Love is the opium of men

When we explore most of the love stories, we find that almost everyone often has a sad and tragic ending. It becomes even more surprising, when we realize that these love stories of honesty, purity and power were in one place.

Meaning, does it have anything to do with the nature of the emotion of love, since it is beautiful and charming in its beginning, and cunning and treacherous at its ends? This leaves us with Mahmoud Darwish asking: Is not love our true lie?

Most of those who loved deeply could not win their loved ones, therefore they died of sadness, sadness, sadness and longing. Their names are on every tongue: Majnun Laila, Jamil Buthaina, Antara bin Shaddad, Romeo and Juliet … etc. The reality is that if these lovers were destined to succeed in their stories and meet their loved ones, they would not write a letter, and they would not leave us a line of what we read in their letters today, poems, thoughts and biographies.

After their failure in love, they had nothing left of anise or support other than to write, to empty the excess of their bruised feelings, pain, and underlying worries. Writing for them was the only comfort, after the failure, betrayal, defeat and loneliness that struck them. This is what was written earlier – today – through writing.

It is true that the scenarios and contexts of love stories differ from one person to another, for whom and about whom we have read; But what unites them is the abundance of feelings, sincerity of love and its purity, far from the pragmatic and sexual intentions that permeate this generation. They were very much in love, so their endings were so tragic and sad, just so exaggerated. Some of them went mad, some committed suicide, and others hid in isolation and isolation from the world, and they became extremely pessimistic, in everything related to women and love. So, Ali bin Abi Talib was right when he said, “Love modesty and hate modesty,” and one of them also said: Do not exaggerate in love and do not go too deep, because the degree of your depth today is the level of your wound and disappointment tomorrow.

Regardless of the loved ones’ disappointment, and the psychological anguish they suffered due to their failed emotional experiences, what they gained was that they made glory and immortality for themselves among the “heroes and greats of history”, along with military and political leaders. I remember in this context that I presented this idea to one of the women and quoted Qais (Majnoun Laila), and the irony here is that the answer of this woman who is supposed to sympathize with Qais because he went crazy because of her generation, she mocked him and said: I see no great action in it. Crazy enough!

There is a philosophical problem that love carries with it: Why does love include the logic of dualities: joy / sadness, illness / medicine, encounter / absence, joy / tears, … etc. Why then do we become more sad when we fall in love, when we are expected to be happy? When we think a little, we find that what explains these negative feelings is our fear of losing and abandoning those we love, not to mention that we become dictators and selfish and increase our pride in those we love. love. torture themselves. And love hurts when it infiltrates some relationships and spoils it, and it happens when love is one-sided, and the other waits for action, behavior, and attention that is not important to the other.

The philosopher Schopenhauer, a philosopher who is hostile to love and women in general, sees that we are usually deceived in love, it is not us who choose who we love, but nature who takes care of it according to the need for suitable offspring. Bouton explains in his book Consolations of Philosophy this issue, when for example we do not get a tall man or a nose, accompanied by a woman with the same characteristics. And when we say that marriage is the “cemetery of love”, we remember – again – Schopenhauer, who claims that love is a trick and a trick of nature, to capture man and reproduce through marriage. to drag; For it realizes, according to Schopenhauer, that man is too wise to voluntarily go through the difficulty of reproduction if there was no temptation so strong that he would make his head lose. Love exists to lose our mind. And that’s all there is to it. ”

Love was present along with politics in making history and directing historical events.The Roman emperor Nero was associated with a woman named Poppea Sabin, who allegedly “had an abundant share of everything but honor”; However, this woman refused to be his mistress unless he divorced his first wife (Claudia Accti), a case that the mother opposed with her trick, but Popia was the most malicious as she made Nero hate his mother until he killed her.

In the time of the Mamluks, the star of Shajarat al-Durr, who married al-Muizz Aibak, rose after the death of her good husband Najm al-Din, and took control of him and the whole state and the became ruler through him.

Love also played a role in the state of weakness in Andalusia, where women dominated the kings of cults giving in to promiscuity, vigilance and pleasure. The Granada community was also divided into two parts, when (Soraya) took control of the heart of Sultan Abi al-Hassan and tempted him against his first wife (Aisha al-Hurra) and his son, and tried to clear the air has so that her son could take over the power.

Perhaps the follower of the Turkish drama will conclude by forming a gloomy picture of love. It spreads strife in the family to stability, separation and loss to unity and encounter, and the brother is hostile to his brother, so there is rivalry and strife between them, and because of love friendship becomes regardless, and the lover sleeps in his brother. bed restless and restless …

Love transfers the lover from the subject and the subject, to the square of the object and the dependent, given that the subject and the subject are the lover, the lover, or … Therefore the reality in love seems like a drowning person trying cling to the slightest thing that can save him from drowning, as well as the lover can do anything in The way to meet the woman he loves. Is not that what the Turkish series portrays us on our Arab screens in the mornings and evenings? It is therefore no coincidence that these series are titled with exciting titles such as: Blind Love, Black Love, Forbidden Love, Forgive Me … There is complete harmony and harmony between the signifier and the signified.

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