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Beirut – Every woman needs to renew her psyche and mood while she is in her home to give her positive energy. Therefore, it needs to start renovating and changing the decor smoothly, safely and within a certain budget, and without high cost, i.e. do simple renovation work to get a new home in 2022 and at the lowest cost.

Interior Designer Reem Al-Sahili offers you some practical steps to help you do that and make your home more functional and beautiful as well. She also gives you some tips for a renewed decor with the latest fashion trends of 2022.

Bedrooms often require extra seating instead of using the bed to sit on (pixels)

Bedroom renovation

One of the most important ideas for renovating bedrooms, including children’s bedrooms, is to change bedding and pillows, or add more creative and fun accessories.

Bedrooms often require extra seating instead of using the bed to sit on. Therefore, the poof is considered a convenient and practical option.

And the use of canvas prints creates a warm and welcoming environment in any room. And how much difference can a mattress lying on the couch make or the secret, according to interior designer Reem Al-Sahili.

Bedrooms can be renovated by changing the bedding and pillows (pixels).

A touch change for the dining room

One of the tips to revamp and change the look of the private dining room is to include the installation of an elegant pendant lamp, or carefully selected accessories that add beauty to the dining rooms, such as aromatic candles, flower pots and other accessories .

The strong presence of light in the space is to focus on the simplicity and beauty of the designs, an option that gives the dining room decorations more elegance. Gold is also the trend in dining rooms for 2022.

Renovate the living room by playing with colors that reflect each woman’s personality and enhance her mood (pixels)

The most glamorous living rooms

Living rooms are one of the most used rooms in the house, and they should be kept simple and attractive at the same time.

This can be done by playing with colors that reflect each lady’s personality and enhance her mood, whether it is wall paint or wallpaper.

You can add new furniture and lighting to brighten up the space and liven it up, while not forgetting the smallest details like curtains and pillows that make a visual difference and give a distinctive character to living room decor.

Renew the colors and design of the curtains

Curtains are one of the most important striking pieces in any room, so it is necessary to renew their colors and shapes, and to choose completely different designs to add an addition and a renewed scene to the place in a distinctive way give.

Decorate the house with long and thin light bulbs to spread the light as an essential element in home decor (pixels)

Lighting is the basis of interior decoration

Lighting pieces have the effect of magic when placed anywhere in the house, the light bulb gives the combined advantage of different, calm lights and elegant shape.

And decorating the corners of the house with long and thin lighting lamps, as well as small tables to disperse light, creates an essential element for elegant home decor, as the interior designer emphasizes.

Mirrors with innovative shapes

One of the popular ways to update the house and make it look more modern is to install innovative and unusual shapes of mirrors, which help to reflect light, and thus make dark rooms brighter, and also make the rooms bigger to make their actual area look too.

But instead of a large rectangular or round mirror, a trapezoidal or polygonal mirror is chosen, and several small mirrors of different, more modern and beautiful shapes can be used.

To update the house and make it look more modern, mirrors can be placed in innovative and unusual shapes (pixels).

Recycle old decorations

Recycling old home decorations, which became fashionable in 2022. From an old table or chair, some modifications can be made, such as changing its color or decorating it with some graphics to get a funky shape.

Simple bottles can also be reused by coloring them to decorate the house in a modern way.

The importance of kitchen renovation

When you are planning to renovate your kitchen, keep the design simple and functional enough, and give you the right amount of freshness and energy you need in the kitchen to prepare delicious family meals, such as the dishes you eat daily , tablecloths, curtains and other accessories. .

bathroom sets

Bathroom sets are the easiest and cheapest way to redecorate your bathroom decor and add color.

Recycling old home decor is cheap and beautiful and has become the fashion of 2022 (Pixels)

The most prominent decor trends 2022

Before you renovate your home, interior designer Reem Al-Sahili offers you the most prominent 2022 decor trends to get to know and choose the one that suits you best:

Carpets inspired by the sixties

From rugs and decorative pieces to prints and more, the “vintage” approach (a heritage style inspired by the 1960s) is making a strong comeback among the 2022 decor trends.

natural materials

The element of nature dominates the character of decoration in 2022, as trends tend to be natural materials used to decorate and arrange the house, whether it is wood, leather or others.

Black will have a strong appearance in the New Year’s decor trends You can choose a side table or desk in black (pixels).

Black color

In addition to the different colors, black will have a strong appearance in the New Year’s decor trends, as you can choose the table in your favorite color with a touch of black, or the window and door frames should be in black, and other touches.

decoration plants

Decorating the house with plants is one of the most prominent trends of the New Year. In addition to giving a distinctive look, plants enhance the atmosphere of the house and enhance the psychology of people, and they are rich in benefits.

marble shouted

In addition to various materials, marble will have a dominant presence amidst the decorating trends of 2022, and in a variety of colors, to suit different tastes.

You need to pay attention to the colors of the rest of the furniture before adding a new color to get more consistency (pixels).

Tips for a fresh decor

The interior designer says before you start renovating the place, you need to arrange it well so that you choose the best suitable ideas:

  • Pay attention to the area of ​​your room before placing a new piece of furniture in it.
  • Before you buy any new piece of furniture, look at the old pieces that can be refurbished.
  • Pay attention to the colors of the rest of the furniture before adding a new color to get a greater consistency.

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