In numbers .. waste of public money and corruption in the final account of the Sisi government in 2021

In numbers .. waste of public money and corruption in the final account of the Sisi government in 2021

Despite the billions of dollars and international, regional and Gulf aid that Egypt has received since the military coup in 2013, to protect the military regime, which is large funds estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars, its economic and social yields below par, as evidenced by the country’s ongoing economic crises, the worsening of debt and loans, and Egypt’s bankruptcy, Debt and its services exceeded about 89% of gross national product.

This economic disaster represents a betrayal of the Egyptians implied for the coming mountains, and Sisi and his regime adopted corruption and waste of public money as a way of governing Egypt, exacerbating the economic and social collapse in the country has.

The final report of the Egyptian general budget, which ended in June 2021, revealed many aspects of strategic corruption, providing a glaring example of corruption and administrative and political failure in the management of Egypt’s affairs.

Testimony of the people of Sisi

During the discussion of the state’s final account for the past year, the House of Representatives witnessed many discussions, which revealed the extent of major corruption in the management of the Egyptian state’s coffers, and the corruption of the Sisi- regime confirmed.

Where the Planning and Budget Committee of the House of Representatives has made a number of criticisms and comments on the report of the final account of the state’s general budget and the budgets of economic bodies for the financial year ending 30 June.

The committee called for the amalgamation of a number of ministries and the abolition of others, in addition to the amalgamation of a number of economic agencies (53 agencies) with services (161 agencies) to rationalize spending and prevent conflict between them, explaining that the presence of a large number of ministries within the government can hinder the reform process, emphasizing the obligation not to pay salaries that exceed the maximum wage for government employees.

And based on the reports of the Central Audit Organization on the budgets of the various authorities and bodies.

Waste of grants and loans

An example of this, according to the plan and budget report, is the $ 500 million loan signed in August 2019 between the government and the World Bank to develop Upper Egypt, especially the governors of Qena and Sohag.

The loan, which was to be paid out in installments to Egypt until 2021, was only paid out until June 30, the value of employees’ salaries, and the purchase of luxury cars for officials in the two governors, which led to the state paying the burden of the payment of the value of commitment commissions on the amounts not paid out on time.

The data revealed the payment of 16 million pounds’ salaries to the workers in the co-ordinating office supervising the project, although nothing was implemented from the project, apart from one million and 300 thousand pounds in the value of travel tickets and hotel bookings , in addition to five million pounds in the value of operating expenses without specifying what it is, and two million and 500 a thousand pounds, the value of the purchase of furniture and office equipment, in addition to the purchase of luxury cars for some officials in the two governors, despite the previous purchase of a number of cars for the same officials, within a short period of time.

The committee explained that the cars purchased for officials in Sohag governor in; 4 Toyota Corolla cars for the Secretary-General and Assistant in the Governor’s Office, worth £ 2 million during the financial year ending June 2021, in addition to a Mercedes E300 car worth £ 1 million and £ 900 thousand during the financial year ending 30 June. , 2020, and a BMW car with 740 thousand pounds before 30 June 2017, with a total of five Million and 300 thousand pounds.

As for the cars purchased from the loan funds of Qena Governorate, the committee set their value at seven million and 500 thousand pounds, represented by; A Mercedes E200 car worth one million and 500 thousand pounds during the financial year ending in June 2020, along with four cars represented during 2018 in; Jeep Ranger “four-wheel drive” at one million and 900 thousand pounds, another Mercedes E180 with one million and 400 thousand pounds, and the third Grand Cherokee with one million and 300 thousand pounds, in addition to a Peugeot with 940 thousand pounds.

Meanwhile, the Central Audit Organization’s reports have revealed similar facts in a number of projects to establish and renew sewer and drinking water networks in different governors, and to build metro lines.

Ministries have two budgets

The observations of the Planning and Budget Committee also criticized the continued inclusion in the structure of the state’s general budget of general offices of some ministries that have two budgets contrary to the principle of unity and comprehensiveness of the budget system, which ‘ set an example. in the Ministries of Social Solidarity (Insurance – Social Affairs) and Higher Education (General Office of the Ministry of Higher Education – Minister’s Office The State for Scientific Research Affairs), Housing (Housing – Urban Communities) and Transport (Transport – Maritime Transport) , in addition to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Manipulation of money in ministries

The Planning and Budget Committee also criticized the inaccuracy of the estimates of the general budget items, after the Central Audit Organization’s reports monitored the non-payment of the amounts fully included in the budget in many bodies, such as the inclusion in the budget of 340.4 billion pounds for wages and compensation, while the final account revealed that the actual expenditure is 318.8 Only a billion pounds of it.

These numbers and the mountains of corruption that are increasing day by day confirm that the Sisi government and its regime are based on corruption and waste of public money, at a time when the national debt has reached 5547 billion pounds, according to representative Diaa El – Din Daoud, who confirmed that the case is catastrophic.

As 51% of the total budget goes to the payment of debt interest, indicating that there are 7,200 special funds affiliated with a number of government agencies, most of which violate the constitution and the law, in addition to a large number of advisers .

Oddly enough, despite the amount of major corruption in the budget, the council announced the budget and the Minister of Finance undertook to implement the observations, and of course without punishing those responsible for this, as Egypt during the era plunged into the sea of ​​corruption. of Sisi, who arrested the head of the Central Audit Organization, Hisham Geneina, when he spoke about the corruption of the Sisi regime And the sovereign bodies and agencies of the Sisi era, which amounted to 600 billion pounds in just one year .

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