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Novel captured from his revenge

chapter one

Written by Kholoud Muhammad

He reached a place where no one had reached it before him, and no one would reach it after him.

He achieved many, many achievements and successes in his practical life, but it did not satisfy him. Rather, he wants to achieve his first goal, which is revenge against the one who was the reason to waste his childhood and deprive him of his mother. , and the reason for his father’s cruelty to him, which he had been seeking for many years, tirelessly and not bored, except to reach out to her and achieve his goal, which is to take revenge on her and her worst to make torment taste as his mother tasted, but it is not equal to the torment he will inflict on her, for he will taste her twice as much as he, and therefore to take his mother’s right, even with ‘ a small amount …

But can that wretched woman who has suffered so much and much pain and humiliation carry that vengeance that has nothing to do with it, and be taken for the guilt of her mother, who was also the cause of her suffering from an early age?


Malak Abdul Hamid, the hero of our novels: She is 20 years old, of medium height, with a harmonious body, eyes the color of the clear sky, and long curly hair. A veiled woman is characterized in her third year at the Pharmacy College by kindness and innocence. She loves her aunt Fatima very much and considers her her mother, after leaving her child to her.

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Sarah: She’s Malak’s best friend and considers her her sister. They knew her when they entered the university together. Sarah is distinguished by her brown eyes, her short brown hair, adorned with her veil and her wheat skin. She is also distinguished by her small size and slender body.

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Murad Al-Talkhawi: Our hero, who is 29 years old, is characterized by his tall height, athletic body, large, solid chest, short black hair, very soft, brown face and black eyes that rob women’s minds, as his attractive let women kneel under his feet and he does not care for them. Someone dares to oppose him with his experience and intelligence, he was able to establish the Al-Talkawi Group of Companies + his own five star hotel chain throughout Egypt + branches of his companies abroad.


Moataz: He’s been Murad’s close friend since childhood. They have never divorced in their lives. Moataz is distinguished by his brown hair and burgundy skin, with his long length and athletic body, but he is not compared to Murad. He is calm and gentle, and this allows him to absorb Murad’s anger and nervousness all the time.

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Sherry: She’s Murad’s friend at work, after graduating from university and she works with him. She loves Murad and even loves him because it’s a dream for all girls, but he looks to her only from the perspective of his girlfriend and nothing else.


Hajja Fatima: She is the maternal aunt of a 50 year old woman, tender and friendly, who loves Malak very much and considers her her daughter.


chapter one

In one of the popular areas in the city of Cairo, where our heroine lives with her aunt, Hajja Fatima, in a simple house, after the death of her father two years ago. And her daughter’s marriage and her travels with her husband, so she’s sitting alone now too.


Hajj Fatima: Wake up, King, come so you can break your fast, my love, before you go to university

King: Ummm

Hajj Fatima: Come on, kings, wake up, you will be late for your university, my love.

King: Oh, you woke up, Auntie. Good morning, Fattouma

Hajj Fatima: Good morning, my love

King: Present, my love, I will fix, wear long clothes and eat breakfast together

After the needy Fatima’s departure, Malak remembered what happened to her more than 15 years ago when she left her and gave birth to her son and asked him for a divorce when she told him that she did not will not love and that if he refused to divorce her, a divorce case would be filed against him, therefore he divorced her to avoid trouble and protect his daughter from her mother’s oppression, to for the sake of money to marry a well-known and wealthy businessman and did not understand its owner. for the 5 years that clung to her feet and cried from oppression to stay by her side and despite the tears of the innocent child to stay with her, she was not affected and the child was taken away from her with the utmost cruelty and they left and went and left behind their pains, pains and fatigue. And he broke that innocent soul who knew nothing and wanted nothing of the world except for his mother and father.

Malak overcame her wanderings to the voice of her aunt Fatima, who was calling her from outside, so she wiped away her tears and got up from the bed to try to forget her painful memories with her mother to go to the toilet to prepare for her university ………… __________

on the other side

A palace above imagination is characterized by sophistication and luxury of expensive furniture and antiques, as the palace consists of two floors.

First floor: there are 6 rooms, two rooms for servants, and the rest of the bedrooms are empty

The second floor: This is a private floor only for Murad Al-Talkawi, no one dares to enter it without his permission, and no one can sit on it except him. It is only suitable for someone like Murad Al-Talkawi, and there is an office room, a gym room equipped with the latest types of sports equipment, a lounge, and another room for the sauna and jacuzzi.

Our hero woke up to the sound of his phone, so he took it from behind him and found the person who was waiting for him, so he answered him immediately

– The other side: what is meant by it, where did we know its location?

Murad with a little shock: Yes

what do you say! Are you sure of what you are saying?

The other party, emphasizing: Yes, what you want to say, as you say, I knew where she was, but what blocked me is that I have known him for a long time. She lives with her aunt, not in the house. she lived in.

Murad serious and questioning: and did you know what information you gathered about her?

The other party: When I asked the people in the area about her, they told me that she had left the area after her father’s death, and she went to live with her aunt, and her grocer had been with her for two years. aunt.

Murad, his features changed to austerity and extreme seriousness: Watch and focus with me

The other side: You have what you want, and what you are commanded to do

Murad with seriousness and focus: I want you to know everything about her from the time she was born until now, and not like that, just know everything about her aunt and how they are doing. Murad barely: Understand? Every thing and I do not want any guilt

The other party swallowing his saliva with difficulty and fear for his employer: At your command I want him, I do not want you to worry at all. Within hours you will have the file of this decision and her entire family in your hands

Murad while still in his condition: OK,

After Murad finished the call, he looked at him with a grimace, and out of his sharp eyes aroused anger and hatred as he angrily gritted his teeth and said: With God, I will make you regret and hate the day what you were born with. All the humiliation my mother went through, Duholk was doubled out of it

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