February 2017 with the support of banks’ shares

Green burdens the performance of the UAE financial markets with the start of the marathon for business results

The UAE financial markets continued to rise at the end of today’s session, to push the Abu Dhabi market up again, with the largest daily gains in two months, above 10 thousand points and close to 10 100 points with the support of major stocks , especially International Holding, which has risen to its highest levels ever, and the Dubai market has continued to rise. For the third session to reach its highest level in more than 5 years (February 2017), coinciding with the start of the company’s business results marathon in the first quarter of the year

UAE shares attracted a liquidity impulse during today’s trading, more than 2.21 billion dirhams, concentrated in 3 shares led by Global Holding.

record levels

In turn, Kamco Invest’s vice president of research and investment strategies, Raed Diab, said the capital market could record a remarkable rise, with the share of International Holding rising to new records, in addition to a few other leading stocks, while the Dubai market index managed to hit its highest levels.Since February 2017, with the rise in the financial and real estate sectors, Emirates NBD’s share has risen with an increase in its net profit of 18% for the first quarter of this year.

Diab added that optimism remains about the next phase in light of the expected listings, while maintaining good liquidity rates and additional flows, while investors await the appearance of more financial results for the listed companies for the first quarter of 2022 .

Diab indicated that there may be some fluctuations in the light of caution about the repercussions of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine on global economic growth, while concerns about high inflation rates remain in light of the significant rise in commodity prices, while oil prices continue. to maintain their closure above the level The 100 US dollars per barrel in the light of concerns about Russian supplies and the embargo that Europe can decide on Russian oil, the sharp decline in production in Libya and the decline in US stocks.

Abu Dhabi mark

The Abu Dhabi FTSE Securities Market Index continued to rise at the end of today’s session, rising by 1.257% to 10,088 points, supported by the leading stocks.

The value of trading in the Abu Dhabi market was 1.64 billion dirhams, while the trading volume was 239.93 million shares.

Global Holding shares led the rise in the Abu Dhabi market as it rose by 6.7% around the highest level ever, and the First Abu Dhabi share rose by 0.35% while Aldar Properties by 4 , 27% increased.

Alfa Abu Dhabi was up 0.37%, while Abu Dhabi Ports was up 2.98%, Ishraq was up 0.2%, Multiplay was up 1.12% and Taqa was up 0.75%.

While Abu Dhabi Islamic and Abu Dhabi Commercial decreased by 0.67% and 0.59% respectively.

Global Holding shares were at the top of the shares in terms of trading value, with about 389.606 million dirhams, followed by Aldar Properties with a value of 309.115 million dirhams, then First Abu Dhabi with a value of 251.791 million dirhams, while Aldar was the shares at the top the shares in terms of traded volumes with about 59.6 million shares.

The shares of 18 companies rose, while the shares of 20 companies fell, and the shares of 9 companies were stable.

The market value of the Abu Dhabi market at the end of today’s session recorded 1.937 trillion dirhams, compared to 1.9105 trillion dirhams in the last session, to earn 26.5 billion dirhams.

Market Dubai

At the end of today’s session, the Dubai Financial Market Index for the third session continued to rise by 0.39% at the level of 3662 points, reaching the highest level since February 2017, which coincides with the rise of 12 stocks , especially the shares of banks, with the start of the marathon to announce the results of companies’ business.

The value of trading on the Dubai Financial Market during today’s trading amounted to 577.18 million dirhams, with a trading volume of 276.01 million shares, through 8,171 thousand transactions.

The performance of the market came in conjunction with the rise in the banking sector index by 1.26%, while investment fell by 0.94%, while the real estate sector index fell by 0.66%.

The decline in real estate shares in the Dubai market dominated after the significant increases achieved by equities over the past two sessions, as Emaar Properties decreased by 0.47%, while Deyaar Development decreased by 2.63%, Union Properties decreased by 3% , and Emaar Development decreased by 0.78%.

The performance of the banking sector coincided with the rise of Dubai Islamic by 1.29%, while Emirates NBD rose by 1.35%, while Amlak rose by 7.43%, and Dubai Commercial by 1.01%.

The performance of the market came in conjunction with the increase of DEWA by 0.35% at the level of 2.85 dirhams.

Dubai Financial Market share fell 1.1% while Dubai Investments fell 1.19% while Shuaa rose 3.49% while Air Arabia rose 2.43%.

Emaar shares were at the top of the list in terms of trading value with 193.537 million dirhams, followed by Dewa shares with 76.924 million shares, while Amlak shares were at the top of the list in terms of trading volumes with 47.64 million shares.

During today’s trading, 12 stocks rose, 14 stocks fell and 5 stocks stabilized.

The market value of the Dubai Financial Market reached about 587.536 billion dirhams, compared to a value of 588.766 billion dirhams in the last session.

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