“Saudi Gulf” strengthens its global presence with a “training – economic” program

It aims to generate 2,200 jobs … and attract “all segments of society” to play the game

Yesterday, Gulf Saudi Arabia launched a training and education program in Arabic, which is the first of its kind as an integrated curriculum. This coincides with the launch of the “Saudi Aramco International Women’s Championship” hosted by the Public Investment Fund, whose competitions run until next Sunday.

The program aims to strengthen the golf industry in the Kingdom by providing an economic golf system capable of creating new jobs for citizens, through new or existing courses, and it is expected that the number of jobs created by the end of 2025 was created, will achieve more. more than 2,200 jobs.

Gulf Saudi Arabia has partnered with the European Club Managers Organization (CMAE), the National Center for Facilities and Hospitality Management (Fahm) and the Qaderon Network for Business Owners and Disabilities, as it has worked extensively with these parties to implement the program. develop, including contributions to increase employment opportunities and ensure their suitability for different segments of society of different age groups, backgrounds, abilities and skills; With the aim of growing the game in the Kingdom in general.

Majed Al-Sorour, CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Golf Saudi, said during the press conference yesterday: “There is no doubt that this step is our relentless pursuit of providing golf for all, and confirms from our constant zeal for our cadres to develop; This has given us the opportunity to join the program for our team, whether from the company’s headquarters or in our various golf facilities, and we are about to launch the program on a large scale to school and university graduates and to include all job seekers. ”

The new training program offers Saudi citizens, for free, the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing sectors in the Kingdom. The training program, built in partnership with the European Club Managers Organization, is designed to meet the needs of training and education of those newly introduced to the world of golf.

The program consists of five levels before the end of the educational journey, and the learner can temporarily interrupt after completing any level according to his desire and abilities.For those interested in joining the Manager Development Program.

Bill Sanderson, Director of Development at the European Club Managers Organization, praised the ongoing work of Golf Saudi, which led to the launch of the program, and thanked Golf Saudi not only for implementing the program, he said. , but also for his efforts in Planning to Spread Sports Through the Kingdom.

Sanderson stressed that Saudi Arabia has the right and professional foundation to become one of the most important countries in the world in the game of golf. This is due to the great ambition of the Saudi Golf Federation and its organized performance.

He said: “Here in Saudi Arabia, I have felt ambition and passion for sports leadership, and during the 40 years I have spent in media and sports investing, I can describe what is happening with the game here as exceptional and what is being worked on. the highest standards and with complete professionalism. “

As one of the three pillars of the National Sustainability Strategy, the Green Agenda focuses on education, training and employment for Saudis of different age groups; This prompted the program organizers to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Qaderoon Network, as a non-profit organization aimed at supporting business owners to employ people with disabilities, and to give them the opportunity care in equal circumstances with the rest of their colleagues in the workplace.

Amr Khashoggi, founder and chairman of the Qaderoon network, said that cooperation with Saudi golf aims to empower people with disabilities and give them the opportunity to join the workforce in the Kingdom, and points to his admiration for “Saudi golf” and the use of sports. as a way to support all segments of the Saudi community. With reference to the various programs implemented by the Qaderoon network with Gulf Saudi Arabia through workshops and training courses, in addition to the network’s recruitment platform.

A group photo of program officers after signing the agreement (Photo: Abdullah Al-Falih)

While Dania Al-Obaid, Director of Human Resources at Golf Saudi, referred to the group of programs implemented by Golf Saudi, including social participation to spread the culture of the game in schools and universities, and noted that Golf Saudi Arabia signed with a group of schools to make the game part of the sport.She added: “If God wills, in the coming years, we will see Saudi women in the European Championship.”

Al-Obaid explained that, by signing the agreement with the Qaderoon Association for People with Disabilities, “Gulf Saudi Arabia” seeks to create jobs for people with disabilities and make their practitioners out of the game, and speaks to her congratulations on signing the agreement, which she said is in line with the “Quality of Life” program and “Vision 2030 of the Kingdom.” “There is a huge expansion and we are working to create 2 200 jobs for Saudi men and women in the coming years, a large part of which will be for people with disabilities,” she added.

In turn, Turki Al-Dosari, Public Relations Officer at Saudi Gulf, said the deal would involve people with disabilities and train them in the game, as well as employing them in areas commensurate with their capabilities.

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