The full story of Van Damme deleting all his photos and videos with Ramez from the “Ramez Movie Star” program.

Abu Dhabi – Ahmed Al-Jazzar – The international star, Van Dam, has sparked widespread controversy in recent hours, on social media platforms, especially in the Arab world, after removing all his photos from the Ramez Movie Star program, which he collects with star Ramez Jalal from his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”.

Van Dam did not announce the reason why he did so, which opened a door for the pioneers of social media for interpretations, as many have a dispute between the international star, Ramez Jalal personally, or those in charge of the Ramez Movie Star program predicted.

Others expected that there would be a dispute between Van Damme and Ramez Jalal, due to the fact that the program did not achieve the expected success for an international star as big as Van Dam.

Van Dam deletes his photos with Ramiz Jalal:

The start came from the international star, Van Dam, when he surprised his followers and fans in the Arab world by publishing all his publications on the Ramez Movie Star program, in which he participates this Ramadan with Ramez Jalal sweep.

While international star Van Damme previously posted photos and videos of the show’s scenes, his followers were surprised that the latest tweet and publication on Van Damme’s pages, on Twitter and Facebook, dated October 4, 2021, and all the tweets and publications related to the Ramez Movie Star program have disappeared, especially on

On the Van Damme page on the social networking site “Facebook”, which is followed by about 34 million people, his latest publications were Van Damme’s meetings with a group of his friends around the world, and there is no single publication related to the Ramez Movie Star program.

This behavior by the international star has raised questions in the Arab world, especially among the audience of the Ramez Movie Star program and Ramez Jalal, who wondered about the scenes behind the international star’s acceptance of this perception.

The Ramez Movie Star Trend program has gone to the top of social networking sites in recent times, after international artist Van Damme deleted all his photos with Ramez Jalal on his official page.

This strange behavior comes after the Ramez Movie Star program has achieved great success since the start of its presentation in Ramadan 2022, as many artists and celebrities have fallen into the trap of Ramez Jalal this year, including popular festival singer Hamo Beka, artist Hana Al- Zahid, Yasmine Sabry, Sabreen. , the famous football player Amr Al-Sulayya, Aisha bin Ahmed, Ahmed Fathi, Hoda Al-Mufti, Rania Youssef, Muhammad Anwar, Engy Al-Mokadam, Mayan Al-Sayed, and others.

Van Dam’s business manager comments on his deletion of his photos with Ramiz Jalal:

In turn, Walid El-Telbani, director of the international star’s business, Van Dam, posted a post on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook” and commented on the international artist’s deletion of all his publications on the “Ramez Movie”. Star “program, which he presents with artist Ramiz Jalal.

But Al-Talbani’s post was not a trace of a new episode within the episodes of strange unexplained behavior, where Walid Al-Talbani wrote in his post: “Regarding Van Dam’s issue of everything related to Deleting Ramez Movie Star from Facebook I unfortunately can not make statements now – he feels resentful -.

The Lebanese newspaper, An-Nahar, contacted Walid Al-Talbani, media adviser and Van Damme’s business manager, and he said in exclusive statements: “There are instructions not to talk about this matter, but there has been a failure. and hateful person who does it does not like success behind it. ”

Al-Tilbani said in his statements to “An-Nahar”: “God is enough for me and is the best agent in the enemies of success, and the culprit will receive his punishment, and we will try to resolve the crisis, and what happened because of someone who does not want Van Dam to succeed in Egypt and the Middle East, and the topic is a conspiracy… There is another topic deleted from Van Damme’s page that “No one noticed, and it was also caused by the same person who does not live in Egypt and wants to harm him, and this case was announced for the first time.”

He continued, “Van Dam is a megaster, and he has a big name around the world, and he’s influenced my life and saved me from my childhood, and I’m sad about what happened, especially after it became clear “people have come to love him. in the Middle East because of his high morals and humility. He is very happy with the success of the Ramez program.” Movie Star, especially after its first episodes garnered more than 730 million views around the world, and is always eager for the audience’s reactions. ”

MBC Egypt reveals Ramez Movie Star viewership:

After Van Dam examined his photos with Ramez Jalal, the news of the “MBC Egypt” dissolution of the star Ramez Jalal’s contract, due to the failure of the dumping program offered by “Ramez Movie Star” and the failure to pay the costs covering it, is causing a stir on social media.

And the “MBC Egypt” channel said in an official statement that the “Ramez Movie Star” program achieved record numbers through the official viewing rates documented in Egypt and the Arab world during the first days of Ramadan, as the ” Ramez Movie Star “program has garnered more than 730 million views across platforms. Official social network during the first 8 days of Ramadan.

The statement, from which Arab media obtained copies, indicated that the official number of views during the first 8 days of Ramadan in the Arab world reached 29 million views via YouTube, 483.5 million via Snapchat, 47.5 million via Facebook and 602 thousand. Twitter, 38.5 million via Tik Tok, and 2.5 million via Instagram.

The statement confirmed, “The promotional ad and the promotion of the Ramez Movie Star program have surpassed the various social networks, approximately 13 million views, after being launched two days before the blessed month of Ramadan, in addition to the official pages of the artist, Ramez Jalal. ”

Ramez Movie Star Program:

The “Ramez Movie Star” program, featuring the drama and television marathon for 2022, was launched by Egyptian Ramiz Jalal, and international star Van Damme is taking part in it, under the auspices of the General Entertainment Authority.

The Ramez Movie Star program, which has been leading search engines and social networking sites since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, was filmed in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and testifies, as usual, to an atmosphere of tension, excitement and horror. the guests.

And this program is considered the second in a series that Ramiz Jalal filmed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the Ramez Aqla Flew program, as artist Ramiz Jalal presented the polishing program “Ramez Aqla Flew” in Ramadan 2021 last year which was presented by Ramez Jalal with the participation of Saudi artist Hassan Al-Asiri, who used him to capture his guests so that he would receive the guests at the beginning, and take them on a tour of the place take before entering the joke that Ramez Jalal met the guests.

Ramez Jalal, the gas victim of the stroll, has participated in a new season of stroll programs he presents annually in Ramadan, which includes many surprises, unexpected situations and paradoxes.

The Ramez Movie Star program is the last episode of the artist Ramez Jalal series in the prank shows he is known for presenting in Ramadan since 2011. Previously, he has presented programs: Ramez Qalb al-Assad, Ramez the Desert Fox, Ramez Ankh Amun, Ramez Shark al-Bahr, Ramez Wakil Al Jaw, Ramez plays with fire, Rams is underground, Ramez is below zero, Ramez is a official crazy, Ramez flew his mind, and eventually Ramez is a Movie Star.

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