Closing of the most comprehensive issue of Dubai Design Week

The activities of the seventh and most comprehensive edition of Dubai Design Week, the most prominent creative festival in the region, held under the auspices of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, closed in the Dubai Design District (d3), from 8 to 13 November This November, it reaffirmed Dubai’s importance as a center for design and creativity in the region and beyond.

Mette Dane-Christensen, Director of Dubai Design Week, said: “The comments and feedback we received from visitors, exhibitors and partners were overwhelming. From the interactive exhibits that revitalize public spaces and encourage visitors to engage in new discussions, to the creation of business opportunities for designers and design brands at Downtown Design, we are pleased to see how audiences have responded tremendously to the festival’s main programs . Here we can only look forward to the impact that the festival will have, and the countless ideas that will be explored over the next year, before our next issue opens in November 2022. ”

Following its online edition last year, Downtown Design, the region’s premier exhibition of original and high-quality designs, has personally reopened its doors to visitors this year, with more than 150 designers and design brands.

Amedeo Scarpa, Italian UAE Trade Commissioner, said: “Downtown Design has once again proven to be an excellent platform for networking and business in the interior design industry. General of Italy was chosen to be part of the Italian representation, had the opportunity to showcase their creative and artificial collection in the Gulf region that continues to underline their continued interest in Italian furniture.

Downtown Editions, the space dedicated to showcasing limited-edition designs and custom innovations, has returned to highlight the unique creations of designers and design studios from the region.

Lisa Pallitschgar, Deputy Director of Tashkeel, said: “For us, Dubai Design Week, where we are launching groundbreaking new work, puts promising designers in the spotlight while engaging in meaningful discussions with our design colleagues in the UAE and beyond. . Our participation this year provided an opportunity to communicate with design enthusiasts, workers in the sector and students to explore the future of sustainable design, and to introduce four innovative works in the way they deal with materials; It reflects the wealth of natural resources in the UAE and its design and manufacturing talents. ”

The festival also featured the “Beirut Specialty Store” put together by Mariana Wehbe, which featured work on more than 50 well-known designers and emerging creative talents in Lebanon. The event also witnessed the establishment of the second edition of the “Exhibition of Designers Residing in the Emirates”; The work of 31 designers based in the UAE was unveiled.

As part of its parent platform, Global Alumni Exhibition, the second edition of the Alumni Exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa has more than 60 innovative projects by 78 students from 29 universities in 10 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region highlighted.

In parallel with the personal Alumni Exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa, the Global Alumni Exhibition in its online edition unveiled 150 prominent projects from 114 universities in 50 countries.

During the course of the festival, 15 installation works were distributed in the outdoor spaces of Dubai Design District, including: the winning work commissioned by “Abwab” this year, entitled “Nature in Motion” by architect Ahmed Al-Sharabasi, who created the Dubai desert and its rise to become a pioneering city in development and progress Continue.

And “Civil Works”, the annual initiative supported by “ARM Holding”, unveiling the winning proposal in its 2021 issue entitled “Yawla” for the “Bits to Atoms” architecture company in Beirut. The work is a transgenerational -public space whose beams were created using 3D printing technology, aimed at the safe return of social relations to their pre-pandemic era.

Guillaume Credos, CEO and founder of Pets to Atoms, said: “The public call for this year’s Urban Works initiative has revolved around the idea of ​​harming the Corona pandemic to social relationships through the concept of play. repair. We developed the work Yola, with the goal of redefining our use of public spaces by inviting communities to interact again.

AlUla, one of the world’s most prominent heritage and geological destinations, also hosted an exhibit inspired by the unique rock formations in the desert, designed by Geo Forma and Black Engineering. The exhibition highlighted the projects that define the characteristics of the emerging design city in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and featured a daily dialogue series entitled “Al-Ula Design Conversations”, which housed many prominent names.

Dubai Design Week witnessed the unveiling of a creative concept entitled “Safifa”, a collaboration between Bentley Motors and designer Hessa Al Suwaidi, which combines a contemporary approach to a traditional UAE weaving pattern of the same name with Bentley’s philosophy of design and craftsmanship.

In addition to the installation work, the exterior spaces of Dubai Design District have hosted a number of exhibitions, including: “Dubai Design District Architecture: 2040”, which deals with the vision of five architectural firms of what Dubai will become in the next twenty years. The second edition of the Dubai Design Week Market, with the support of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, housed more than 50 new entrants, in addition to a variety of food and ceramic shops, down to blown glass and handmade design. pieces.

Throughout the week, the “Innovation Space” presented a program of more than 80 workshops for visitors of different ages and experiences, under the slogan “Paper and Plastic + Toys”, in addition to a wide range of workshops for children during the weekend. Dubai Design Week also witnessed the launch of a series of informal interactive dialogues between creative talents in the Emirates, as part of its new talk show “Meet the Creators of the Emirates”.

Fatima Al Mahmoud, guest curator at Dubai Design Week, said: “There was an urgent need to create a platform to organize meetings between creative people in the UAE; To discuss topics related to what the design sector views.

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