Shocking information about Neslihan Atagul, the heroine of the series “The Ambassador’s Daughter”, and the surprise in her religion!

With photos of much spontaneity and romance while on the beach and elsewhere, Turkish star Neslihan Atagul celebrated the 40th birthday of her husband, star Kadir Doğlu.

The star of “The Ambassador’s Daughter” sent a message of love and greetings to her husband, the Turkish actor, by posting these photos through her Instagram account. Every day I found it! I love you so much.”

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Neslihan denied the news of her pregnancy, after answering a question posed by a journalist in this regard, where she said in her reply: “If something like this happens, we will be happy to tell you.”

Nesilhan Atagul is a Turkish star, known in the Arab world under the name of the character for which she is known in the series “Blind Love”, which is “Nihan”, and this series has reached widespread and her great success and the beginning of a successful artistic career.

Her childhood and upbringing

Neslihan Atagul was a very naughty child, she loved animals, especially dogs and cats, and she loved to attract the attention of animals, so she sang for her and performed in front of her and her friends and family.

Her father, of Circassian descent, worked as a manager, and her mother, a housewife of Belarussian descent, who was of Muslim faith, had one brother, Ilkay.

After graduating from school, she joined Yeditepe University and studied theater and participated in many plays presented on the university stage.

Her artistic debut is acting

Neslihan Atagul joined an advertising agency, which helped her enter the acting field faster, so she appeared for the first time in the series “The First Love” in 2006 and in the series “Falling Leaves” (2006 – 2010) and the series “What’s left of you for me”. Her roles in these works were small and small, but she showed her talent and won awards for her as a promising young and emerging artist, and job offers began to rain down on her.

In 2011, Neslihan Atagul participated in a better role in the series “I chose my heart”, and continued to present the series with non-heroic roles, until 2013.

In 2013, she won the lead role in the series “Fateh Harbiya” as Nermin. The series achieved remarkable success, but the culmination of her success came after 3 years.

Her greatest success as Nihan in the series “Blind Love” with Burak Ozcivit There is no doubt that the series “Blind Love” is one of the most successful Turkish drama series, as it has managed to become an international series, and ‘ a very large number of viewers.

Neslihan Atagul played the role of Nihan, the rich girl, who falls in love with an ordinary boy, despite the madness of a very rich businessman with her, and she tries to hide her love for her family, but to Amir, who the crazy rich man with her love knew her, he tried to keep her away from him by arranging a murder case for her brother to force her to marry him.

her love life

Neslihan Atagul fell in love with Turkish actor Kadir Doğlu, after she starred with him in the series “Fateh Harbiye”, and their relationship lasted from 2013 to 2016, when they decided to get married in a big ceremony, attended by art stars with family and friends.

Her personal manager resigned due to pressure on him

Neslihan Atagul’s personal manager resigned, after feeling tired from a lot of work, and there were days he did not sleep and I tried a lot to persuade him to continue working, but he refused.

The truth of her high wealth

Neslihan Atagul has become one of the most expensive actresses to be paid, not only in acting but also in commercials. For example, she got $ 300,000 from her advertisement for a shampoo company, and she has a contract with a famous and signed international sportswear brand, worth $ 400,000, so she became Turkey’s highest paid and richest actress, even though she has The youngest of them. She said that stars in Europe take much more than that, and that her wages are not equal to theirs, and wondered if she was taking her salary out of the pockets of her critics.

Neslihan Atagul had a rare illness and withdrew from “The Ambassador’s Daughter” in 2020, and achieved great success in the series “The Ambassador’s Daughter”, which starred alongside a large number of Turkish stars, including Engin Akyurek and Oraz Kaigleroglu, and despite withdrawing from Work in January 2021, due to health conditions.

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