The launch of the Emirati “Barq” company..advanced mobility technology

The Emirati company, “Barq”, which specializes in smart mobility solutions and logistics services, today officially launched its business in the UAE.

This was done during a ceremony held at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, in the presence of company officials, with the aim of contributing to the support of the growth process within the logistics, transportation and e-commerce services sector in the UAE.

With its range of eco-friendly electric vehicles, the company aims to address delivery challenges in industries and areas related to e-commerce and logistics needs, as well as the operations and procedures for transporting medicines and medical supplies.

The company strives to consolidate the concepts of using advanced environmentally friendly technology in the Middle East and North Africa region and to provide an integrated package of services to its customers with regard to the “last mile” delivery service.

Ahmed Suhail Faris Al Mazrouei, co-founder of the company, said the UAE has a proven track record of incubating innovative creative ideas and projects, which came about as a result of the wise government’s zeal to support emerging companies through a provide ideal business environment. and technology incubators, as well as a highly developed infrastructure.

He added: “The announcement of the launch of the new” Barq “company, and its advanced technology in the field of mobility, is a major initiative and an important step in our overall plans for the company to be at the forefront “friendly transport sectors in the region. Mobility is a big part of the company’s strategy, as a key factor in strengthening the green footprint within sustainable urban complexes.”

He said: “The UAE has been and continues to be an incubator for innovation and a forerunner in the use of all that is promising to consolidate its role in the field of sustainable transport and the health and safety of all members of society. The state supports this in all areas. ”

In turn, Abdullah Abu Al-Sheikh, co-founder and CEO of the company, said that the UAE, in order to achieve the vision and guidelines of its wise leadership in preserving the environment and consolidating the concepts of sustainable development , all support global efforts to promote the transformation to an environmentally friendly transport system, and to make global efforts to meet challenges. This is evident today from its success in significantly reducing emissions related to the transport sector through groundbreaking plans and initiatives covering all areas related to the environment.

He emphasized that the launch of the company was an important step in his projects in the field of environmentally friendly electric vehicles, adding: “We at Barq are proud to use our expertise and efforts to contribute to the support of the realization of the transformation within the transport sector in the country, which at the same time explains that the diversification of the transport options in the country, that It contributes its efforts to promote sustainable development, in parallel with an active role in efforts to climate change reduce.

He said that under the wise leadership and his wise guidance, we look forward to continuing to work side by side with our partners to make Abu Dhabi the first city in the Middle East and North Africa region to embrace this pioneering system. adopt the most important modern technologies in promoting the sustainable, environmentally friendly transport sector, and consolidating the emirate’s position as a destination a world leader in this field.

Mazen Al-Jubeir, the company’s founding partner, indicated that “Barq” is currently undertaking the tasks of manufacturing 3 different models of environmentally friendly electric vehicles, designed and manufactured by providing them with materials that meet the climatic conditions of the Middle East. East pass. and North Africa.

The list of models manufactured by the company includes the “Rena Max”, an electric bicycle, designed in accordance with international best practices and equipped with safety and security systems, which contributes to the strengthening and consolidation of the company’s zeal for the health and safety of its rider.

Mazen Al-Jubeir said that the company, in designing the bike, took it into account to provide it with advanced electronic systems that enable it to use the data of the various rides the driver made, which he later used can become, measure and record. improves operational efficiency .. The bike is also equipped with a storage box, which allows its commander the right to control his temperature, which enables him to control the temperatures that are compatible with the nature of the items and the items set up within them and be delivered to the consumer.

In the field of “remote” drones, the company manufactured the “Yas 1” aircraft, which is an unmanned “drone” aircraft, equipped with cameras, transmitters and a sophisticated engine that enables it to fly long distances. .It is also designed with specifications and solid materials that enable it to carry medical equipment and medicine And others, and fly it to great distances and heights.

The Yas 1 aircraft contributes to the speed and ease of transport of samples and medical supplies and the management of emergencies, such as the transport of urgent medicines, antibiotics, vaccines and others, which contribute to the reduction of occupancy rates in health facilities and the improving the quality of their outputs. .

The company manufactures another electric bicycle, the “Rena Lite”, which is designed to meet the requirements of its various customers.

On the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony, “Barq” company signed two memoranda of understanding with “Americana” and “Motherson”, which specializes in the manufacture of automotive equipment worldwide.

Under the first agreement, Barq Company will undertake the tasks of providing a number of its vehicles, transportation and logistics services to Americana, while the company will continue, based on the second agreement with Motherson, to supply the company’s products. to deliver its customers.

In this regard, the representative of the “Motherson” company praised the role that the “Barq” company played in the areas related to sustainable transport and diversification of environmentally friendly transport options, saying: “Motherson is proud to have a industrial partner with “Barq to be. “to support his vision in producing and distributing the next generation of smart and sustainable delivery solutions.”

Barq is the only unmanned aerial vehicle delivery service provider in the United Arab Emirates. In December 2021, the company was able to break two Guinness World Records by performing the longest flight of an unmanned aircraft. A pilot for a delivery service at a distance of 13,584 km, and the longest uninterrupted return flight, for a drone, a distance of 18,065 km.

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