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The European continent in particular, and the world in general, has been experiencing an unprecedented situation since World War II. For the first time in 77 years, one country launched an attack on another country in the old continent, which I thought was saying goodbye to the era of bloody fierce fighting between countries forever.

Russia is entering Ukraine, and Europe is trembling for the danger coming from the east, seeking to significantly increase its defenses to face the Russian threat; Maybe that was the main title of the whole stage.

In this war, the tank weapon was one of the main weapons used by the Russian army in its war against Ukraine, and it is no wonder, Russia has more than 13 thousand and 300 tanks, about 20 thousand armored combat vehicles and almost 6 thousand artillery pieces as I mentioned The “I News” platform in a recent report.

To confront this danger, you need a qualitative weapon to be able to stop it and reduce this tactical advantage possessed by the invading army, and to restore the balance of power; Here emerges a weapon specifically designed to snipe and destroy tanks. This weapon is a new generation of light anti-tank weapons manufactured by the Swedish company SAAB, which has launched. it has a name Anlo (New generation light anti-tank weapon [NLAW]).

Production of this weapon began in the United Kingdom in 2002, in collaboration between the Swedish company and the British Army, which selected the Saab company to manufacture it, given its previous experience in the production of portable tank weapons. .

In 1999, Bofors, a company acquired by Saab, developed a new portable anti-tank weapon for the Swedish mechanized infantry, which at the time lacked both tanks and anti-tank weapons.

The system referred to as “MBT LAW” quickly gained the attention of the British Ministry of Defense, which had signed a contract with the Swedish company to manufacture the new weapon more advanced than the previous system, which under the name ” Anlo “(NLAW) came. ) in 2002, according to what the “military-today” platform recently reported.

Since then, this new system has acquired many countries in the world and introduced it to their defense system, including – in addition to Sweden and the United Kingdom – Finland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Switzerland and Luxembourg, and the Ukrainian army has recently been provided. with it to the large-scale military support campaign it receives from Western countries to confront the Russian army.

Here we present to you 5 facts you may not know about this deadly weapon, as mentioned on the website of the Saab company that manufactures the weapon.

One soldier is enough

A very light weapon, weighing only 12.5 kg, is carried on the shoulder and can be used by a single operator, and its armored penetrating warhead is capable of destroying a modern, heavily armored combat tank with just one shot. , and the system is effective at a distance of 20 to 800 meters.

“This combination of flexibility, ease of movement and high destructiveness has changed the rules of the game forever,” says Lars Organ Hofbrandt, sales manager at Swedish arms manufacturer Saab. Previously, “You can only train one soldier to use the system in an hour, and then that soldier just has to lie behind any rock, tree or house and wait for the tank to come, destroy it immediately and then move around the to hunt next tank. “

And Hofbrandt explains: “In the past it was possible to locate and destroy the tank-destroying factions, but now with this new weapon it is very difficult – if not impossible – to locate the soldier who has the weapon on his shoulder. carry and move easily and quickly from one place to another, it is a very difficult threat. Detection, more deadly, and able to stop enemy tanks easily. “

The new weapon is not based on a target search system, but rather relies on “predictive signaling technology” (Getty Images)

Advanced technology that hits the target accurately

One of the major challenges facing tank weapons in difficult and complex environments and terrain was the ability to hit the target accurately in the presence of natural obstacles, heat sources, power lines and other vehicle movements on the battlefield.

But with “Anlo” it is not necessary, as this new weapon does not rely on the target search system, but rather is the only one that relies on “predictive signaling technology” that includes magnetic and optical sensors. able to determine the target accurately. , where the system calculates the distance to the target and the speed of its movement, and the soldier only needs to follow this tank for a few seconds before firing, so that the system does the rest and the tank until it is completely destroyed.

Predictive Line of Sight (PLOS) technology is a method of hitting moving targets, by tracking the target for a short period of time (3-5 seconds), during which data is collected in the launcher’s program, which results in a prediction of the path needed to intercept the moving target.

The missile’s trajectory is drawn taking into account all terrain when it launches, and it uses an autonomous flight navigation system, in which the target is hit either by direct target or by activating the explosion of the warhead.

For example, in the case of a tank hiding behind a wall, the missile can fly and explode directly above it, as the upper armor of the tank is very thin, so is the possibility to deactivate the personnel of the hiding tank or to injure. very high.

Huffbrandt explains: “Suppose you are in a complex area where a number of vehicles were hit and you have a burning vehicle in front of you 50 meters away, and the real target is 150 meters away. Then he starts looking for the target until he finds it and destroys it. “

This technology is mainly used in military operations, but it has recently started to be used in self-driving car systems, where this algorithm outlines the trajectory of the car, with some modifications to the criteria and objectives.

no place to hide

While many other tank missiles need sufficient space to take off before launching an overhead attack on the enemy tank, the ability to soar at the “Anlo” is effective at a distance of 20 meters which kills it in the short term. even when the enemy tank is hiding under Shelter, the missile flies about a meter above the tank before launching its devastating attack on it, and the system is very effective in situations where the operator only a small part of the tank’s surface can see.

“If the tank is almost completely hidden with only an antenna visible to it, the operating soldier must target this very small visible part of the hiding tank to shoot, and the missile will do the rest, flying about one meter from the line of sight before removing the tank from the battlefield.

The Ukrainian army was provided with “Anlo” following the extensive military support it received from Western countries to confront the Russian army (Reuters)

Active from anywhere, day or night

Previous anti-tank weapons and armor required a certain amount of space to work, and an open environment. But with this system, the picture changed completely. Because of its lightness, flexibility and the need for only one operator, it is capable of attacking enemy tanks from anywhere: from the roof of a building, from behind a tree, or from inside a hole, and it can also safely fire from inside places, closed, such as rooms, even in the presence of soldiers or other people.

“You can be anywhere. You can shoot at an angle of 45 degrees, you can shoot from inside a building or from the basement or from the second floor or from anywhere. The system is just as effective day. or night, “Hofbrandt says.

Destroy different targets

It is a weapon dedicated to snip tanks, but it is also effective against a range of other targets such as trucks, buses and even helicopters, and another important feature is the fast response time.

“For a trained soldier, it only takes 5 or 6 seconds to transfer the weapon from hand to shoulder, aim and fire, and the missile can cover 400 meters in less than two seconds, which is very fast,” says Hofbrandt.

Saab .. From the aircraft industry to cars to bankruptcy

It should still be mentioned about the history of the Saab company that manufactured this deadly weapon, as the company is widely known in the world as a car manufacturer, but the fact is that it was founded in 1937 for the specific purpose of construction and manufacturing warplanes for the Swedish Air Force, and with the impending war From its end, the company began looking for new markets and ideas to expand, as in 1945 it began manufacturing the first car of its manufacture, a type Saab 92 which until light in 1949, and before long, the cars manufactured by this company became famous in various parts of the world. As recently reported by TopSpeed.

In December 1989, General Motors announced that it had bought 50% of Saab shares for $ 600 million with an option to acquire the rest of the shares. Audi, but GM wanted it to be just another subsidiary of its car dealer Be Europe.

With the major financial problems that General Motors experienced, the company announced the sale of the Saab brand to the Dutch company Spyker in 2010, which was also unsuccessful in getting Saab back on track, as Saab declared bankruptcy in 2011. has.

The Dutch company’s board has said that China’s Youngman Group has announced that it will withdraw its plans to invest in SABB, and that the bankruptcy application is in the best interests of its creditors.

The crucial element in Youngman’s decision was the announcement by General Motors, the former owner of Saab, that he would not allow his technology used in Saab to be sold to Chinese investors.

The company has completely stopped manufacturing cars since 2012, after auto parts companies stopped supplying them due to non-payment of the necessary financial compensation.

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