UAE organizations adopt Cybernetes technology in mission-critical environments

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Veritas Technologies, the global provider of multi-cloud data management solutions, announced the results of a new research study that reveals that many UAE companies are racing against time to adopt Cybernetes technology in mission-critical environments.

According to the study, 88% of UAE companies expect to deploy this technology within the next two to three years, and a third of them are already relying on it today.

But, and always according to the results of the same study, the majority are not willing to face the threat to their Cybernetes environments, as only 35% of the UAE companies that have adopted Kubernetes so far have tools to protects against data loss incidents such as e.g. what happens to ransomware.

The study, which included the opinions of 1,100 senior IT decision-makers in the UAE and around the world, showed that 67% of UAE organizations that have adopted Cybernetes technology are already experiencing a ransom attack on their container units has, while saying 85% of UAE respondents to ransomware attacks on Kubernetes environments are a problem for their business today.

“Cybernetes offer a world of business benefits: they are affordable, flexible, scalable and easy to use,” said Johnny Karam, general manager and regional vice president, international emerging markets, Veritas Technologies. Therefore, it is no wonder that UAE enterprises are adopting container programs.

But unfortunately, it can also mean that it is easier for organizations to move forward faster with Cybernetes deployment than to take the associated precautions, just because they, with more than two-thirds of mission-critical Cybernetes environments, are completely unprotected from the risk to find. of data loss.

Although the benefits of cybernetics are wide-ranging, security measures must go hand in hand so that cybernetics do not become the weak point in companies’ defense strategies against ransomware.

Isolated protection solutions

Most respondents in the UAE (99%) believe that it is beneficial to adopt an integrated approach to protect their vulnerable data by extending the scope of existing data protection, by moving from a business-to-business protection strategy to a comprehensive protection system.

However, only 29% of UAE organizations currently follow this model, while the rest complicate their data protection issue by using stand-alone products on some or all of their Cybernetes security systems.

This may be because almost half of the respondents (47%) said they know little or nothing about solutions that can protect data on traditional and virtual environments and cyber networks.

The greatest risks associated with data protection solutions have also been identified as “higher costs of implementing multiple solutions” and “increased potential for data loss from security suites.” Meanwhile, the most cited reasons were by respondents for adopting a single solution to protect against data loss and ransomware attacks to “save the cost of implementing multiple solutions” and “reduce the potential for data loss of security suites.”

More protection in the future

The study also showed that UAE companies expect to be able to better protect their Cybernetic environments over time, with 36% of organizations believing that ransomware will not be a problem after five years, in parallel with increased spending to data protection for software containers. .

UAE companies also expect their spending in this area to increase within five years, averaging 62% more than they spend today, leaving less than 6% of them without data protection for critical Cybernetic environments.

66% of UAE organizations expect future investment in their security infrastructure to make them “very well prepared” for ransomware attacks on Cybernetic environments over the next five years.

Johnny Karam continued, “Our research shows that Emirati organizations clearly understand the value of protecting the critical data they use in their Cybernetes environments. It is reassuring to see that she is on the path to full protection.

However, much can happen within the next five years, especially in light of the fast-moving world of cybercrime, where sophisticated forms of ransomware may emerge during that time to target Cybernetes and exploit this vulnerability while it existed.

To ensure that they are not exposed to attacks, organizations should take the opportunity to improve their existing data protection platforms to cover their Cybernetes environments, as well as all other data wherever it is located.


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