Technological advances in the Kingdom .. Achievements that know no bounds

It is not surprising that we are talking about technological advances in the Kingdom; Especially as the Kingdom has clear plans and strategies for digital transformation and automation. The ICT sector has experienced remarkable development in recent years. It is one of the sectors with rapid change and growth, and the outputs of this sector have become a crucial and empowering factor for various development and economic aspects.

Since we are talking about technological progress in the Kingdom, we need to point out that it (the Kingdom) is one of the largest potential markets in the Middle East and North Africa for ICT products and services, as it is more as 57% of the total telecommunications market in the Middle East and 53% of the information technology industries.

The Kingdom’s ICT market still offers great potential outside the more mature markets. Local reports indicate that total average public spending on information technology in the UK is around $ 27.7 billion in 2021, an increase of 2.2% over 2020, and this spending is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6 , 7% to reach $ 42.6 billion by 2025.

And Saudi Arabia – as long as we talk about technological advances in the Kingdom – has become home to the biggest investments in cloud technology; Leading companies and cloud service providers invest extensively; Including Google, Alibaba, Oracle and SAP, more than $ 2.5 billion in cloud technology in the UK, and entrepreneurship is clearly thriving; The total investment capital in the Kingdom for the year 2021 together exceeded the total investment in the years 2019 and 2020 together.

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Technological Advances in the Kingdom and Vision 2030

The rational government, led by the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and his Crown Prince – may God preserve them – launched a series of $ 1.2 billion technology programs aimed at 2021 aimed at is developing the digital skills of more than 100,000 Saudi youth by 2030, with a focus on cyber security, programming, artificial intelligence and games.

In this context, the Kingdom hosted the LEAP Conference in Riyadh last February, the largest technical event in the world. The conference forms a forum for the global technology community, and discusses the most prominent social and cultural challenges facing the world.

The LEAP conference, organized by the Saudi Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, was attended by more than 400 speakers from 80 countries, and it also attracted more than 700 emerging companies in the field of technology, presenting their innovative solutions to the world through it.

The LEAP conference witnessed the participation of giants from the technology sector from around the world, including: Micro Focus, which specializes in providing software solutions, and which is one of the largest providers of enterprise software in the world.

The company has reviewed the latest technologies in IT service management, cyber security, application development and digital transformation. All this indicates and confirms the greatness of technological progress in the Kingdom, and that the future will carry more progress and progress in this direction.

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digital infrastructure

It is not possible to talk about technological progress in the Kingdom without referring to the improvement and development of the infrastructure. How the Kingdom has worked to improve the quality of digital services provided to beneficiaries; By working with the private sector to provide fiber optic network coverage for more than 3.5 million homes across the Kingdom, internet traffic increased by 30% during the pandemic, and internet traffic doubled; Through the national internet distributor, the internet speed also increased from 9 Mbit / s in 2017 to 109 Mbit / s in 2020, and the completion of the expansion of the internal coverage system in the third Saudi expansion in the Great Mosque of Mecca.

The Kingdom achieved the title of “the most advanced country” among the twenty countries in digital competitiveness; Given the comprehensive government support for “digital transformation in the Kingdom” as part of Vision 2030.

The Kingdom also provided 100% basic telecommunications services to families; It covered more than 576,000 homes with wireless broadband in remote areas.

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Ministry of Strategy

Since technological progress in the Kingdom cannot take place without the strategies and plans of the Ministry of Communications, it is certain that this progress was the result of the efforts of this Ministry, which seeks to make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a leader make in the field of communication and information technology in the world. By improving and developing various development activities, and increasing the efficiency and performance of the public and private sectors; By enabling digital transformation.

The Ministry is also working to develop the Kingdom’s digital capabilities in the field of communication and information technology, and to invest it in an optimal way in the growth of its future projects, in order to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, individuals and to serve societies, align with national requirements and global developments, in addition to attracting and attracting more foreign technical investment, which This lays a roadmap for the Kingdom’s future in innovation and the digital economy.

The strategy of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which is one of the levers of technological progress in the Kingdom, includes an ambitious action plan based on attracting leading international companies in priority areas of emerging technologies, increasing the share of local content in the information technology sector, and the improvement of technical skills of the local workforce In the field, in addition to the improvement of technical and digital knowledge and awareness, and the promotion of technical innovation; By improving research and development in the work system of emerging companies in the Kingdom, and enabling the development of mega-projects, as well as supporting coordination and joint efforts between the ICT-related bodies in the public and private sectors.

The ICT sector strategy 2019-2023 comes within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology aimed at establishing a strong and advanced digital infrastructure that contributes to accelerating the digital transformation process, and thus the directions of the To support the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. , which aims to strengthen the role of the ICT sector in building a digital society and government Digital, a thriving digital economy and an innovative future for the Kingdom.

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