Lakers remove coach Frank Vogel, who won the title after 3 seasons

Augusta, USA: The Masters’ hosts fill every nook and cranny around the 18th green and wait for the man in red to appear.

An attraction that Tiger Woods is all too familiar with on Augusta National’s many Sundays, but it’s different.

It was hot in East Georgia, and the sun was not even three o’clock in the evening. On the adjacent first hole, leader Scotty Scheffler and his closest follower Cameron Smith joined the final team.

Woods leaned limply and climbed the steep hill that led to the green, while fans slowly rose as they saluted the fantastic return that was not a fairytale weekend building.

“Way to hang out there, tiger!” A man standing behind the crowd unbuckled his belt.

From a strict golf point of view, this is not the forest that many will remember. The guy who has won five green jackets over the last three years even if he does not shoot again, he will always be one of the best players in the game. (Do not worry, it’s not over.)

That Woods, who may have been lost in the horrific car accident 14 months ago, stumbled on his reconstructed right leg and finished with 78 throws, the worst result of his career.

He had to take a left-handed swing after hitting his ball next to an azalea, on pine straw behind the green, in 13th place.

When Woods returned from competitive golf for the first time in more than 500 days, his body was empty after being charged with 71 on Thursday.

He scored 74 points on Friday, confirming his 22nd straight cut in the Masters Tournament.

Nothing in the bath for the weekend.

It was a happy experience, however, and although Woods clearly did not come close to winning his sixth green jacket, he did not regret it.

“This game is very important for me and my family,” Woods said. “This is where the best champions have ever played. They walked on these stadiums.

Woods getting back on the curriculum – for four days, no less – was an achievement.

After breaking it in February 2021, doctors told Wood his broken right leg needed to be amputated. They managed to save her, but he was in the hospital for three months. It still has screws and rods that hold the legs in place.

Woods walked the Augusta National Trail with slack, becoming more conspicuous, and sometimes helping to get around by using the cane as a cane.

More importantly, he could not bend over to read the candy in the sly green Augusta leaves, which explains why his star touched the short wand as if he had dropped it over the weekend.

But aside from all the games he has won – especially those 15 major tournaments – it felt like his greatest achievement in golf.

“Because he did not win an event, yes, yes, without a doubt,” Woods said. “I think people do not really understand. People close to me understand. They saw him. Some guys close to me have seen it, seen photos and things I have to put up with. They value it more than others, because they know what it takes to do it. ”

Although Woods is certain of the end of his career at the age of 46, everyone is aware of how much importance Woods puts at stake.

“You pull hard on him,” said Harold Warner III, who, along with Woods and Cameron Sam, won the first Masters with three black players. “Of course he is excellent in the game. If it was there, we would have made a lot of money.

Woods told Sky Sports he plans to play at the British Open in St Andrews in July. He did not know about the following two majors: the PGA Championship and the U.S. Open on May 19-22 in Southern Hills or Brooklyn in June.

“It’s going to be a big event,” Woods told Sky. “But I’m looking forward to St. Andrews.” This is something that is close to my heart. I won two holes there, which is the golf course. This is my favorite golf course in the world, so I’ll be there.

“Let’s see you on the road,” Joe shouted at Power over the box in front of members of the media who had gathered outside the club and were waiting to speak to his boss.

Elsewhere, Woods plans to speed up his recovery so his body has a better chance of enduring more than four difficult days.

“We are excited about the future prospects, training, going into that gym and doing some other things to strengthen my legs, which we could not do because it needed more time to heal,” he said. he said. She said. “I think it will take another two days to heal after that, but we will be back after that.”

As Woods spoke, a roar erupted as if coming from a corner of Amen.

Woods loves that roar. Unheard of since his victory in 2019. The following year, the match was held in November without any fans due to the pandemic. Last year, of course, it was from Woods’ head to play golf.

“It’s exciting,” he said. It’s inspiring. ” “Listening to the roar is fun.”

Woods hopes to create more.

On Sunday, he had to content himself with another shot of joy after hitting a short putt on the 18th hole for a 13-innings of 301 – his worst performance as a professional with eight strokes.

Woods finished 23 strokes behind Scheffler, who won his first major title. This is consistent with the biggest difference between a winner and Woods at any major tournament, which previously took place when Rory McIlroy was thrown out at the 2014 British Open.

He managed his biggest Masters victory, which was 19 strokes behind Dustin Johnson when Woods was the champion two years ago.

When Woods took off his hat and went to the club, the crowd of 18 people began to disperse.

It’s time to dump her and move on.

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