The World’s Response to Greg Norman’s Return, Golf Legend Tree Announcement, Saudi Golf League, Video

Fans were shocked after Greg Norman announced he would be playing professional golf again.

In an exclusive interview, the Australian legend revealed his intention Daily TelegraphSocial media is sending shock waves around the world as it collapses.

You can read the full interview with Norman The Daily Telegraph

The 67-year-old has said he has not played professionally in 12 years but is a two-time British Open champion. news corps australia Once in a July match, he was serious about making a comeback for the final farewell appearance.

He says he was very inspired to play at the event, which celebrates its 150th opening at St Andrews Stadium.

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Australian. Golf commentator Luke LV was shocked when the news broke news corps australia Saturday morning.

“You will get the news cycle,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Most people will use it to get Greece involved in the LIV golf effort, but he earned his place on the course by winning twice through Clarett Jukes. Who does not want to play the 150th Open on the golf course.

However, his dream of returning in three months due to the rules of the British Open remains bleak.

The former no. 1 player in the world has put the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, which oversees the event, in a difficult situation.

Norman will no longer be eligible for immediate access to the event as a former champion, as guaranteed access for former champions over 60 will be suspended.

Greg Norman is back to scratch the game itch. (Photo by Mike Ehrman / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

He must work his way through to qualify or hope to enter the wild card.

The event had previously violated the rules for previous champions, with Tom Watson added to the field at age 65.

The wild card would be an extraordinary development because of Norman’s mission to establish a rebellious golf association.

Australian. The golf legend leads the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Invitational series, which threatens to shake the game to its core.

When the round was announced last year, the Public Investment Fund – Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund – paid more than A $ 260 million to play Norman.

However, reports in February said the Super Golf League – and the LIV Golf Investments company that runs it – were not involved. The Battleship is valued at nearly $ 2.9 billion for stealing some of the world’s greatest soldiers and establishing its own tour as the official golf club.

Greg Norman accepts the trophy. Photo by Rose Kennard / Impex via Getty Images.Source: Getty Images

Therefore, the golf world’s immediate response was that he was skeptical about his chances of playing in the open.

Australian. In golf journalist Ben Iver, Norman speculated that he was making a strong move by announcing his plans. He responded with a tweet: “Greg may have a public discussion forum.”

Golf Digest reporter Evin Priest wrote on Twitter: “Greg Norman dusted off Julian Lyndon and revealed his desire to play the Open at St Andrews. It may be an incredible story, but there’s a big problem.

Bob Harrick, Golf Illustrated’s golf reporter, wrote on Twitter: “I want to see how anyone thinks they got on the course.”

James Gorrigan, a journalist for the PGA Tour, wrote: “If Greg did not qualify. Former champions up to the age of sixty were invited. Greece is 67 years old. “

Canadian golf reporter Rick Young wrote on Twitter he thinks it could be difficult to turn down the Norman Open.

Norman’s Rebel League has been disastrous so far, with some of the world’s best players turning down its rich offers.

Rory McIlroy said the new tour was “dead in the water”.

The first event in the series starts on June 9 in London.

Greg Norman mentioned the gift. Photo by Mike Ermon, Getty Images.Source: Getty Images

Norman says the 8th Norman Resistance Championships have about $ 350 million in prize money – and that’s what counts.

The world’s best golfer has cheated Norman, but the former world number one hopes he will change his mind when he sees the prize money rolling around.

“Honestly, no matter who plays, we will continue the action,” Norman said. British Telegraph.

“There is a first prize ($ 5.8 million). I hope the 350th child in the world will succeed. It will change his life and family life.

Then some of our events happened, and one of the top players ($ 8.06 million) won ($ 10.76 million) and said, ‘Enough, I know I can beat them with my hand every week. I’m tied behind me.

He says talks are underway with other major golfers.

Norman agreed that the tour could start with “very casual” players, but that it would grow as others looked at the concept.

According to, Norman wrote: “None of us have to endure such heinous acts as bullying through the PGA Tour.

“We encourage PGA Tour to request that you provide a written and written opinion to its external advisor that these restrictions are legal and enforceable.

“It will not surprise us if the tour does not want to do it.”

He said SGL hopes to work with the PGA Tour.

You can find the full explanation of why Greg Norman is back in The Daily Telegraph

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