Designer Abeer Akbari: Interior Design is not just a study, it is an art that is gained through practice

Interview: Fawzia Fahad Al-Wazzan – Media Student – University of Bahrain

The designer, Abeer Akbari, started her career, which was due to her passion and being from a family whose field is engineering and design, which led to her studying interior design and excelling in this field and her name highlight in a noticeable way. She opened her own interior design office to have her own name in the field of design and architecture. She became one of the most famous designers in Bahrain and also in the Gulf because of her distinctive touch and with this fame, but she always strives to to be better and more and become an example for future designers.

  • How did you decide to start studying interior design?

I decided to study in the United States and was confused between architecture and interior design, but I was impressed by the study of interior design and the way they were taught in this field, and I felt that this was the field in which I could excel.

  • How did you get your start in this field?

I had a very difficult start due to alienation and being far away from my family.I had pressure in terms of studying and living alone without someone with me, and studying needed constant focus and I often needed to long hours went to university to perform the practical part.

  • Where do you get design inspiration?

I come with my inspiration according to the project.If I have a villa house design, it will be designed according to the client’s personality and his preferred type.Black was classic or modern design.After I got to know the client’s taste, I start his own design, but in the case of large projects such as banks and hospitals it is important.One of the most recent and important international projects to suit the environment of the place.

  • What are the main projects you have undertaken in Bahrain?

I designed many hospitals, including the Bahrain Defense Force Hospital, I designed Benefit B Bank, and I designed the National Bank of Bahrain.

  • Do you have any projects designed outside of Bahrain?

Yes, there are also many, the most important of which are the designs of the Arab Open University in Riyadh, Amman and Madinah, and King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa and many private villas.

  • Where did you study interior design?

She studied interior design in the United States, specifically in Dallas.

  • Who is the biggest supporter of your interior design studies?

The biggest supporter for me is my family, specifically my father and my mother, who were with me in every step and supported me in every way.

  • What are the problems you have encountered in this field?

The study period and hours are very long, and it cost a lot of effort. The duration of one class was at least three hours. After graduation, the field was much easier with practice and love for the field.

  • What makes your work different from other designers?

Excellence in my work is that the design is consistent in colors and dimensions, and that each project has its own privacy. What distinguishes my work is that it is studied consistently and carefully.

  • What are your favorite projects and why?

My favorite project, which I feel close to, is the Bahrain Defense Force Hospital project, because the character of the place was full of humanity and positive energy. When I designed it, I made sure it was not a gloomy place not, so that when the patient enters, he will feel comfortable and happy in the place, and that the patient will rejoice to enter this hospital and be treated in it.

  • Have you ever considered creating your own book or magazine?

Yes, I thought a lot about making a book about interior design and what is this field and interior design services and what can be provided, because interior design is a service that you provide to people in terms of the time you spend on the project and craftsmanship and how to treat the client and this is the secret of the success of the interior designer.

  • Can you describe the evolution of your business from the day you started to today?

In my beginnings I always listened to my late father and what he gave me from advice on design, accuracy and dedication to work to the utmost.He was an engineer.I started designing places and things that were simple and suitable for me was. The project will be a failure, knowing that I received offers for very large projects, but I did not accept it, because I was in my beginning and wanted to do everything with precision and mastery, until my name grew and I developed myself, praise God, now I can take big and important projects and design them fully.

  • What are your future plans?

Yes, there is a plan in Bali, which is to provide an interior design service for small villas and for people with limited income whose need it is difficult to pay the interior designer.

  • Who is your favorite designer and why?

There’s an architect and interior designer, Frank Lloyd Wright, at the same time.

  • What features does an interior designer need?

The most important characteristic that the designer needs is accuracy and intensity of observation, and he has a long mind to understand the customer before him and the customer’s needs.

  • What are the most important tips you want to give to novice designers?

Passion is the most important in this field and he must endure long working hours and be a creative and perfect designer to leave his own imprint in the future. Not just study but an art that must be learned through practice.

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