Fouad Yammine excelled in acting. He has sparked controversy in Naqsht, Sahab, and My Beloved, and his wife is a well-known actress

Fouad Yammine, Lebanese actor, born on February 14, 1986. He began his artistic career at the age of thirteen. He became prominent in the field of acting and theater directing after graduating from Lebanese University.

Highlights of his career:

first short filmFouad Yamenkan is titled “Experience” and won more than one award in 2004.
Together with his brother Tony he formed the singing group “MEEN” and they produced a large number of their works, together with “Ralph Choueiri” (playing drums), “Makram Abul-Hassan” (bass) “Bernard Negm” ( keyboard) “Joseph Hammam” “(guitar).
He was able to embody the lives of Lebanese youth in different fields through the commercials in which he played, and he was the hero of a series of commercials.

career development

In 2012, he conveyed the ideas of the Lebanese through the satirical program, which he participated in the preparation and presentation on Al-Jadeed channel, titled Chi NN. He has participated with artist Karim Dakrub in many children’s plays and worked in the Lebanese Puppet Theater for over 10 years.
He went to work with the rest of the “Shein” team at the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation station, to present the “BBshi” program and also the “Take Me Out-Naqshat” program, after producer Rola Saad chose him to present the program, describes him as a comic character.

Fouad Yammam unleashed a huge media uproar after the role he played in his latest work“The Movie Friends and My Dearest”, was criticized by some followers for his role as a young man like me, but in return Fouad received great support from some followers and the artistic community that she mastered and dared to play this role interpreted faith.
The events revolve around a group of 7 friends who gather for dinner, and decide to play a game, where everyone places their cell phones on the dinner table, provided all new messages or calls are in the full view of everyone. And soon the game, which was initially fun and interesting, degenerates into an avalanche of scandals and secrets that no one, including close friends, knew.

“Naqsh” program

This was not the first time that Fouad Yammin had caused confusion in the artistic community.
When we talk about a right wing, a program comes to us quickly.engraved take me outTaken from its British version, shown on the Lebanese screen (LBCI), the program promotes the marriage of young men and women to each other in a modern way, and the program is a comedy.
The program is subject to much criticism and has been accused of distorting Lebanese women, of having no value to women, and of being a commodity for trade, but the program has achieved unexpected viewing figures, and it has the admiration of a large segment of followers.

all his work

That’s not all. Fouad has a wealth of art and many successes in television works, plays, films and albums, especially:
Fouad Yammine’s TV work: “Shein” (from 2011 to 2016) / “BBShi” (2016) / “Take Me Out-Naqshet” (2017) / The series “From the Other” (in 2020 ) / “Fassar” (in 2020).

Fouad Yammine’s films: “Khabariya” (2007) / “Your Home, My City” (2008) / “Dukhan Without Fire” (2009) / “Wala Lewin” (2011) / “Vitamin” Movie (2014) / ” The Second Lady ”movie (2015) /“ Bingo ”movie (2016) /“ Insult ”movie (2016) /“ Yalla Abakalun Shabab ”movie (2016) / The movie” Cash Flow 2 “(2016) / Friends or Dear ( 2022).

Fouad Yammine’s albums: “Rashini Bel Kalash” (2016) / “Arousa Beksin” album (2011) “Live” album 2009 / “Mni L Manjam 3al Marreekh” album 2009 / “Album” Teer w 3aleh ya balon ”(2009) /“ La Gebran – Kadar L a7rar ”(2007) /“ Yalla nerqoud ”(2007) /“ Ma3 Meen ”(2006) /“ Bandoura compilation ”2006 / Album“ Kamlo L7arb ”(2005) ).

Fouad Yammine’s plays: “Majnoun Laila” (2018) / “Haki Rijal” (2018) / “King Lear” (2016) / “The Cherry Orchard” (2016) / The play “A lot of great movie “(2008).

his married life:

He married actress Serena Al-Shami in 2016 and had a son named “Waseem”, Fouad and Serena are a duo working in the artistic field.
Fouad said she understands his professional language and they share the same concerns, and it feeds their relationship and lets them know how to listen to each other.The core of it is text, directing and acting.

Things that affected Fouad Yameen:

After his work with the “Smile” association, Fouad was affected by cancer patients, especially children. Fouad has spoken in previous interviews on the issue, saying he believes the joy he brings to the hearts of children with cancer makes him feel his humanity: “This activity reminds us of our humanity, which means I am still a man is, not a machine. ” I’ve been involved with “Smile” since 2008 and it’s a wonderful experience. The idea of ​​the activities is to spend between 5 and 10 minutes changing the atmosphere for children with cancer, as we open a window for these children to see life. “

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