Google employees bombard CEOs with pay at company meeting | technology

Google executives have been met with a barrage of questions and criticism from employees about salaries, and officials have defended the company’s competitiveness, according to a recent comprehensive meeting, according to CNBC.

The company-wide online meeting took place earlier this March, following the results of an internal survey released, which showed that an increasing number of employees do not view their salaries as fair or competitive with other competing companies.

During the meeting, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and other senior executives, read out the top questions from Dory, an internal website where Google employees write their questions on it and questions that need to go to management are voted on by their colleagues.

The questions that received the highest ratings from employees before the March meeting centered on salaries and increases.

Pichai read aloud a question that received the highest ratings from employees: “The salary survey conducted among employees showed the largest decrease from last year, what is your understanding of the reason for this?”

According to the survey results cited in the question, only 46% of the respondents said that their overall salaries are competitive as compared to similar positions in other companies.

Brett Hill was the first to respond. Hale is Google’s vice president of Total Rewards, which refers to salary packages.

“There are some private economic reasons involved,” Hill said. “It’s a very competitive market and you might hear stories about colleagues getting better deals from other companies.”

Engineers have long considered Google the place to go in Silicon Valley for the highest pay and benefits.

However, the company faces a clear challenge in its efforts to maintain this situation, as the high inflation rates and the decline in technology stocks over the past four months – even after the big rise last year – put employees in a state of nervousness left it.

In a statement to CNBC, a Google spokesperson said the employees are well paid and that the company appreciates the feedback on this matter.

“We know our employees have a lot of choices about where they work, so we ensure they are paid very well,” a company spokesman said. “That’s why we have always offered the highest benefits package in the market in terms of salary, equity, holidays and a myriad of benefits.” “.

Retention and employee satisfaction are more important than ever for Google and its peers in the industry, as record numbers of people in the United States leave their jobs and explore new opportunities.

Google is also about to send most of its employees back to physical offices at least 3 days a week, which adds another incentive for workers as they consider work in the future.

There is a list of 81 companies with which Google typically competes for talent, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft (The New York Times)

Salaries are still a priority

One of the top-rated questions read at the Google conference referred to Amazon, which increased the salaries of its employees, pointing out that the e-commerce company said it would double its maximum basic salary for corporate workers, with reference to the competitive labor market. (Apple pays more for its employees in incentives to own restricted stock units, then inquires about the steps Google is taking in this area.

Hill, who joined the company in 2021 after 15 years at Amazon, said there is a list of 81 companies with which Google typically competes for talent, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.

These are the places where Google finds talent, and these are also the places where its employees go when they leave, he said. Hill noted, Google pays on average 5% to 10% higher than the market.

“We are already comparing favorably with these companies,” Hill added. “We can rent from them. We will make changes when needed.”

Pichai agreed with Hill, saying, “One thing I would add, for any particular company, we look very seriously at seeing and comparing the complete packages with individuals, not just salary.” He added that Google “is doing very positively compared to almost all companies”.

The employees are not convinced

Based on the other questions, employees are not convinced by Google’s comparison with other companies, Pichai reads, “Google employee results show a 10-point decrease in our annual wage figures that are competitive with other companies, while leadership still says we pay the highest value in the market Is it time to remove low-wage companies like Walmart from our standards and adjust employees’ wages accordingly? “This trend is of concern to us and we are keeping a close eye on it,” Hill replied.

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