Ramadan colors between yesterday and today

There are many ways to give home decorations a distinctive Ramadan look, including: adding colors to the halls, which define family gatherings and receiving guests, such as living rooms, halls and dining rooms, through “moving” accessories that integrate with designs, easily, and achieve the desired, ie the desired Ramadan suit What are the colors of Ramadan? The popular one, the traditional one?
A question that “Madam” brought to the interior design engineer, Layal Al-Hajj, and she came back with the following.

Ramadan decoration colors

Gold is a prominent color commonly used in Ramadan home accessories (Image courtesy of Layal Al Hajj, Interior Designer)

According to the engineer, Layal, the traditional colors of Ramadan express family warmth and the gathering of people with each other, and they are warm, preceded by deep red and yellow.

Gold and red have long been used to symbolize the month’s tangible items, including decorations (Image via Orient 499, Beirut)
  • gold and red: The two colors mentioned have long been used to symbolize the month’s tangible items, including decorations. However, the engineer explains that “in line with the evolution in taste and designs, colors are generally updated to match the contemporary style,” adding that “gold is a color gradient derived from the traditional yellow, which the “official color” for most Ramadan accessories, which indicates that If you want to reduce the intensity of the golden glow, in the decor scene, transparent and black glass is added to the accessories. ”
    If you want to reduce the intensity of the golden glow, transparent and black glass is added to the accessories in the decor scene (photo of Orient 499 in Beirut)

    Red appears in turn on pillowcases and, to a lesser extent, on carpets.

  • Orange and navy: On the other hand, the engineer explains that “orange and navy meet on the color wheel and are suitable for home decor in Ramadan.” She elaborates on her idea and says that “orange and navy were common, especially for tablecloths,” moving “pillows, floor seats and tents, in an earlier time. Today, the two colors are found on antiquities with updated Arabic inscriptions, next door. “metals in silver and gold and dark woods that give a feeling of warmth, especially if it is engraved with Islamic inscriptions, and the lighting is focused on it.”

The warm colors of Ramadan reflect family warmth and people gather

ramadan trendy colors

The question “Madam” about the popular colors of Ramadan finally, the engineer answers it, speaks of “the prominent neutrals in the exhibits of home accessories stores, such as beige, whatever its rating, as well as gold, light brown and wood.”

Interior Design Engineer Layal Al-Hajj

She says, “Adding any of the aforementioned colors will easily blend in with the style of the home, and will achieve the desired Ramadan decor idea, through inexpensive additions such as lanterns, chandeliers, Koran verses, pillows and crescent moon …” . In addition, there are a group of other modern colors, such as green, light pink, silver and black metal.

Ramadan colors in home accessories

The colors of Ramadan are used in “moving” home accessories, which especially enrich the decorations of the reception hall and dining room as follows:

Pillows painted in the colors of Ramadan (Image courtesy of Layal Al Hajj, interior designer)

1 pillow: They are colored in the colors of Ramadan, with their choice engraved with its inscriptions, in gold color, in a way that matches the home decor.

Unique pillow for the hall (Image via Orient 499, Beirut)

2 dessert tables: It takes a place in the middle of the hall, drawing its golden or silver color.
3 lighting: In Ramadan decorations, lanterns are one of the most important symbols, and they are available in floor, table and ceiling units, and carry lighting, which is preferably chosen yellow.

A model of lighting used in home decoration (photo via Orient 499, Beirut)

In addition to lanterns, it is sweet to light dim scented candles, as well as chandeliers that take the form of crescents and stars or appear in various other forms.

A pair of Ramadan lanterns (Image courtesy of Layal Al Hajj, Interior Designer)

4 green plants: Whether natural or artificial, it looks very attractive, in the presence of a source of light directed at it, creating attractive reflections.
5 tablecloths: The textures are decorated with Islamic inscriptions.
6 Incense burners.
The frescoes are Islamic in nature.

prayer corner

The engineer, Layal Al-Hajj, requested that a quiet corner be assigned to perform the prayers, with the distribution of the Koran, perfume, candles and incense on a “console” in the corner, and the purchase of ‘ a basket of straw (or iron) to carry prayer mats, as well as wooden stands for the Koran.
Illuminate the corner lanterns, the walls of which are decorated with Islamic pendants.

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