Female golfers around the world prepare for Aramco’s London tour in early July

American Lexi Thompson will attend the tournament … and an upcoming competition between Hall and Nord Kvist

A selection of the smartest names in women’s golf confirmed their participation in the Aramco team series, which takes place from 8-10 July, and represent Saudi Aramco’s latest support for sport and diversity. The flagship tournament features a new format that gives amateur golfers the chance to play with professional golfers.

The system developed for the Aramco team series proved to be very popular among players through its experience last year in the Saudi Women’s International Team Championship, where 36 players will lead teams of four players combined by the lottery system, and each team will include an amateur player.

In addition to the team competition, female professional players will also compete to achieve the lowest individual score, for the highest part of the total tournament prize money in the amount of $ 200,000 for the player who achieves the best score, along with the World Rankings and Solheim Championship points.

A number of prominent names in the game of golf are taking part in the new tournament, such as; The selected Lexi Thompson, whose participation is limited to the London 2021 Championship, Georgia Hall, winner of the 2018 Women’s Open, Sweden’s Anna Nordqvist, winner of major championships, and Denmark’s Emily Christine Pedersen, winner of the Saudi Aramco International Women’s Championship in 2020.

In addition to these champions, more than 100 players will join the European Women’s Tour, competing in a group of four players to win a prize of up to one million dollars, and the competition will take place at the Centurion Golf Club near London. held. . This is the only tournament in the world in which amateurs will participate with the final result.

Champion Lexi Thompson, who at the age of 12 became the youngest golfer ever to take part in the 2010 US Open, said: “I look forward to taking part in this great and unique tournament, I love going to London to visit and play golf there. I look forward to the launch date in July. ”

Commenting on the new group, European Solheim Cup champion Georgia Hall said: “The group is new and exciting and is improving women’s golf, and is a great addition to the tour that I think most of us are looking forward to playing. . It’s great to see this kind of investment take the game to new places around the world and inspire a new generation of golfers, and it’s exciting to be a part of this tournament taking place from London. ”

The London Championships will be followed by three additional events for the Saudi Aramco Team Series, to be held in Sotogrande 6-8 August, New York 7-9 October and Jeddah 10-12 November. Other events are planned in Asia.

The Jeddah Tour of the Aramco Team Series will begin a few days after the Saudi Aramco International Women’s Championship from November 4 to 7, which will be held for the second time since its first launch last year, and at that point the first professional represented women’s championships. golf event organized in the Kingdom. With worldwide acclaim, it paves the way for Saudi Aramco and Saudi Gulf to further support women’s golf.

In turn, Ahmed Al-Subaie, Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Supply Planning at Saudi Aramco, said: golf at the international level, and stimulating the growth of this sport in the Kingdom The participation of some of the best female golfers in the Saudi Aramco team series highlights a number of opportunities that come as part of our ongoing support for women’s sports and golf. ”

Al-Subaie added: “Saudi Aramco has a long history in golf. It is a sport that we played a major role in introducing to Saudi Arabia for the first time in the 1940s. We are now proud to build on our legacy as we look forward to increasing the visibility of golf in Saudi Arabia and supporting the European Women’s Tournament in creating world championships. ”

Alexandra Armas, CEO of the Women’s European Tour, emphasized that the European tour of the Saudi Aramco Series of Championships and subsequent tournaments represents a great opportunity to promote the game of women’s golf, and to create a strong competitive field. to obtain as we do in London. ”

She added: “We are delighted to try new and innovative approaches to golf, and that is certainly what the Saudi Aramco London Series has promised. With the start of the tournament in Centurion, a new and exciting chapter in women’s golf will be written, and it will play a big role in the continued growth of the game. ”

It is noteworthy that the first Saudi Aramco Team Series tournament will be held from 8 to 10 July at Centurion Golf Club, St Albans, Hertfordshire, near London.

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