Creative tricks to make your small room look bigger … you will be amazed

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Many people prefer to live in houses with little space, and despite the limited space it is not impossible to arrange a small house, and from here we will show you the most prominent tricks that can be followed to to make the house look bigger.

Tricks to make small rooms in the house look bigger

You can follow some tips and ideas that will give homeowners a sense that the rooms look bigger, as the design of the interior of the house greatly influences how the rooms look bigger or smaller.


Light colors on the walls make the room feel bigger

Wall decorations play a big role in making the rooms look bigger and more spacious, and the color of the walls has a big influence on the width of the room. Light colors are the best choice for small rooms, as the yellow-white, sky blue or light pink color is one of the best options for it, while The white color remains the perfect choice if you are confused, and accordingly you can look at the types of wall paint and their selection criteria, to be able to choose the best color and quality for your home.


There are many types of glass used in decoration, especially in windows that can apply tricks that make small rooms in the house look bigger than they are. Large windows allow more sunlight to move through the room, giving a feeling of spaciousness. This is an important benefit that should definitely be exploited.


Long curtains give a feeling of space

Windows that are not covered with curtains give the feeling that the rooms are wider, apart from curtains is the best option for small rooms, but there are many reasons why you should cover your windows with curtains, so we have you in previous articles showed a set of tips for choosing the right curtains for your home, which says that small rooms It is suitable for curtains that extend from floor to ceiling instead of curtains that cover only the area of ​​†‹вЂ‹ windows. On the other hand, long curtains give the impression that the room looks higher, and this is an important factor in making the room look bigger. It can also be used for curtains in a color similar to the color of the wall, where it mixes Color and finally gives the feeling that the room is larger.

It is also preferable to get acquainted with the latest trends of curtains and the rules for their use in home decoration, in order to determine the type of curtains that are most suitable for the space of the room.


Types of lighting are important elements in the world of interior design. Unsuitable and dim lighting in a room will make it look small. Therefore, it is preferable to know the difference between white lighting and yellow lighting before making the final decision to choose it.

natural lighting

Natural lighting is often the best, so letting most of the sunlight into the room makes a big difference. One of the successful ways to achieve this is to place a mirror on the wall opposite the window, which spreads the light through the room and makes it look larger.

artificial lighting

Everyone undoubtedly needs artificial lighting when it gets dark or when there is not enough natural light. Choosing the right lighting makes a difference to make the room look wider, and the best way to do this is to spread the light through the room, using several lamps to illuminate the entire room, or use large-size floor lamps for the same purpose Blue lighting can also be used instead of yellow lighting. Consequently, the criteria for choosing bedroom lighting were determined according to the area and its decorations, especially the colors of the walls.


After making changes to the look of the room and making sure enough light enters it, the role of furniture comes in to make small rooms look bigger, and that’s the real challenge. To make the task easier for you, you can make a list of the furniture you want and the furniture you need daily, and learn the most important tips and steps to arrange home furniture in an organized and easy way. Here are some tricks and tips related to arranging furniture to find empty spaces in the room.

Leave enough space between the furniture and the wall

Leaving a small space between the wall and the sofa gives the room space

The most effective way to make small rooms look wider is to leave space between the wall and pieces of furniture. The furniture along the wall makes the room appear narrow. Therefore, we encourage you to take a look at a group of the most prominent innovative ways. to explore the hallways in the house to look wider and more beautiful.

Versatile Furniture

Sofa converted into a double bed

Built-in cupboards or shelves offer a lot of space, but this type of room is not available in all save space.

There are also many types of multi-use furniture, such as beds that have drawers at the bottom, sofas that have a place to put books, or even a bunk bed and an adjoining desk at the bottom, but it depends on the area of ​​the room and the size of the furniture, so experts prefer to identify the basics of choosing home furniture before starting the furniture process.

large furniture

One large sofa and one large coffee table are enough to save space

You might be surprised at this information, as it is normal to choose furniture and small accessories for rooms with a small area, but the presence of very small pieces of furniture makes the room look narrow and cluttered, like adding one piece of furniture to add. or a large piece of furniture is one of the ways that helps you see your room bigger.

vertical racks

Vertical shelves give the feeling of more ceiling height

There are many ideas for coordinating shelves in home decor, which is one of the most prominent tricks to make small rooms in the house look bigger, as placing vertical shelves on the walls gives a feeling that the ceiling is high and the room is large, and shelves can also be placed near the ceiling to draw attention to Top.

open leg bench

open leg bench

Next in the list of tricks that make small rooms of the house look bigger is the use of furniture with long and exposed legs, as this method is considered one of the best ways to make small rooms look bigger, as the empty space between the sofa and the floor plays a major role in creating a sense of spaciousness of the room, but it is The disadvantages of a sofa with exposed legs is that it can be easily scratched or broken, which requires you have to resort to furniture maintenance at home.

transparent furniture

Transparent furniture gives the impression of extra space

Using tables or chairs that have glass in their design is one of the best ways to make small rooms look wider, and if you decide to adopt this type of furniture, we encourage you to look at the most effective ways. to polish glass so you can maintain the beauty of the furniture.

Decoration and accessories

After you have arranged the furniture well and got rid of the things that are not needed, you can add some decorations and accessories to decorate the corners of the whole house.


The outlines give a sense of space

If we keep talking about tricks that make small rooms in the house look bigger, we can add accessories that contain broad lines, including rugs or bedspreads, because it deceives the eye and makes the rooms look wider.

art paintings

Hang a large painting on the wall for a larger room

As we mentioned to you above and based on the tips and rules for hanging paintings at home, the bigger the piece of furniture, the better, so instead of using several small paintings, one large painting can be used to make room look more spacious as it is One of the best tricks to make small rooms in the house look much bigger.

With this we came to the end of our article in which we highlighted a list of a group of tricks that make small rooms in the house look bigger than they are, in the hope that we have spared you the trouble of going to each of to seek them.

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