Athletes change their games

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The love for sports does not stop, and knows no boundaries or age, and there are stars we knew and lived their glory, and we did not lose them by retiring, because they went to play other sports, which they took as a hobby, and decided to professionalize it after the downfall of their star in their main game.

A few years ago, defender Essam Dahi played in the backline of Al-Shabab, Al-Ahly and Al-Nasr clubs, before an injury forced him to retire from football at the age of 37, and here he decided to devote himself to the sport of bodybuilding, which he loved from an early age, and within a few years he succeeded in achieving many of the local championships, and now thinks of fulfilling his ambition accomplished to join the ranks of the first national team.

love and hobby

Dahi says: “I have loved bodybuilding since I was a child, but I did not get enough time to practice regularly and professionally because of my commitment to playing football, so I found the opportunity before I stepped out of the ball. has. , to go to bodybuilding, especially because it’s a game that does not know a specific age, and there are competitions And world stars are in very advanced stages of age. ”

Regarding the differences between football and bodybuilding, Dahi said: “Football is much more difficult because it is a team match linked to a schedule of practices and matches, and there is a lot of public pressure in it as it is the first popular match. in the world, in addition to the time of his matches is 90 minutes, during which the player is required to make Maximum effort.

He continued: “While bodybuilding is an individual game, I can set up my training schedule with the coach according to my personal circumstances and my work schedule, and the competitions do not have great public pressure and do not require a long time from each player. , in addition to the fact that her injury is much less than football, and of It is easy to continue it for many years, and perhaps the common factor between it and football is that the practitioner of either of the two matches a sports life, taking into account the regime of sleep and waking up, do not stay up late, and eat healthy meals. ”

Essam Dahi confirmed that his sports ambition has been renewed in the practice of bodybuilding, after reaching his last stop with football. The honor of joining the ranks of the first national team. ”

Similar experiences

Issam Dahi was not the only athlete to decide to change his original sport to another sport, and there are international stars who have followed the same path, including former Dutch soccer star Arjen Robben (38), the former wing of Chelsea and Real Madrid, who went to marathon races. He completed his first ever race in Rotterdam a few weeks ago, with a time of 3:13:40.

While Dirk Kuyt, the former Liverpool striker, plans to practice boxing, revealing that he wants to face celebrities, with the start of his first fight next October, and the legendary Jamaican runner Usain Bolt, who stopped in 2017 to ran, went to play football with Australian Central Coast Mariners Club in 2018, Usain was then 32 years old but he was unsuccessful in his new sports career.

As for American basketball legend Michael Jordan, in 1993, after winning the NBA Championship for the third time in a row, he decided to storm baseball in the minor leagues, in order to fulfill a wish for his father, and he already had a contract with the Chicago White Sox, and played for their club affiliated with the Birmingham Barons, before representing the Scottsdale Scorpions, but retired from baseball in 1995 and returned to the NBA.


Czech tennis star Ivan Lendl, formerly the world number one, retired when he retired in 1994, achieving some success in his new sporting career, and French goalkeeper Fabian Barthez, known for his strange style on the field with his country and Manchester United, turned into a world Motorsport After retiring from football, he has already competed in 4 major international races.

While German goalkeeper Tim Wise has adopted a trend that many consider crazy, heading to the wrestling arenas in 2014, and has already played a number of important matches, and cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins, after having been very world- and won Olympic championships on both track and road, move to competition In the water, he switched to kayaking in 2017, in which he did not achieve the expected success.

shine on

West Ham football legend Julian Dix also did not achieve the success he expected in golf, while Sonny Bill Williams, after playing for the New Zealand rugby team, went to heavyweight boxing in 2009, and as the champion of his country in that weight is crowned. , before you stop again And back to work in rugby.

Italian legend Paolo Maldini is considered the greatest football defender of all time, but about 9 years after his retirement he took part in a doubles tennis match in Milan, and his tennis career lasted 43 minutes, and then admitted that he failed has around his sports road.

Curtis Woodhouse, the former midfielder of Sheffield United and the English u.21 team, hung up his shoes early, entered the boxing ring and appeared for the first time in the violent match in 2006, in the welterweight competition, and fought in 31 boxing matches. , and won 24 times, including 13 times by knockout, and received seven losses.

female element

Changing the “athletic skin” is not limited to men, and there is Victoria Pendleton, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in cycling, who suddenly changed her course to horse riding, which she learned well in just 12 months has, and competed in her first race in 2015, and she won some titles in horse competitions, but she did not achieve her achievement in cycling.

The women’s list also includes swimmer Sarah Storey, a six-medal winner at the Barcelona Olympics, who is only 14 years old, but a series of ear infections led her to replace the pool with cycling, and she has the became biggest Paralympic player in Britain. cycling history too.

As for Rebecca Romero, after winning a silver medal at the 2004 Olympics and a gold medal at the 2005 World Championships in rowing, a back injury forced her to migrate rowing and go cycling, and she won gold at the Won 2008 Olympics and became first. woman to win a medal in two Olympic sports.


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