Is Obama’s return to the White House enough with Biden ahead of the US midterm elections? – The Independent

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Obama returns to the White House for a health care event for the first time in five years

We start the British press from an article by Holly Baxter in The Independent Online, entitled “Obama returns to the White House with Biden, fan service friendship. But is that enough”?

“People have fallen so in love with the Obama-Biden friendship. Stories about the seemingly adorable duo have been posted everywhere. Harper’s Bazaar has published a 21-page book on the ‘epic romance’ of Barack and Joe, outlining golf journeys, lunches are shared, To attend basketball games together and have a tight hug after winning a second term.

The author believes that “there is something truly poignant about friendship. When Obama surprised Biden with the 2017 Presidential Medal of Freedom, Biden became overwhelmed with emotion. Biden is the kind of man for whom America really means everything, a “man who spent most of his life between Scranton, Delaware, DC. Obama gave him the best gift he could get until the country did a better job and of course elected him president.”

“Obama, however, was mostly silent during Biden’s presidential election, and had him endorse as he was debating fellow Democrats. The world is thirsty for more of the old friendship. And this week, Uncle Joe and Barack have some offered support services, “the author notes.

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