Engineer Ahmed Hussein: Modern luxury has been linked to “smart homes”

The concept of luxury in interior design, in the dictionary of Egyptian architect and decorator Ahmed Hussein, is the integration of advanced technology into homes, regardless of their style, along with natural materials and luxury collectibles. The designer of famous villas and palaces, as he is known in Egypt, says that “the head of any engineer is a permanent laboratory for the ideas he finds, during his day, his travels, and his extensive knowledge.” Decoration according to his personal design identity …
Your excellence in drawing has had a decisive impact on entering the field of engineering; Have you considered taking architecture as your major since your high school days?
Drawing has always fascinated me, but going to the Faculty of Architecture was not on my mind. During my high school years, I aspired to major in chemical engineering until I became a petroleum engineer. In my junior year in the Engineering Department, however, the instructor saw my drawings for the engineering drawing subject, and advised me to enter “Architecture” .. and that is how it happened. I can say that since my first lecture at the Faculty of Architecture I felt that I was in the right place. From then on, the journey began.

smart houses

A project from the work of Engineer Ahmed Hussein in the Kingdom of Spain

How do you define the concept of luxury in interior design? Is it limited to the use of precious materials in a project?
I see that luxury is linked to a luxury lifestyle that makes life easier for the residents, specifically with smart “homes” controlled by “mobile”. Then it plays the role of precious materials and the style that can be contemporary in the case of smart “houses” or even classic.

Is it possible to design a luxury living space using the principle of “less is more”, or require luxury to fill the architectural void with lots of furniture and accessories?
The Minimalist model corresponds to the luxury of high technology, although this flair is desired by a small group of people. Note that the living space, in this case, will look comfortable for nerves. On the other hand, the space is rich in collectibles and precious materials, originally imprinted with luxury, but the incorporation of technology in it, lets it go far in the direction of luxury in the way of life.

In the record of your projects, in the field of design, apartments and villas belonging to famous people in the Arab world; Is this group of people more demanding than others?
It all started by accidentally designing a house for a famous person in Egypt. Then friends and acquaintances of this character came and asked for the services of the company she founded, the rosary thought. What the majority of this group of people have in common is their pursuit of a comfortable, durable and easy-to-use home, to make up for the hours and days of constant obsession outside.


Marble is an engineer’s favorite material

What materials do you want to work on?
I love the natural materials with which the inhabitants interact, because they are “alive” and charged with energy, just like marble, wood and glass. It is noteworthy that marble will always remain a luxurious material. It is true that the manufactured materials eventually mimic natural stone, as well as modern porcelain, but I may use it in a commercial project that does not tolerate the presence of natural stone that requires constant maintenance, but in residential projects, marble is my preference, as I said.

My Design Identity

In terms of interior design models; It is well known that the preferences of the entrepreneur take precedence … However, does it attract you to work according to a certain “style”?
I do not instruct any client to choose any specific style for their home, but when I apply the latter, whatever it is, it is inevitable to place my touch, my design identity.

memoires …

Are there any ideas you have not yet implemented in any housing project? What are the ways that motivate you to renew your style?
I draw inspiration from everything that surrounds me, especially from the fashions of the people I meet in my diaries, and the materials and colors of clothing. For example: I might design a living room, influenced by the colors of a passerby in jeans, a white blouse, and camel-colored shoes. Looking at ordinary things gets another dimension in the eyes of the designer, who boils his head with thoughts, and accumulates in his load of “sketches” that can be developed and become the process of implementation. The designer’s head is a permanent laboratory for the ideas he finds, whether in his day, his travels, or his extensive knowledge. On the other hand, a designer who stays focused on his previous work stumbles.

A haven of luxury

The field of interior design is constantly changing, especially after the “Corona” epidemic, how do you keep up with the requirements of this world?
As a result of the epidemic, the house has become a place of relaxation and a refuge for its inhabitants, as it includes a gym, a cinema, and a “spa” … It is clear that house trips are only for necessity takes place, and that most of the activities take place in the dwelling, not in public spaces. The interior design keeps pace with everything.

What are your future plans?
I am implementing new projects outside of Egypt, having managed to connect a design work in the Kingdom of Spain.

Details of the villa project, in the Kingdom of Spain

in line …
Ahmed Hussein graduated from the Al-Shorouk Academy of Architectural Engineering in Egypt in 2008, and then directly founded his engineering and interior design company, focusing on luxury residential projects for Arab celebrities in Egypt and abroad.

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