The Minister of Transport follows up on the implementation of the express train project

The Minister of Transport, Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, inspected the first line of the express train project (Ain Sukhna – El Alamein – Marsa Matrouh).

The Minister of Transport said in a statement that the project works are underway in the distance from the Burj Al Arab station in Alexandria to the city of Ras Al-Hikma, with a length of 185 km. Contrast with the track and the removal of all violations on the railway areas with the “Al-Qabari / Matrouh” line, where the railway runs parallel to the line and is located in the south of the current train sanctuary. And also the Burj Al Arab industrial area, which is close to the international coastal road, which is a station for the express train and one of the largest stations on the line, as it consists of 6 railway lines.Then the Minister of Transport to the site from “Al Hamam Station” to the Sponsor Al Arab Station about 25 km, which is a regional station serving the city of Al-Hammam and a number of villages on the northern coast, where the station is distinguished by its proximity to the international coastal road, and then to the “Al-Alamein station” which is a station for the express train, which serves the new city of Al-Alamein and the tourist movement in it and the coast. To the northwest, in addition to the movement of goods transported to and from the port of El Alamein.

The Minister also inspected the ongoing works in the stations of Sidi Abdel Rahman, El Dabaa, Almaza and Ras El Hekma. In these cities there is a positive incentive to turn to these cities, whether to work in them, to live in them , or establish investment projects that require labor and a safe means of transportation.

During his tour of this distance, the Minister continued with the implementation of a number of bridges of the high-speed electric train intersections with the main roads
Such as the bridges crossing with Burj Al Arab and Gharbaniyat roads, Muhammad Najib base road, Al-Ameed road, Al-Jabasat, Wadi Al-Natroun, Al-Alamein, Petroleum and Sidi Abdel Rahman, as well as the implementation works of 2 bridge tracks ( Burj Al-Arab and Al-Ruwaisat) .The project is according to the planned date, especially with the importance of the project, which is the beginning of the fast electric train network system that is being implemented and which is a new civilized shift in the means of transport in Egypt .

The Minister of Transport confirmed that all civil and construction works are carried out by large Egyptian companies specializing in these fields, in addition to industrial works on roads that cross the railway line, under the supervision of the general consultant of the French project “Systra. ”

The Minister of Transport also ordered the need to coordinate with all relevant state agencies and the governors through which the express trains run, in order to take into account the projects that are being implemented as well as the planned implementation in order to work on the integration of the various means of transport and to avoid any conflict in the ongoing and planned national projects.

It is worth mentioning that the network of fast electric trains to be established consists of 3 lines covering all parts of the Republic with a total length of up to 2000 km.The length of the first line is 660 km, Ain Sukhna, El Alamein Matrouh, Fayoum, and the design speed of the project trains is 250 km / h, the operating speed of the trains is 230 km / h, and the speed of the trains is 230 km / h. The operation of local electric trains is 160 km / h, and the speed of electric trucks is 120 km / h. The project includes 22 stations, including 10 express train stations and 12 regional stations, indicating that the locations of the stations have been determined and a decision of public interest has been issued. from the beginning of the track The project is in Ain Sukhna and up to Matrouh city.

The high-speed train project will contribute to job creation, reduce traffic congestion, achieve higher levels of passenger safety, better impact on the environment, promote economic development, strengthen the region’s infrastructure, and help to limit urban distribution. the implementation of a high-speed electric train line (passengers and goods) connecting the city of Ain Sukhna on the Red Sea coast to the city of Matrouh on the Mediterranean coast, which passes through the new administrative capital, the 6th October city, the new city. of Burj Al Arab and Al Alamein will contribute to connecting the new administrative capital and the new cities with a rail network to transport passengers and goods by a fast, modern and safe means of transport

And the fast electric train system, which will cover all parts of the Republic, except that it is development veins that serve the new and existing urban and industrial areas, will help to reduce and shorten the travel time between governorates to more than half of the time that the citizen is currently taking, either through the old train network or through the current roads connecting the governorates.The project will contribute to the establishment of new logistics areas serving all the industrial or agricultural areas that pass through, as it contributes to transportation of products from them or the transportation of raw materials quickly and safely to them.

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