Mona My Experiences: The challenge, will and stalemate of launching brands

The challenge is the title of the beginning and a look at the birth of an idea for change and construction under difficult economic and social conditions, coinciding with the Corona pandemic, which caused far-reaching closures affecting people’s lives, feelings and aspirations for the future.

The state of stalemate has put entrepreneur and social influencer Mona Suleiman, known as “Muna My Experiences”, in a state of thinking and brainstorming, backed by challenge and the will to go out to construction and continue to be herself, to give her family and her. community by establishing its own project that is not affected by global crises in the light of technical development and trade e.

In her interview with Al-Rou’a, “My Experiences” said that in the first months of the Corona crisis, she was concerned about the deterioration of conditions at all social and economic levels and communication with people, and therefore she started seriously think. about launching her project and her brand in a field she did not specify at the time, and not She had no idea what kind of business she could run and succeed in, but she pursued her ambition based on the will to change in the blink of an eye.

Spiritual support of the man

Suleiman consulted her husband, who gave her full moral support and encouraged her in her pursuit to start inquiring at her acquaintances with business owners about how to make a brand, but she did not reach a paved path not, until she used the search engine and typed “how to make a brand”, to receive dozens of options to trade with international companies to manufacture thousands of products in many fields, and here Mona has a form on these sites had that she provided her phone number to one of the sites specializing in the manufacture of cosmetics and accessories for women, which is the closest field to her.

My experiences ignored the matter for a few weeks, only to be surprised by the presence of a message via WhatsApp from international companies specializing in the manufacture of “eyelashes” and some beauty products, to have a conversation about the products and to start their quality, and requested a sample of raw materials and a number of models, to decide to produce 4 models that I mentioned “Gala, Haya, Mona, and My Experiences sold 200 products locally, a step that changed her life in the blink of an eye, calling her brand “Blink”.

Sell ​​via social media

She added that the quantity was sold within one month by social media platforms, which forced her to think of another product offered by the same company, namely the eyeliner pen, to request a quantity from the manufacturers , to search for other sites that offer other cosmetic products.

She explained that this development in the business lasted for several months and she communicated with companies to request samples and evaluate their quality, until at the beginning of 2021 they approved 4 types of cosmetic products and it at the Florence center displayed. Kalba City in the Emirate of Sharjah, after life has started to return to normal, which is the stage where you have started making gradual gains.

Eye on the world

She pointed out that with this gradual development in business and with a private label, it began to take its place in the local market, and it inspired the importance of entering the markets through trade shows of cosmetic products presented to international brands, so one of the exhibits at Al-Manar Mall gave it the opportunity to showcase its products. In March 2021, however, she saw the need to increase the number of products, to communicate with international companies and to define a group of items until the number reaches 8 products, so that the first exhibition stall for “Blink” products at the Beauty Couture exhibition in Al-Manar Mall has opened.

She said the UAE is an attractive and fruitful market for all investment and entrepreneurial businesses, an inspiring start for small to mega projects, and an encouraging environment for economic growth due to its competitive purchasing power, and its position as a local commercial center.

“Blink” .. a look at the change

She said that the opening of her project “Blink”, which specializes in beauty products in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, came after a study of the market, improving knowledge of products, manufacturing resources and consumer needs, as well as her in took service. talent as a social influencer and celebrity on social media.

She said her project for the trade of cosmetic products, called “Blink”, which means “a glance at an eye”, which comes from the idea that anything in the blink of an eye changes for the better, with the will, in the facing. the challenge, and moves with confidence and steadfastness to achievement and excellence, so the individual must take advantage of his talent and potential.To strengthen his ambitions, and start his own project with the available support.

She indicated that she plans today to launch a website for her brand, and increase the number of cosmetics and accessories products, to increase sales volume at a rate of up to 150% on an annual basis, and for a period of 3 years, which decreases by 50% as part of a strategic plan for business growth.

My goal in the coming years

She emphasized that her goal over the next three years is to focus on price competitiveness and the quality of the products it offers to customers, adding that today she is fully convinced that customers’ trust is the sustainable capital that will contribute to sales growth and profit.

And her investment story was concluded by taking the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah as the basis for the launch of her brand, given its community that supports national ambitions, its growing economic potential and its advantage to support emerging entrepreneurs.

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