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Pep Guardiola and Lionel Messi will be on a date with a unique confrontation after Messi’s move to Paris Saint-Germain, which faces Manchester City (Tuesday, 28 September 2021) in the Champions League in the “Parc des Princes” stare. The two men will meet face to face again, and the moment of handshake between them will be like turning back the clock, when Barcelona led by Guardiola and Messi dominated the world and the most beautiful pages of football between 2008 and Wrote in 2012.

Guardiola, who has been in charge of City since 2016, has never hidden his admiration for Messi, who he considers “the best player in history.” He tried to sign him more than once, and the last of these attempts was this summer, but his attempt. was unsuccessful. These two great symbols in the world of modern football have created a sophisticated and dominant football model in an unprecedented way in history, called “Tiki Taka”, and this was a major reason for Barcelona’s dominance of the game, Spain and then Europe.

During his stay at Messi, Guardiola won 14 titles in four years at the Catalan club, including two titles in the European Champions League (2009 and 2011), a title he later could not achieve without Messi. As far as Messi is concerned, under the guidance of the Spanish coach, he achieved his most prominent individual and collective achievements, winning the Golden Ball three times (2009, 2010 and 2011) and the Golden Shoe twice (2010 and 2012).

After Guardiola’s departure from Barcelona in 2012, after a period that saw Messi’s transformation from a great talent to the best player in the world, he faced the Catalan club for the first time in the Champions League semi-final in 2015. . Barcelona beat Bayern Munich. , led by Guardiola along with 5-3, on track to win the title. Messi made a show for history in which he scored two late goals during the 3-0 victory over the German team in the first leg at the Camp Nou.

And the only other time they met was in the group stage in 2016, after Guardiola’s arrival in “Man City”. Messi scored a hat-trick to lead Barcelona to a 4-0 win at Camp Nou, and then gave his side the lead in Manchester, but City won the match 3-1.. While the world’s eyes are still focused on the extent of the change that will affect Paris Saint-Germain’s results in Europe after Messi signed a free deal, Guardiola will continue to lament his failure to reunite with Argentina in his quest to lead City to the European title for the first time in its history.

Pep indicated the team’s need for a goal scorer, saying: “What the club needs in the coming years is a goal scorer. When that is not possible, that’s how it is. We continue to work with the wonderful team we have.“.

Unlike City, PSG have had excellent attacking keys, led by French star Kylian Mbappe, who has been above France’s points list for the past three seasons.. Messi left Barcelona and is the club’s top scorer of all time with 672 goals in 778 matches. But off the field, the relationship between Messi and Guardiola was not always smooth.

and back first incident Until 2009, a few months after Guardiola arrived at Blaugrana. After Barcelona won six titles in 15 months, and while Pep was sitting in the bus to transport the team, he received a text message from Leo, then 22, and sat behind Guardiola with a few seats, in which the Argentine said “I see I’m not that important to the team anymore.”“.

Messi, known for his shyness, found no other way to express his annoyance with the Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic joining the team, and instead of direct confrontation, he preferred to express his feelings through of text messages, as revealed by the book “Messi Mystery”, which was launched in 2013, which revealed “text messages”, which caused the break in the relationship between the two men. A few days later, Guardiola calmed the frightened souls during a press conference: “Leo, we have to make sure he always plays. Nothing we achieve would be possible without him. It is indisputable to us. ““.

second storm I arrived in September 2011. Pep decided to start with Messi on the bench in the match against his host Real Sociedad in the Spanish League, which ended in a draw (2-2), while the No. 10 ”has just returned from his participation with his country. Messi could not “digest” Guardiola’s decision. He was pushed off the bench thirty minutes before the end of the game and could not make the difference to change the end result, so he expressed his indignation by refusing to talk to his coach for days. After the incident, Guardiola Messi did not leave the bench again, but the relationship between the two men cracked..

“Leo, you have to talk to him a little bit, listen a little bit to what he says, and above all you should never take him off the field, not even at the end of the game to warmly welcome him,” he said. Guardiola said. the time. Guardiola said in 2014 that “every time he left Messi on the bench, it caused a scandal.”“.

The same incident happened seven years later When Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino decided 14 minutes before the end of the match to replace Messi with Moroccan Achraf Hakimi, which led to clear annoyance for the best player in the world six times, he refused to shake his coach’s hand. when he left the field..

In 2015, Messi confirmed that he “has not had a relationship with Pep since his departure from Barcelona.” This statement was made three years after Guardiola left Camp Now. The Argentine did not attend Guardiola’s farewell party, and he returned the reason he was very moved to appear in front of the media, while his colleagues such as Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and others were present at the farewell conference..

The press at the time interpreted this absence as further evidence of the divorce between the two men, who will find themselves far from the memory of their years in Barcelona for the first time on Tuesday. In general, no one knows how Messi plays more than Guardiola, but it is also an established fact that Guardiola knows very well that no one can stop Messi when he is in his day..


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