The essence of football is in jeopardy .. Money rules, the gap has widened, and Messi is the best proof!

Money rules the world or do those papers never control a person? This is a question that has been asked for centuries and not everyone could answer it. In fact, it was the cause of many intellectual and even political conflicts. Sport has not escaped this dilemma. In fact, it has recently become an integral part of a question: money or emotions?

The whole story goes back to Lionel Messi’s move to Paris Saint-Germain. After all the years in Barcelona, ​​the flea tried to sacrifice part of his salary and failed, and eventually settled in the Prince’s Garden with an annual salary that is said to reach 45 million euros.

What happened to Messi raised questions about the value of money in football, it really became the first controller in the world of the round witch, and those eternal meanings that embody the fragrance and beauty of the game like loyalty , belongs, love and was the relationship between the player and the audience gone? Or is Messi, and Neymar before him, and other examples, nothing more than deviations from the original rule, in terms of how exceptional football is?

All these questions are added to another important question, do soccer players really earn these amazing salaries?

“Mirage” of loyalty .. A fact confirmed by Messi’s greed and accepted by Ronaldo in the time of professionalism!

Historically, money has been effective, but!

Ball Money

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If we look at the history of football over the years, it would not be surprising to discover that money has been one of the most important elements of success for clubs in the past and even with the beginning of the football witch in popularity.

Perhaps the examples here are many, for example, Real Madrid in the fifties of the last century included all the good players in the world, who benefited from its financial capacity, and the result was the absolute domination of Europe.

Barcelona and its transactions in the seventies, Bayern Munich and its pioneering German football, and many other examples, highlight one fact, namely that money has ruled football for years.

But the difference between the past and the present is very simple, the size of the gap!

In the past and maybe even 2010, the gap between rich and poor in football was not so big or big, it can somehow be bridged as effective youth sectors or things like that.

but now? Just look at the situation in the French league, Paris Saint-Germain is in a valley and the rest is in a valley. In economic terms, the gap is too large and can never be closed.

On this basis, the idea of ​​the European Super League was logical for some, including the participating clubs, as the chances of Dijon, Sporting Gijon or even Paderborn to catch up with the big players are like a dream.

To sum up at this point, yes, money has influenced football and will continue to be a major catalyst, but it has recently become the first factor and not among other influential factors such as the masses, emotions, etc. not, and as a result there was an indescribable gap between adults and children.

Jurgen Klopp did not lie


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In the nineteenth century the great pleasure of the simple and even the rich various activities, a large part of which was regarded with the same view of football, was only a trifle worshiped by men, and so it was before this century and even thereafter it, the various pleasures or what may be called “entertainments.”

In a previous interview, Jurgen Klopp thought that football is just a game and that its purpose is to make people happy and to put a smile on their faces, and it is fortunate that he has mastered it in a while when it was popular, a genius theory put forward by all standards by the Liverpool coach.

Whatever the human condition, he is willing to spend months of work for a happy moment, that is his nature, and football is the easiest means to this end.

On this basis the popularity of the round witch was built, and then he entered the business world, as he had invaded everything in a different way since the beginning of creation, and the result was the great inflation of money and the extraordinary profit for that by football stars.

The truth is that the world contains 7 billion people, if there are a million or maybe less of them who are very good at what people enjoy in their free time, they really deserve to get a big income from mastering what no one else can do.

And speaking of Lionel Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and all those legends, yes, the instant happiness and maybe even more than that, inspirational stories and others, make them worthy of big money, just like Klopp said, they are good in the luxury of the era, it’s their happiness.

Did money dominate football?

The downside is that the money is already all in football, it has lost an essential core of it which is the passion and epic stories, it explains why the new generation has abandoned it to some extent, unlike the old generations still very much attached to it.

Clubs with just the money win trophies so rarely, the smaller clubs succumbed to the fact that they are just a tool for preparation, never the same passion of the past.

Football has been dominated by money and will dominate negatively in the past, not positively. The gap has widened, and with each increase in the gap, it will often be a revolution. No one knows what it will look like. Will it bring the ball or it back to its right side?

It is now certain that the Messi case opened the door to many ideas about money, fitness and others, but it shed light on a bigger disaster on the doorstep … the end of the email that football continued as a result has and the love for young people, teenagers and even the elderly.

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