The Yemeni Americans


Fikri Qassem *

Stars do not leave the stadiums without a significant retirement match that will remain in the minds of football fans.

The presidents also do not leave their clubs without a solemn farewell on the field, where the top stars are housed.

And I had to arrange that farewell well, in the spirit of fellowship with my fellow stargazers of great conscience.

It is important to know their names so that the final image of Hanbat Al-Dhamar’s Al-Ahly retirement team becomes clear to the football fans, and they are as follows:

– Co-owner / Ali Abdullah Saleh

(The former president of the country, and the longtime former president of Al-Ahly Club, when he was the leader of the Taiz Brigade).

Colleague / Jalal Abed Rabbo Mansour

(The son of President Hadi, chairman of the board of directors of Madari, which is one of the modern companies operating in the oil field).

– Colleague Sheikh / Sultan Al-Barakani (head of the parliamentary bloc in Taiz governor).

– Colleague Al-Hajj / Abdul-Jabbar Hayel Saeed (Chairman of the Board of 70 active commercial companies around the world).

– Colleague / Nabil Hayel Saeed Anam (Regional President of Hayel Saeed Group of Companies).

– Colleague Fathi Tawfiq Abdel Rahim (Head of Khairat Oil Companies).

– Colleague Madin Yassin (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Rafa Foundation for Pharmaceuticals).

All of them are big, capable and influential stars, and they have enough conscience in the field to record the purpose of the presidency of the poor Al-Ahly club.

I made appointments to meet them one by one during the two weeks of continuous daily running in their courts to bring the issue to them.

And I persevered in the final and final redemptive exercises of Al-Ahly’s heavy load to score the goal of convincing at least one of them to be the safe hand on the energy of the young men and the safe president whose chassis is to resign in the field and my heart rests on the future of Al-Ahly Club.

In calculating the final exit to score the goal, Al-Ahly Club from the safe and secure hand on the energy of the youth of the poor community will need an annual support of at least fifty million riyals, and what is something in the Sea of ​​Zeros stacked in the balances of the potential buses in the final exit team of Hanba Dammar the goal.

The whistle of the exit match blew in front of a large crowd in Martyrs Square, their voices cheered in the stands, and the atmosphere was enthusiastic, and each player of the final exit team took his place on the stadium, and the tour ahead. of their eyes are available, and within it is the most important, oldest and largest club in the governor, and the hoped-for purpose is noble, easy and simple for Each of them has a little moral conscience and a little sense of patriotic duty towards their local community.

I went to the stadium very refreshed and excited, and with great euphoria and great hope for Al-Ahly’s retirement, and I ran to run the ball in between them like any star preparing to score the final goal .

And the soccer bus to the co-leader:

– Shoot, regret .. The game is open, the goal is available and very easy, and my family is your first club, and you are able to make the best club out of it, and defeat all the Gulf countries with it.

The co-leader was not enthusiastic about putting the ball in the joule, and he himself was on the side of the field to round off the safe exit of opponents in politics whose game is unclean, and they have many faults in his own just shot and blew the history of every goal he scored for the country in the days when he was president.

I understood his situation as a wounded former president and the last political maneuver match with his opponents on the field, and he had time to score a goal he should have scored before.

– Shoot the ball, Captain Jalal. The game is open, and the goal is not difficult, and you are a young man in a position of decision and influence, and Al-Ahly club the whole Yemen plays in it.

And I thought he would be excited to score the noble goal, but he was a new colleague on Hillman’s power, and the large amount of money he had in a short period of time … Especially in their own net !

I understood his situation and the nature of the dirty political stage, and I did not become discouraged.

– You shot the ball, Sheikh Sultan Al-Barakani, and scored the goal, to prevent your father.

The enthusiasm of my colleagues Sheikh and Busi, who were not present in the presence of dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, Deputy Prime Minister …

– Shoot the ball, Dr. Rashad

Dr. Rashad was then still injured due to the bombing of the presidential mosque, and he could not destroy the ball for joules, and I did not get discouraged, and I ran to get the ball to the great colleague, the mighty Hajj run. Abdul-Jabbar Hael, and his bus:

– You shot the ball, Uncle Abdul-Jabbar.

Outside the poor Al-Ahly club with accumulated bankruptcies in the balances of 70 commercial companies around the world.

Uncle Abdul-Jabbar is rich, religious in nature, and leaves no mosque in need of anything … But I’m not at all afraid of the youth of his poor community, and I have no despair.

– Look, Uncle Nabil, record the noble purpose, and Al-Ahly is wonderful, and Al-Ahly is not small.

Uncle Nabil is very busy scoring other goals in the field, and if God makes him laugh with you and get excited in a match, he will laugh at you on the bench for the rest of the league matches!

I did not despair and did not even think of despair, and I ran with the ball to my dear colleague Fathi Tawfiq Abdel Rahim, and his bus:

– What, Uncle Fathi? The joules are available, and the goal is easy for you.

My colleague Fathi was very busy in those days developing the new intermarriage with Beit al-Ahmar, and he supported the youth revolution, and he was left behind with some young men playing medicine.

And the Koura bus for colleague Madyan Yassin:

– Strengthen your heart and look, Uncle Madian, and you once aspired to the presidency of Al-Ahly .. Look, it is equal to you, and the tour is open, and the goal is easy and within your reach .. But he has not.

The time of my halves of the retirement game was over, and I was exhausted and exhausted in the field.I ran with all my energy behind the moral turf team, and they crept me from one to one, and they all came to me and stood up. before Jules inside a big club, the whole Yemen plays in it, and the moral conscience of the city plays with money, And they thereby support every frivolous person who is able to reach the joule with offside goals.

It was a difficult retirement match, which ended in a disappointing result, and brought back the feelings of old disappointments in my inability to score the goal, and I then wrote my resignation to the sponsor of youth and sport and he accepted it from me without reservation, cut the rope of affection, and shed his blood.

And I left Al-Ahly after two years of playing and hard fatigue on the field without greeting the players.

I sadly left the club presidency over my perceptions of the city’s moral immorality.

A year later a fierce war broke out in the field, in which the energy of the young men was wasted, and all fled from the city and from within the land, and Al-Ahly Club continued its activities to this day, despite all the circumstances and all the tragedies that the war left behind.

The ball is now in the court of my colleague, His Excellency the President of the country, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi.

– Shoot, doctor .. I prevented your father .. He scored all the noble goals of all sports clubs in the length and breadth of the country; For sport is the best safe place for the disposal of energy, and war and all this destruction is only because the country has lived in the field without a moral conscience in the past.

* Yemeni satirical writer.

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