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  • The interior designer prepares the house according to the needs of the client to create a comfortable environment
  • I am very keen on the quality of implementation and the method of delivery .. and 3D imaging has helped to shorten the time
  • There are several stages of interior design, starting with the receipt of the architectural plan and ending with implementation and delivery.
  • The designer’s ongoing knowledge of the latest trends in interior decoration helps him to develop and innovate
  • Many Kuwaiti young men and women work in interior design. Technology has significantly advanced the field
  • The different cultures between Arabs and the West cause different tastes, and each has its own character in design and implementation

Interview conducted by: Alaa Khalifa

He entered the world of interior design by chance and through a commercial mind, so he loved the field and was creative and exceptional in it. He believes that the most important characteristic of the interior designer is punctuality and quality in design, implementation and delivery. He also sees that the different tastes between East and West are due to different cultures. «Alanba» met the interior designer Abdul Rahman Al-Nasr Allah, who told us about the interior design and the design stages, and pointed out the importance of 3D imaging, which helped to shorten a lot of time between the designer and the client. Al-Nasrallah spoke about the Gulf and Kuwaiti tastes in particular and what distinguishes them from Western tastes, pointing to the development of interior decoration in Kuwait from the past and how modern technology has contributed to bring about this change. On the other side of the meeting, Nasrallah referred to the problems facing their work, especially during the Corona pandemic, which they still suffer from to this day, and addressed his advice to young designers involved in the work. in interior decoration. to ensure success and excellence, and the following are the details of the dialogue.

Tell us first about your beginnings and why did you specifically choose the field of interior design?

In fact, I did not study interior design as a study, and the topic started with me as a commercial idea that the market needs interior design, in addition to that I had a taste and sense for interior design, and before I entered this field, I worked in several fields, including the field of banking and investment, and administrative positions in various government agencies, and I entered the field of interior design. Interior design as a purely commercial field and after a while I supervised the sites and the work of the employees and withdrew ideas and I was constantly aware of everything that is new in the world of interior design and how the client’s mindset to achieve to know what he wants and try to implement it in a way that suits my ideas and suggestions, which creates a state of satisfaction for me The clients announced the final implementation of the project, and after a for a while I felt a love and passion for the field of interior design, which created a state of desire for creativity, innovation and added a new thing to it. I took many training courses in the field of interior design and mixed with designers in Kuwait.

Urgent need

Do you want to emphasize the interior design?

There is an urgent need for interior decoration in every home, and the Corona crisis has helped to discover the shortcomings that our homes suffer from, especially during the presence of people in their homes for long periods during the total and partial ban, what they needed. an interior designer to give aesthetic touch to their homes according to their needs and requirements, and currently with the development Technological: The client searches the Internet, looks at designs and decorations, creates a specific vision for his home, and then sits down with the designer to exchange opinions and ideas to reach the final design that will be implemented on the ground.

In recent years, the role of the interior designer has become very important in every home and can not be dismissed, but is urgently needed, and the interior designer prepares the home according to the needs of the client to create a comfortable environment create in the house.

What are the stages of interior design?

The design phases begin with the designer receiving an architectural plan from the engineering company, and then the designer distributes furniture, electrical outlets, sewer points, and lighting, and then the designer develops new ideas that fit the client’s needs, and then the client chooses his favorite colors, according to His taste in the choice of colors.

Tell us about 3D imaging of projects, and has it contributed positively to the world of interior decoration?

3D imaging has contributed to significantly shortening the time. In the past, the designer may have been able to explain a point to the client, but he understood it in a different way. In terms of 3D imaging, it showed the client his project and design as if it were an outlet in front of him on the ground, which shortened a lot of time and effort between the designer and the client.

What makes you special and different from other interior designers?

What makes an interior designer different from other designers is his idea, distinction, creativity and innovation in this field, and his ability to understand and add to the requirements and needs of the client in line with the developments of modern era, and I see that each designer has his own tastes and ideas far from imitating and repeating the ideas of another designer For me, the most important thing that distinguishes me is the great interest in quality and the final delivery method of the project.

Where do you get your inspiration for designs? Is it your personal taste, listening to the customer’s wishes, or a combination of this and that?

Of course, there must be a consensus between the client’s opinions, desires, needs and requirements, as well as the designer’s ideas and suggestions, which he deems appropriate for the implementation of the project. Attract modern, advanced and innovative ideas, as well as the multiplicity of materials used gives the designer inspiration during the implementation of the project.


Do you have a specific work mechanism that you follow in the implementation of your projects to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction?

* Accuracy in project delivery dates and quality of implementation is the most prominent thing that obtains customer satisfaction from designers, and this is what we try to follow as much as possible and according to the surrounding circumstances, as delivery dates do not fall into the designer’s hands during periods of overall and partial ban, for example during the Corona pandemic.

How do you rate the evolution of interior design in Kuwait from the past? Did technology contribute to this development?

* Technology has certainly contributed greatly to the development of the world of interior decoration, and currently most clients enter social networking sites, and see modern designs, on the basis of which they build their ideas and needs that they discuss with interior designers, to implement their projects accurately, so from my point of view Technological development has become very fast, and the evidence is the spread of young designers, whether men or women in Kuwait, and now they work in all fields and not just in design companies, and we see Kuwaiti designers work in carpentry in Shuwaikh.

What are the problems your job is currently facing, especially after the Corona pandemic, which was also accompanied by a lack of work?

* The Corona pandemic has certainly created several problems that we still suffer from to this day and it has not ended yet, and the damage was not only to the owners of the companies but also to the customers themselves, especially during the periods of total and partial prohibition, and the accompanying complete closure, some customers appreciated the situation, but there are customers who did not appreciate and did not understand. They have expressed their dissatisfaction with the delay in the delivery of their projects, and we are still held responsible for these problems, and currently costs have increased as before, and workers’ wages have increased, but there are customers who do not understand the changes Has been associated with the Corona crisis, as well as the problem of lack of materials as before, with some customers not accepting for alternatives. material.

If we compare the interior decoration in the East and West, specifically the Kuwaiti and Gulf flavors, what distinguishes it from the West?

* It only relates to different cultures. In the Arabian Gulf, we rely on a special character, especially the heritage character in the designs. As for the West, they have a different tendency that matches the nature of their lives, so we find that their designs depend on the shapes of churches and museums, but in the Gulf character we find a focus on heritage character as well as The Moroccan style, preferred by many of the Gulf.

We also want to talk about competition in the local market and the criteria by which prices differ?

The competition is related to the style of work, and we have several designers in Kuwait, some of whom work in furniture shows, and some of them turn to the technical aspect related to implementation. There is competition in the market, and it is an honorable competition controlled by morals. Fortunately, designers in Kuwait are “on one heart” and among them is good cooperation. Personally, I am one of the loving designers to support all designers when they ask me to do it, with love and appreciation.

What are your tips for young interior designers based on your practical experience?

Advise them to first study the client’s personality, needs and requirements so that he can find a balance between them and his ideas as a designer, his views and his suggestions. in speech, and the designer must be constantly informed to know the latest trends in interior decoration to keep up with the times.

Finally, do you think the need in Kuwait has become urgent to implement entertainment city projects, especially after the closure of most of the entertainment and tourist spots in Kuwait recently?

Yes, Kuwait has an urgent need to establish entertainment cities and tourist places needed by young people, adults and the youth, explaining that the youth group in Kuwait has become the oppressed group in recreation places and stressing the importance of recreation places around the energy of young people and fill their free time in useful matters, pointing to the spread of violence and quarrels Recently in Kuwait due to the oppression in which most young people live and the lack of entertainment and tourist spots, and it is true that there are many sports venues in Kuwait , but not all young people are athletes, there is a large group that needs places to relax.

Nasrallah on social media

To communicate with the designer, Abdul Rahman Al-Nasrallah, through social media:

Instagram: ab_alnasrallah

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Zaha Hadid – may God have mercy on her – is a legend that will not be repeated in the world of architectural design

Interior designer Abd al-Rahman al-Nasrallah said during the meeting that one of the most influential figures in his life was the Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, “may God have mercy on her.” Architectural masterpieces and she was very creative in her work, which made her a source of strength for him personally and pointed out that Zaha Hadid is a legend in architectural design that the Arabs will not repeat.

A letter of thanks, appreciation and pride to designer Latifa Al-Qenai

Nasrallah sent a letter of thanks, appreciation and pride to the designer, Latifa Fouad Al-Qena’i, who was one of his strongest supporters and supported him a lot in his beginnings and encouraged him to sign up for training courses on the area of ​​interior. decoration, and says, “He who does not thank people, does not thank God.” From the world of design, the glory to God Almighty is due to the designer Latifa Al-Qanai.

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