Strangeness behind bars .. “The story of Wafaa Siddiq is stranger than fiction”

In the world of crime, everything is permissible, accusing, silent and making accusations to others. In the end, everything can be done behind bars, but despite this, the truth can not be hidden either, no matter how long it takes not. and no matter who did it, the decisive moment must come in which the facts are revealed, and the law returns to its owners. “The Seventh Day” presents, during the month of Ramadan, successive episodes under the title “Strangeness Behind Bars”. from the facts of the book “The Strangest Cases” by Chancellor Baha Abu Shaqqa.

Episode nineteen

The first part of the affair ended with the rich friend who killed his friend by shooting him after the suspicion in his mind and heart that his wife had cheated on him with a friend of his age.

Counselor Bahaa Abu Shaqqa says, This was the beginning of events … when I started investigating the facts of this case … I work as an Agent for the Public Prosecution in Upper Egypt …

The investigations of the mabahith confirmed that the rich friend who shot his friend with the intent to kill him and keep him completely out of the course of his life .. It also confirmed that the poor friend’s actions and reckless behavior the reason was .. He could not resist his love for his friend’s wife. He chased her everywhere, I understood her and confirmed that he was ready to do anything to gain her love .. to reciprocate his feelings .. to feel the fire of feeling her love sweeping into his heart, mind and mind ..

But she always repulsed him and reminded him that he was like a brother to her husband to her and that he should drive away the whispers of Satan who tyrannized him and drive him to these crazy thoughts and behaviors. complains to her husband ..that he has to work to drive him out of town..especially after The rumors that have been doing the rounds … In order to preserve their love and the continuation of a quiet and stable family life that brings them together bring.

Although the rich friend fired several bullets at his friend, he did not die.He was unconscious in the hospital and preparing for urgent operations.

I asked the doctor about the possibility of asking him ..

He replied: His state of health does not simply allow speech. If he does speak, his speech will not be conscious, conscious and voluntary, because he has been given a dose of anesthesia to relieve his pain in preparation for surgical interventions.

As for the accused, he remained silent and refused to speak, whether in denial or confession of the accusation .. and when I confronted him with police investigations, he refused to answer or comment.

I asked the accused’s wife about her information about the accident and the circumstances and motives that prompted him.

The woman represented her and asked her about her information. She detonated an “unacceptable bomb.” She said: “My husband .. She said it with a look full of sadness and pain.” He was deceived by his friend. a request .. He did not sponsor study community or the friendship of a lifetime .. He was not loyal or faithful to the “ten” they brought together .. He entered the marriage house as a brother .. He has infinite confidence in his brothers .. But I had a different opinion and he was judged from the first day He presented himself to me in the “Kosha” … He looked at me as he shook my hand with a look filled with “desire” … His looks radiated that desire of theirs kept me chasing without shyness … and I ignored it … And he often hesitated – for no reason – about the dwelling in the absence of my husband .. And his fabricated phone calls were plentiful, pretending he was thin reasons to talk.

I tried to understand him – in a polite way – my rejection and disapproval of this behavior .. and that I am a happy woman with all the happiness with my husband, with whom I married out of love and with whom I living a rosy love story .. his miserable mind and his sick psyche, possessed by all the diseases of hatred, hatred and resentment, and in the extreme arrogance and boldness Unlimited, he declares to me that he loves me since his eyes on fell for me while I was in “Al Kosha” .. and that he suffers from the torment and stings of love .. He can not bear to live without me, but rather refuses many marriages because it is she who is his heart occupy.

And when I gave up to chase him, and to maintain the marriage bond between me and my husband, who loved him very much .. I tried tricks to stop him, but he did not get discouraged, and had his reckless efforts continued. told my husband that he should be expelled from work and out of town .. that he was deceived in his friendship .. His heart is full. With hatred and resentment against him .. the ghost of poverty still dances before his eyes and occupies his mind and heart, and possesses all his feelings, and subconsciously translates it into hateful and aggrieved actions and behaviors, even for those who have a support and was a reason for this bliss in which he lives and this position he occupies.

One night the phone rang .. I avoided responding to many rushed to him, and in heavy and hesitant response I answered .. On the other hand, that friend was .. His speech was crazy, he had his mind and control loses its consciousness and consciousness.

He decided, in a tone of voice that convinced him of self-confidence and determination, that he had finally reached a solution that would bring him closer to her .. he would end his torment and put an end to his pain .. the fires were burning in him just because he imagined it was in his arms .. it must be for him alone and not for anyone else, even if it was her husband .. He gathered the pieces of his mind and until an irreversible decision came .. He will kill her husband .. He will get rid of him .. To clear the air together for them .. He puts the phone on the phone.

My mind was lame and my senses flew and I found that for the first time in my life I lit one cigarette after another .. It was a sudden situation I did not think of .. My husband’s life is in danger of this reckless, reckless thought.

Will I inform the police about everything that happened to him and about his threat to kill my husband .. These thoughts interrupt my husband’s return from work ..

For the first time I felt what I was suffering from when he first noticed a burning cigarette in my hand and the cigarette butts filled the ashtray. He asked me in surprise, nervousness and confusion mixed with the anxiety that had overwhelmed. your friend was determined to kill you, and I told him the story from beginning to end.

His face was red with rage .. His eyes were red as if sparks were splashing out of him .. He hurried to his office, took his gun and fired his legs to the wind, and refused all my pleas to him after he left ..

I asked her, does that mean your husband was the one who shot him? .. She replied, what he did deserves death .. In fact, I personally thought a lot about how to get rid of this nightmare which on the breath of our love .. which threatened the course of our lives. Death is a fate for those like him who meet love with hatred and loyalty to betrayal, for he is a mentally ill person plagued by the complex of poverty and a desire he cannot resist.

Days passed, and the doctor who treated the genius called me and told me that the victim could be asked after undergoing the operation and he could withdraw two bullets leaving his soul, except that God gave him a wrote new life.

I went to the hospital and asked him.

It was the surprise I did not expect, but rather, that did not occur to anyone .. The victim responded in a soft voice filled with calmness and love .. to my question about how his injury occurred and who caused it has..

He said, “A friend of mine was cleaning the licensed pistol when two bullets inadvertently fired from it and hit me.

I confronted him with police investigations and the woman’s statements. He confirmed that the two bullets went out at him while he was cleaning the gun, and that he was the one who suddenly deviated from his body. , and the two bullets struck him, and that what they had put together from life-giving charity was impossible for him to even think that he intended to injure him or inflict any harm on him.

His answer was definitive and determined on the innocence of his friend. I was not before me before the victim’s talk and determination in the manner mentioned above, and the case was without evidence confirming that the victim’s injuries were intentional, and that the shooting was with the intent to take his life, even as valid proof of conviction.

In view of the foregoing, a decision has been issued that there is no reason to file a criminal case, that is, in the general method of “saving the case.”

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