Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | 1117 competitors participated in the competition of Walid Al-Marzouq and his two sons for the Koran

63 memorizers were at the top of the competition winners, including 20 Kuwait

1117 participants of different nationalities at the level of Kuwait participated in the competition of the Forgiving, God Almighty, Walid Khaled Al-Marzouq and his two sons Khaled and Abdullah, the second electronic competition for the Holy Quran, its presentation and interpretation.

The Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Farid Emadi, editor-in-chief of «alanba», colleague Youssef Khaled Al-Marzouq, deputy editor-in-chief, colleague Adnan Al-Rashed, adviser to the editor-in-chief and general supervisor of the competition, colleague Youssef Abdul Rahman, a preacher Dr. Khaled Al-Kharraz, honoring the winners during the ceremony held at the Al-Anbaa newspaper. This year, 50 Kuwait participated in the competition, of which 20 won.

Emadi gave a speech at the beginning of the event and expressed his happiness to take part in the closing ceremony of the competition, and congratulated the arrival of the last ten days of this holy month, and prayed to God for the virtuous days. to restore all, the beloved homeland and Muslims with goodness, Yemen and blessings.

He added: This was one of the glories of Kuwait, cherished by all who were born or lived on this good land, that God created righteous men for it whose hearts would be filled with the greatness of the Qur’an, the love of his people, and the honor of his memorizers. May God Almighty lead them to blessed and good endeavors that have established their love for good in the field of interest in the Noble Qur’an and its sciences, and to encourage its memorization, study and reflection on its verses.

He continued, “Here we meet today around one of those blessed efforts, and an oasis of care for the Qur’an, in which continued charity has embraced the good Sunnah, which is the competition of the late Walid Khaled Youssef Al-Marzouq. , and his two sons Khaled and Abdullah, may God have mercy on them all and set them at peace, for which he called Youssef Khaled Al-Marzouq, in honor of the Koran, in honor of his memorizers, in order to receive reward, and if a contribution from them in the protection of Kuwaiti society, as there is nothing that deserves more care and attention in human life than the Book of God, the Almighty, and the light of sight and insight, by competing arenas provide for our children in which they memorize the Book of God and study the verses thereof, so that the sons of the late Khaled Al-Marzouq contribute to the attainment of a message that Kuwait desperately needs, namely to prepare a Koran generation that the Quran preserved. build and meaning and preserve his homeland which embodies the values ​​of the Qur’an in word and deed as a solution and backpack.

Emadi added: If the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs is keen to sponsor these blessed efforts and participate in their activities, then it embodies a living example and a model based on strengthening community partnership and national cooperation with the people of this good land and the efforts of its men to take care of the Koran and encourage its memorization in accordance with the norms of our rulers. Following the example of our rulers who are in the conscience of our Kuwaiti society and the conscience of its institutions the love of the Qur’an, the honor of its memorizers, and the appreciation of its people, and there is no evidence for that of protection and honor of His Highness the Emir of the land and his honor for Kuwait’s great competition for the memorization and refinement of the Holy Qur’an, in the belief that there is an urgent need to spread the human virtues of the Qur’an that build societies and protects against intellectual plunder of invaders, or destructive terrorist tyranny that threatens our authentic Islamic values, and it is a blessing that God bestows on us to glorify in the hearts of the people of Kuwait, its leaders and its Emir the Seeing Quran, not only by facilitating its recitation and honoring its memorizers, but in the zeal to spread its values, the utterances, and teaching it People with its virtues and morals, when they saw in that observance the real reasons for the strength of Kuwait, the preservation of its entity, the unity of its class, the protection of its houses and the coexistence of its people in the light of the meanings of Moderation and moderation.

Blessed efforts

In turn, the editor-in-chief, colleague Yousef Al-Marzouq, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the participants and said: I am glad to meet you on this day as we celebrate the first evening of the last ten days of the holy month , may God bring it back to all of us with kindness, Yemen, blessings and enjoyment.

He continued: I am honored to convey to you the greetings and appreciation of my brother Fawaz Khaled Al-Marzouq, and all these blessed efforts in this second Ramadan Quran competition for the Forgiving, God Almighty, Walid Khaled Al-Marzouq and his two sons Khaled and Abdullah, may God have mercy on them all.

electronic platforms

Addressing the winners and organizers of the competition, Al-Marzouq said: You have made our hearts rejoice with the results of this second competition, in which more than 1 100 participants from different nationalities were submitted, and 20 Kuwait out of 50 participants. is a valuable effort for our honorable sheiks who work and lead the circles of my late father, so God willing, Khaled Al-Marzouq, may God have mercy on him, and they have so far been able to graduate 106 memorized memorizers who through the continuous chain of transfer to the Book of God since the year of the blessed beginning in 2012, in addition to this blessed success today in the second electronic competition that We hope to develop and include the women’s sector in the coming years.

He said: This is an opportunity for the Minister of Endowment and Islamic Affairs, Brother Issa Al-Kandari, the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry, Brother Farid Emadi, and all the different sectors of the ministry, including agents, directors and workers, to thank. that the service of the Book of God, its preservation and its people is a great honor for us, the children of the deceased, if God wills, Khaled Youssef Al-Marzouq, and we will spare no effort, effort and money to to support the episodes and these. blessed competition, and I pray to Almighty God to preserve Kuwait and our Emir, His Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad, and His Highness the Crown Prince, Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad, and I express my gratitude and appreciation to all the workers in this second quality competition.

Colleague Youssef Al-Marzouq closed his speech by saying: I stand before you today via the electronic platform, and say to the winners of the competition: Congratulations to you for keeping the Book of God and the crown of dignity that you carry for your parents, and we ask God Almighty to give us the great reward in this holy month.

Kuwait deserves it

In turn, the general overseer of the circles of the late, if God wills, Uncle Khaled Youssef Al-Marzouq, colleague Youssef Abdul Rahman: 10 years ago, the episodes of Uncle Khaled Youssef Al-Marzouq, may God have mercy on him, began to memorize and interpret the Qur’an, to fill a huge void for young people in Kuwait, and led to the graduation of 106 memorizers of the Qur’an. They have acquired the bond associated with the Messenger of God, may God bless him and give him peace.

He added: On 2 Ramadan 1442 AH corresponding to 15 April 2021 AD, the Waleed Khaled Al-Marzouq Competition and his two sons Khaled and Abdullah, may God have mercy on them, launched, and today we celebrate 63 outstanding winners in this blessed electronic competition in its second year, which we hope, if the Lord wills, will be for both men and women in the coming year.And thank you in this regard to the supporter of these blessed circles and the competition, Brother Fawaz Khaled Al- Marzouq, who is zealous for his religion, who follows the Sunnah of his noble prophet, who strives to please his Lord Almighty, who is loyal to his dead, mercy, family and loved ones, and who always says “Kuwait deserves. “

Colleague Yousef Abdul Rahman thanked the Ministry of Awqaf, led by Minister Issa Al-Kandari, and reviewed some of the competition’s achievements in numbers and statistics. He indicated that the number of participants in the competition in its second year 1117 participants from various nationalities, including 50 Kuwaiti and 1,027 Arab participants. Of the non-Arabic-speaking nationalities, about 40 participants.

He explained that preparations for the competition began from the date of the first of Shaban 1443 AH, to the nineteenth of Ramadan, as posters were designed and electronic links established and pages on communication websites to follow the competition news electronically through 30 links.

Abdul Rahman stated that the competition includes 7 different categories, including the category for ten lectures, which is a new addition to the competition, the entire Qur’an category, half of the Qur’an, people with special needs, a quarter of the Koran one for young people, 5 parts for young people, and a portion of Uncle and Blessings for the buds.

Al-Kharraz: Continuation of the competition and the growing number of participants is proof of its success

The preacher Sheikh d said. Khaled Al-Kharraz: There is no doubt that the continuation of the competition and the growing number of participants in it is a testament to its success, and the achievement of its goals and the goals of its organizers through the graduation of generations of memorizers of the Book of God is proud of their religion and works to serve their country and Islamic nation.

Al-Kharraz thanked the sponsors of the competition and their financial, moral and media support. In this context, he also praised the efforts of the administration on the basis of this outstanding work. Whether arbitration committees or administrative and scientific committees.

He explained that the development of the competition with its mechanisms and the use of modern technology during the crisis of the spread of the “Corona” pandemic and the testing of participants by technological means is a pioneering work, with the hope that those competitions which in souls the love of the Book of God, its preservation and its refinement.

He also held the closing ceremony under the banner of the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Awqaf, Eng. Fareed Asad Emadi, and his presence and participation in honoring the winners and praising the competition and competing in it, which is proof of its success and distinction, thanks to God.

And he concluded by saying: If God wills, this blessed competition will continue, and we ask God Almighty to bless those in charge of it and those who support it, in accordance with the verdict of the Noble Prophet, may God ‘s prayers and peace be upon him: “The best of you are those who teach the Qur’an and teach it.”

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